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UK MoD £271M Contract for Wildcat WIST, 09-Jan-17 : UK Ministry Of Defence signed the 5 years long £271 Million AW159 Wildcat Integrated Support & Training (WIST) contract for Army and Navy helicopters. The 62nd and final AW159 was delivered last month

Upgrade of Portuguese Navy Lynx, 12-Jul-16 : FIA 2016 Five Lynx Mk95 helicopters of the Portuguese Navy will received an avionics and engine upgrade

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102 Lynx     G-LYNX: Lynx 2007 began restoration by AgustaWestland; 2011 flew again; J+
British Army ZB500: AAC AH.1 demonstrator; to Westland as G-LYNX

Westland G-LYNX: Present at Paris Air Show, 9 Jun 1979, Paris code 231H

WG.13 Lynx; ZA500,ZB500; conv to Lynx 800; 11aug86 He+

20jun87 pictured (top) at Paris-Le Bourget airshow, Fra+

Jul90 pictured (middle) at Koksijde, Belgium

1995 donated and preserved at the Helicopter Museum

Westland G-LYNX/ZA500: 12sep79 noted at Westland factory Yeovil EGHG
469 aw159 2011     Static: Static Test Airframe - Not to be flown
470 aw159 2011     Static: Static Test Airframe - Not to be flown
465 mk130 2010     ZK181: Algerian Navy Forces colours
Algerian National Navy AN-07: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 20sep10; uk ZK181
466 mk130 2010     ZK182: Algerian Navy Forces colours
Algerian National Navy AN-08: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 10feb11; uk ZK182
467 mk130 2009     ZK183: Algerian Navy Forces colours; First Flight 22Dec09
Algerian National Navy : Algerian Naval Forces d/d 20sep10; uk ZK183
468 mk130 2011     ZK184: Algerian Navy Forces colours
Algerian National Navy : Algerian Naval Forces; uk ZK184
508 mk140     ZK192: 04aug15 practice approach at Newquay as /Westland11
Algerian National Navy LC-32: Algeria, UK serial ZK192
492 ah.1     ZZ394: 17jul18 with radar dome under fuselage (HMA2 type) at Farnbo+
British Army ZZ394: AAC AH1

Royal Marines ZZ394: Oct15 847Sq; Jan16 still
481 hma.2 2012     ZZ396: HMA1 Type
Royal Navy ZZ396: 24jul13 pictured (top) as Talon 702 at RNAS Culdrose

17aug13 700Sqn. 100 years celebration Marineflieger

08sep13 pictured (bot) on HMS Sutherland in the Royal V+
482 hma.2 2013     ZZ397: HMA1 Type; Jan13, First Flight Westlnds Yeovil
Royal Navy ZZ397: RN HMA.2

Oct 2018 RFA Mounts Bay Flt, callsign Hitman
471 ah.1 2011     ZZ398: Lynx Wildcat AH.1 f/f April 2011
British Army ZZ398: 09jul11 pictured at Yeovilton, Army mrks

Royal Marines ZZ398: Mar16 asg 847Sq
472 ah.1 2011     ZZ399: 01Sept11 First Flight
British Army ZZ399: Army Air Corp; AH1 Type; Noted Yeovil Sept11

7 Apr 2019 Passing N of Carlisle, eastbound. 847 Sq, M+
462 aw159 2009     ZZ400: Lynx Wildcat TI01 pictured (pic1) f/f 12nov09 olive cammo
463 aw159 2010     ZZ401: Lynx Wildcat TI02; f/f 14oct10 grey cammo; 10jul11 pictured +
464 aw159 2010     ZZ402: Lynx Wildcat TI03 ff 19nov10 in twilight!
Royal Navy ZZ402: Royal Navy; Jan12 sea trials on HMS Iron Duke

17feb12, sea trials completed

Instructional airframe at HMS Sultan, Gosport by Apr17
474 ah.1 2011     ZZ404: 09jul12 pictured at Farnborough airshow
British Army ZZ404: Army Air Corp AH1 Type; Feb12 noted with AW at Yeovil
475 ah.1 2012     ZZ405: AH1 Type; Noted Yeovil May12
British Army ZZ405: 23jun12 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

26Sep12 delivered RNAS Yeovilton, Army Air Corp

Wildcat Fielding Team Sep 2012, 652(WF) Sq 1 Oct 2013.
477 ah.1 2012     ZZ407: jun12 AgustaWestland
British Army ZZ407: Army Air Corp; AH1 Type; Sep12 delivered RNAS Yeovilton

13Jul19, pictured outside Hangar 8 at RNAS Yeovilton 20+
478 ah.1 2012     ZZ408: jun12 AgustaWestland
British Army ZZ408: Army Air Corp; AH1 Type; 29Jun12 delivered