AgustaWestland AW139
japan Mitsui Bussan Aerospace

2006 to present

Mitsui Bussan Aerospace is the exclusive distributor for the AW139 in Japan. As of October 2012, 42 AW139s were in order.

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More AW139 for Japan Including First VIP, 08-Mar-17 : Heli-Expo 2017 Leonardo Philadelphia delivered 4 additional AW139 to representative Mitsui Bussan Aerospace to be used by the Tokyo, Sapporo, Mie and Tochigi firefighters and a private owner ordered the first VIP.

50th AW139 Helicopter For Japan, 11-Jul-16 : FIA 2016 AW139 official distributor in Japan, Mitsui Bussan, celebrating the delivery of the 50th helicopter in the country

Mitsui Bussan Orders for AW139 in Japan, 03-Mar-15 : Heli-Expo 2015 Mitsui Bussan announced signing of 3-year Basic Ordering Agreement for spare parts, ground support equipment, tools, technical assistance, training and additional services dedicated to Japan AW139s

Japan Iwate Prefecture Orders AW139 for Firefighting, 10-Dec-14 : Japan Iwate Prefecture ordered an AW139 helicopter for firefighting and disaster relief duties equipped with Bambi bucket, cargo hook, rescue hoist, external loudspeakers and snow skids

AgustaWestland Philadelphia Delivers 200th AW139, 19-Sep-14 : AgustaWestland announced today that the Company’s Philadelphia assembly line has built and delivered its 200th AW139 helicopter, featuring a firefighting configuration for delivery to Mitsui Bussan Aerospace and the City of Yokohama.

Two more Fire Fighting AW139s for Japan, 09-Jul-12 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, and Mitsui Bussan Aerospace are pleased to announce that two additional AW139 intermediate twin helicopters have been ordered in Japan to perform fire fighting missions. Contracts have been signed by the Fire Disaster Management Agency (FDMA) and Yokohama City respectively.

Eight more AW139 ordered in Japan, 07-Mar-11 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce the signing of contracts for eight more AW139 medium twin helicopters in Japan through its distributor Mitsui Bussan Aerospace. The new helicopters will be operated by the Japan Coast Guard and the Japanese Fire Fighting and Disaster Relief Organisation.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    41274     JA03FD: Mitsui Bussan d/d 12dec11 for FDMA
AgustaWestland USA N404SH: AgustaWestland,PA, to JA03FD

Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA03FD: Saitama Prefecture Disaster Air Corps
    31440     JA04HP: Mitsui Bussan Nov12
National Police Agency JA04HP: National Police Agency d/d Mar13; Hokkaido police
    41324     JA05FD: Mitsui-Bussan May13
AgustaWestland USA N431SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jan13

Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA05FD: Kochi Prefecture, Fire and Disaster Air Corps from Aug1+
    41372     JA05HP: Mitsui Bussan
AgustaWestland USA N488SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jan14

National Police Agency JA05HP: Hokkaido police from Feb15
    31252     JA08DX: Mitsui Bussan Nov09; May10 to Kansai TV
    41514 2016     JA09TR: Mitsui Bussan from Aug16
AgustaWestland USA N586SH: AgustaWestland, PA Mar16
    41506     JA10TE: Mitsui Oct15-Mar16
AgustaWestland USA N583SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jul15

Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA10TE: Iwate air disaster corps from Mar16
    41515 2016     JA119M: Mitsui Bussan from Aug16
AgustaWestland USA N587SH: AgustaWestland, PA Mar16
    41279     JA12HP: Mitsui Bussan d/d jan12; ex N406SH; Hiroshima Prefecture Air+
AgustaWestland USA N406SH: AgustaWestland,PA; to JA12HP
    41315 2012     JA131Y: Mitsui Bussan from Dec12
AgustaWestland USA N427SH: AgustaWestland, PA, to JA131Y

Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA131Y: Yokohama City Fire Department from Mar13
    41373     JA139F: Mitsui-Bussan Jul/Dec 2014
AgustaWestland USA N489SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jan14

National Police Agency JA139F: Fukushima Prefectural Police from Dec14
    41345 2013     JA139T: Mitsui Bussan from Nov13
AgustaWestland USA N451SH: AgustaWestland, PA Aug/Oct 2013

National Police Agency JA139T: Toyama Prefectural Police
    31435     JA13MP: Mitsui Bussan Oct12
National Police Agency JA13MP: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō Mar13
    31486     JA13NP: Mitsui Bussan from Aug13
National Police Agency JA13NP: Niigata Prefectural Police from Jan14
    41386     JA15AR: Mitsui Bassan Mar15
AgustaWestland USA N496SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jun14,

Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA15AR: Niigata Prefecture Emergency from Aug15
    41402     JA15KP: Mitsui Bussan Jun15
AgustaWestland USA N202MM: AgustaWestland, PA Feb15

National Police Agency JA15KP: Kagoshima Prefectural Police from Dec15
    41408 2015     JA16MP: Mitsui Sep15-Feb16
AgustaWestland USA N566SH: AgustaWestland, PA Apr15

National Police Agency JA16MP: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō from Feb16
    31436     JA220E: Mitsui Bussan Oct12
National Police Agency JA220E: National Police Agency d/d Mar13; Nagano Prefectural Po+
    41275     JA31AR: Mitsui Bussan d/d dec11, test serial N403SH
AgustaWestland USA N403SH: AgustaWestland,PA, to JA31AR

Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA31AR: Saitama disaster Prevention Agency
    31371     JA6196: Mitsui Bussan Aerospace from Nov11
National Police Agency JA6196: Osaka police from Feb14
    31334 2011     JA91CP: Mitsui from Feb11
National Police Agency JA91CP: Chiba Prefectural Police from Sep11
    31237 2009     JA91NH: Mitsui Bussan from May09
All Nippon Helicopter JA91NH: ANH from Aug09

Apr13 pictured fitted with RSG Universal Gimbal mount d+
    31259 2009     JA92NH: Mitsui Bussan from Sep09
All Nippon Helicopter JA92NH: ANH from Dec09
    31358     JA967A: Mitsui Bussan Aerospace from Aug11
Japanese Coast Guard JA967A: Japan Coast Guard Mar12 Niigata
    31360     JA968A: Mitsui Bussan Aerospace from Aug11
Japanese Coast Guard JA968A: Japan Coast Guard /MH968 Mar12 Ishigaki

09aug16 hard landing at Shichigahama, Miyagi prefecture
    31361     JA969A: Mitsui Bussan Aerospace from Oct11
Japanese Coast Guard JA969A: Japan Coast Guard Mar12 Sendai
    31362     JA970A: Mitsui Bussan Aerospace from Dec11
Japanese Coast Guard JA970A: Japan Coast Guard Mar12 Niigata
    31426 2012     JA971A: Mitsui Sep12
Japanese Coast Guard JA971A: Coast Guard from Mar13
    31438     JA972A: Mitsui Bussan Oct12
Japanese Coast Guard JA972A: Coast Guard Nov12
    31437     JA973A: Mitsui Bussan Oct12
Japanese Coast Guard JA973A: Coast Guard Nov12
    41385     N495SH: Mitsui Bassan Sep14
AgustaWestland USA N495SH: AgustaWestland, PA Jun14, 200th US AW139

Fire and Disaster Management Agency JA152Y: Yokohama City Fire Department from Mar15

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