Kaman K-MAX
colombia Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia

Colombian Army Aviation

Del'd: 3 - 2001 to 2008

After 2007, the Kaman K-1200 K-max from PCHP (Plan Colombia Helicopters Program) were not longer in use

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

A94-0029 2001     EJC-500: State Dept Apr01-May08; to Ejercito Colombia
US Department of State N358KA: Kaman Feb01

- N358KA: St Louis Helicopters LLC / Skywork Helicopters from May+

- ZK-HEE: Skywork Helicopters, NZ from 04Dec08

- VH-IUU: Skywork Helicopters Ltd Australia from Jul13

Helicopter Express Inc N43HX: Helicopter Express from Feb15
A94-0030 2001     EJC-501: US Department of State as N359KA from 12Apr01; to Ejercito +
Kaman N359KA: Kaman Feb01

- N359KA: Lockheed Martin Systems from Aug08; modified as UAV 20+

US Marine Corps 169222: 2011-2013 as A11497, UAV for field testing in Afghanist+

Kaman CQ-24A K-MAX; May16 as VMX-22 /FF-02 d/d MCAS Yu+

VMX-1 /FF-02 stored at MCAS Yuma

overhaul by Kaman to return to flight status
A94-0031     EJC-502: Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0031, ff:?; reg Kaman Aerospace +
A94-0032 2001     EJC-504: Colombia, 2008 ?
US Department of State N361KA: Kaman, Feb01

State Dept Feb01-Jul08, for Peru

Peruvian National Police N361KA: Peruvian National Police as N361KA 2002-2008 ?

Central Copters Inc N361KA: Central Copters Jul08-Jul09

Central Copters Inc N314: Central Copters from Jul09