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    Nagoya City Fire Dept orders AS365N3+, 01-Oct-13 : Eurocopter Japan has signed a contract to supply Nagoya with an AS365 N3+ Dauphin for operation by the Nagoya City Fire Bureau as an upgrade for the service’s existing helicopter resources.

    New AS365N3 to Japan FDMA, 07-Aug-13 : Tokyo - Eurocopter’s recent delivery of the AS365 N3 is the Fire and Disaster Management Agency’s (FDMA) third helicopter of this model.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1997/    Tokyo Fire Department Tokyo Heliport
    1996/    Nagoya City Fire Department
    1995/    Yokohama City Fire Department
    1992/    Chiba City Fire Air Corps
    1992/    Kitakyushu City Fire Department

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6691 as365n3     JA01FD: Tokyo Fire Department Oct05
    6924 as365n3     JA02FD: Kyoto City Fire Dept
    6722 as365n3 2005     JA03CF: Chiba City Fire Air Corps from Dec05
    6960 as365n3+ 2013     JA04FD: FDMA Japan Miyagi Prefecture from Jun13, repl JA612M
    Eurocopter Japan JA04FD: Eurocopter Japan Jan/Jun 2013
    6790 as365n3     JA08FC: Fukuoka City Fire Department from Jan08
    6903 as365n3 2009     JA10KC: Kitakyushu City fire brigade from Dec09
    6508 as365n2     JA119A: Tokyo Fire Department Mar97-Aug17; pictured
    - N6288S: Nozaki America Inc at New York, NY Aug96-Feb97

    - C-GTKO: Canada C-GTKO
    6543 as365n3 1998     JA119C: Chiba City Fire Air Corps from Feb99
    6839 as365n3     JA119E: Tokyo Fire Department Jan09
    6500 as365n2 1996     JA119F: Fukuoka City Fire Department from Jan97-Dec17
    Talon Helicopters C-GTLW: Talon Helicopters Ltd at Richmond, BC from Jun18

    Canadian Ambulance Services C-GTLW: North Shore Rescue, op by Talon Helicopters

    Victoria Royal Jubilee Hospital Heliport, BC

    North Shore Rescue applied to BC for NVIS capability
    6893 as365n3     JA119G: Tokyo Fire Department Nov09
    6877 as365n3     JA119X: Hamamatsu City Fire Dept, test serial F-WJXG
    6585 as365n3 2001     JA15KM: Kumamoto Prefecture Firefighters from Feb01; 23 pictured at+
    6926 as365n3     JA25LB: Shiga Prefecture Disaster Air Corps from Dec10, test serial +
    6587 as365n3     JA31KN: Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Jan01
    6729 as365n3     JA31TM: Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Jan06,+
    6426 as365n2 1991     JA6687: Chiba City Fire Air Corps Jan92-Feb06
    Lloyd Helicopters US N634LH: Lloyd USA Apr/May 2006

    Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-SNA: MHS from May06

    - : Apr/Nov 2016 for sale Dauphin AS365N-2 1991; Offshore +
    6428 as365n2 1991     JA6688: Kyoto City Fire Air Corps Jan92-Oct11
    Eurocopter Japan JA6688: Eurocopter Japan Oct11-Jan14

    Airbus Helicopters Japan JA6688: Airbus Helicopters Japan from Feb14

    Dec16 pictured for sale : 4,131 hrs TTSN
    6438 as365n2     JA6700: Osaka City Fire Air Corps Feb93-Jul10
    State of Utah N365JL: Bank of Utah Trustee from Jul10

    McDermott Aviation N365JL: McDermott Aviation / Heli-Lift Australia; pictured at +

    Jan19 still in Western Australia

    Aug19 at Perth, Western Australia
    6437 as365n2 1992     JA6701: Kitakyushu City fire brigade Dec92-May10
    - N106KK: KK Aircraft Intl Inc at Wilmington, DE May/Jun 2010

    - PZ-HVE: Suriname from Jun10
    6477 as365n2 1994     JA6740: Yokohama City Fire Department Mar95-2012
    McAlpine Helicopters G-BVUR: McAlpine Helicopters Oct94-Jan95, test serial F-WYMJ

    McDermott Aviation VH-IYS: McDermott Aviation from Apr14

    May17-Apr18 for sale Dauphin AS365 N2 1994 ; Very well +

    Feb19 still
    6496 as365n2     JA6779: Nagoya City Fire Air Corps from Jan96
    6758 as365n3     JA758A: Nagoya City Fire Air Corps from Jan07
    6671 as365n3     JA911A: Kyoto City Fire Dept, test serial F-WWOH
    6533 as365n2 1998     JA98YA: Yamagata Harbin Fire Disaster Prevention Jan98-Nov15; 07may1+
    - N559AL: Skyline Aviation Inc at Las Vegas, NV Jun/Dec 2016

    State of Kansas N559AL: Ballard Aviation Inc at Newton, KS Dec16-Jun18; For Sal+

    - N559AL: Integrity Aircraft Title Holdings Llc at Portland, OR f+
    6528 as365n2 1997     JA98YH: Yokohama City Fire Department from Feb98
    McAlpine Helicopters G-BXLL: McAlpine Nov97-Jan98