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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1982/10Tokyo Fire Department Tokyo Heliport
    1981/07Nagoya City Fire Department
    1980/98Yokohama City Fire Department

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6386 sa365n2     JA6644: Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps Jan91-Jul07
    - N491VA: USA, to Myanmar as unk

    - N494VA: Integrity Aircraft Title Holdings Llc at Portland, OR +
    5046 sa365c1     JA9544: Yokohama City Fire Department Feb80-Jul95; wfu
    5044 sa365c1     JA9557: Nagoya City Fire Air Corps Feb81-Jul96; wfu
    6029 sa365n     JA9569: Tokyo Fire Department Air Corps Mar82-Jun97, test serial F-W+
    6051 sa365n     JA9577: Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps Aug86-Sep04
    - ZK-HYX: New Zealand, N1 type

    - YR-CBC: Romania; canc, fate unk
    6069 sa365n     JA9585: Yokohama City Fire Department Feb83-Jul98
    - F-GNLT: Trans Helicopteres Services, France from Jul01

    6138 sa365n     JA9610: Tokyo fire Department Jan85-Jun01
    - F-GNVS: France, 2002-2005

    Caverton 5N-BIK: Caverton Nigeria, to CS-HGX

    Heliportugal CS-HGX: Heliportugal
    6218 sa365n     JA9649: Osaka City Fire Air Corps Dec86-Jul05
    - F-GNVU: France, reser F-ONVU

    - F-ONVU: to CS-HGD

    Heliportugal CS-HGD: Heliportugal; Regional Air Services 2009-2010, to YR-RA+

    - YR-RAH: Romania

    17feb17 under maintenance at Cascais Lisbon

    12dec17 under maintenance at Cascais

    at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, Spain
    6290 sa365n     JA9673: Kyoto City Fire Air Corps Jan88-Aug05; preserved Kyoto Citiz+
    6305 sa365n1     JA9692: Tokyo Fire Department Air Corps May88-Aug09
    Qwest Helicopters C-FLHP: Qwest Helicopters at Fort Nelson, BC from Apr10
    6304 sa365n1     JA9693: Nagoya City Fire Air Corps Apr88-Jul07
    Toho Air Service JA9693: 2010 Toho Air Service
    6314 sa365n1 1984     JA9933: Shizuoka Prefecture Emergency Management Mar89-Apr10
    Canadian Ambulance Services C-FLHK: Airmedic Aviation at St-Honoré, QC Jan07-Jan10

    Qwest Helicopters C-FLHK: Qwest Helicopters at Fort Nelson, BC from Jan10
    6328 sa365n1     JA9966: Fukuoka City Fire Department Jan90-Feb08
    - N787KK: K K Aircraft Intl at Wilmington, DE Feb08-May09

    - YR-CBB: Cobrex Helicopters, Romania from 2009
    6336 sa365n1     JA9978: Hiroshima City Fire Air Corps Feb90-Jul06
    - CS-HGA: Portugal
    6334 sa365n1 1989     JA9980: Tokyo Fire Department Feb90-Sep10, test serial F-WYMI
    Qwest Helicopters C-FLHR: Qwest Helicopters at Fort Nelson, BC from Apr11