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    Nagoya City Fire Dept orders AS365N3+, 01-Oct-13 : Eurocopter Japan has signed a contract to supply Nagoya with an AS365 N3+ Dauphin for operation by the Nagoya City Fire Bureau as an upgrade for the service’s existing helicopter resources.

    New AS365N3 to Japan FDMA, 07-Aug-13 : Tokyo - Eurocopter’s recent delivery of the AS365 N3 is the Fire and Disaster Management Agency’s (FDMA) third helicopter of this model.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1997/    Tokyo Fire Department Tokyo Heliport
    1996/    Nagoya City Fire Department
    1995/    Yokohama City Fire Department
    1992/    Chiba City Fire Air Corps
    1992/    Kitakyushu City Fire Department

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6691 as365n3     JA01FD: Tokyo Fire Department Oct05
    6924 as365n3     JA02FD: Kyoto City Fire Dept
    6722 as365n3 2005     JA03CF: Chiba City Fire Air Corps from Dec05
    6960 as365n3+ 2013     JA04FD: FDMA Japan Miyagi Prefecture from Jun13, repl JA612M
    Eurocopter Japan JA04FD: Eurocopter Japan Jan/Jun 2013
    6790 as365n3     JA08FC: Fukuoka City Fire Department from Jan08
    6903 as365n3 2009     JA10KC: Kitakyushu City fire brigade from Dec09
    6508 as365n2     JA119A: Tokyo Fire Department Mar97-Aug17; pictured
    - N6288S: Nozaki America Inc at New York, NY Aug96-Feb97

    - C-GTKO: Canada C-GTKO
    6543 as365n3 1998     JA119C: Chiba City Fire Air Corps from Feb99
    6839 as365n3     JA119E: Tokyo Fire Department Jan09
    6500 as365n2 1996     JA119F: Fukuoka City Fire Department from Jan97-Dec17
    Talon Helicopters C-GTLW: Talon Helicopters Ltd at Richmond, BC from Jun18

    Canadian Ambulance Services C-GTLW: North Shore Rescue, op by Talon Helicopters

    Victoria Royal Jubilee Hospital Heliport, BC

    North Shore Rescue applied to BC for NVIS capability

    Canada TCCA for night ops firefighting by DART Aerospac+
    6893 as365n3     JA119G: Tokyo Fire Department Nov09
    6877 as365n3     JA119X: Hamamatsu City Fire Dept, test serial F-WJXG
    6585 as365n3 2000     JA15KM: pictured at Kumamoto. JGSDF UH-1J on background; 06jun12 sti+
    State of Utah N365JA: Bank of Utah from Oct18
    6926 as365n3     JA25LB: Shiga Prefecture Disaster Air Corps from Dec10, test serial +
    6587 as365n3     JA31KN: Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Jan01
    6729 as365n3     JA31TM: Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Jan06,+
    6426 as365n2 1991     JA6687: Chiba City Fire Air Corps Jan92-Feb06
    Lloyd Helicopters US N634LH: Lloyd USA Apr/May 2006

    Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-SNA: MHS from May06

    - : Apr/Nov 2016 for sale Dauphin AS365N-2 1991; Offshore +
    6428 as365n2 1991     JA6688: Kyoto City Fire Air Corps Jan92-Oct11
    Eurocopter Japan JA6688: Eurocopter Japan Oct11-Jan14

    Airbus Helicopters Japan JA6688: Airbus Helicopters Japan from Feb14

    Dec16 pictured for sale : 4,131 hrs TTSN
    6438 as365n2     JA6700: Osaka City Fire Air Corps Feb93-Jul10
    State of Utah N365JL: Bank of Utah Trustee from Jul10

    McDermott Aviation N365JL: McDermott Aviation / Heli-Lift Australia; pictured at +

    Jan19 still in Western Australia

    Aug19 at Perth, Western Australia
    6437 as365n2 1992     JA6701: Kitakyushu City fire brigade Dec92-May10
    - N106KK: KK Aircraft Intl Inc at Wilmington, DE May/Jun 2010

    - PZ-HVE: Suriname from Jun10
    6477 as365n2 1994     JA6740: Yokohama City Fire Department Mar95-2012
    McAlpine Helicopters G-BVUR: McAlpine Helicopters Oct94-Jan95, test serial F-WYMJ

    McDermott Aviation VH-IYS: McDermott Aviation from Apr14

    May17-Apr18 for sale Dauphin AS365 N2 1994 ; Very well +

    Feb19 still
    6496 as365n2     JA6779: Nagoya City Fire Air Corps from Jan96
    Heli-Flight GmbH D-HJLR: branded as Johanniter Luftrettung, operated by Rotorflu+

    noted at Marl-Loemuehle
    6758 as365n3     JA758A: Nagoya City Fire Air Corps from Jan07
    6671 as365n3     JA911A: Kyoto City Fire Dept, test serial F-WWOH
    6533 as365n2 1998     JA98YA: Yamagata Harbin Fire Disaster Prevention Jan98-Nov15; 07may1+
    - N559AL: Skyline Aviation Inc at Las Vegas, NV Jun/Dec 2016

    State of Kansas N559AL: Ballard Aviation Inc at Newton, KS Dec16-Jun18; For Sal+

    - N559AL: Integrity Aircraft Title Holdings Llc at Portland, OR f+
    6528 as365n2 1997     JA98YH: Yokohama City Fire Department from Feb98
    McAlpine Helicopters G-BXLL: McAlpine Nov97-Jan98