Bell 212 in
israel Heil Ha'Avir

Israeli Air Force

Del'd: 62 - 1975 to 2002

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    32229     010: IAF, to Angola
Angolan Air Force H802: FAN from 2005
    32231     014: IAF; 26may11 at Sabadell, Spain
    32233     016: IAF
    32234     020: IAF; 26may11 at Sabadell, Spain
    32227     026: IAF; preserved at Hatzerim AB as 124Sqn
    32236     027: IAF, to Angola
Angolan Air Force H800: FAN
    32237     028: IAF
    32203     029: IAF
    32204     030: IAF; 26may11 at Sabadell, Spain
    32238     031: IAF; 26may11 at Sabadell, Spain
    32206     033: IAF
    32207     034: IAF
    32239     038: IAF
- VH-KIE: Australia
    32214     045: 4X-BCE
national air naval service 123: Panama d/d 2003; ex 4X-BCE
    32215     047: IAF; w/o 20aug1976
    32217     051: 4X-BCI. EC-HPJ
    32249     058: 4X-BCH
    32224     067: IAF Anafa, to 4X-BCK
- 4X-BCK: Israel, reser 4X-BCO

- 4X-BCO: to EC-HZG

INAER EC-HZG: Helisureste from October 2001

Heliduero EC-HZG: Junta de Castilla y Leon, op by Heli Duero Noted Apr06;+
    32254     068: 4X-BCF. EC-HOX.
    32225     069: 4X-BCJ. 4X-BCN. EC-HOY. w/o date unk
    32205     32205: IAF; 26may11 at Sabadell, Spain
    30746     ?: N90145. C-GZRC. N50932. C-GZRC. 4X-BJN. C-FBEP
    32261 UH-1N     ?: IAF; 1998 to Argentine Air Force
H-87: FAA d/d sep98, ex Israel delivered non-stop flight di+

Argentine Air Force H-87: Redeployed to Argentina dec00 when replaced by H-90; 30+
    32201 UH-1N     ?: IAF; 2000 to Argentine Air Force
Argentine Air Force H-90: FAA from 2000, to UNFICYP


Argentine Air Force H-90: 12aug10 pictured at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery during the+

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