Eurocopter ec135 in
usa PHI Inc

Del'd: 26 - 2005 to present

PHI Inc ec135

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    0355 EC135P2 2004     N301PH: PHI Inc air medical
State of Iowa N301PH: Apr14 MedForce Iowa, op by PHI Air Medical
    0364 EC135P2 2004     N302PH: Key Equipment Finance at Lafayette, LA from Apr05; PHI Inc a+
    0372 EC135P2 2004     N303PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0386 EC135P2 2005     N304PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0395 EC135P2 2005     N305PH: PHI Inc air medical
State of Iowa N305PH: MedForce Iowa, op by PHI Air Medical
    0398 EC135P2 2005     N307PH: PHI Inc air medical
State of Kentucky N307PH: Aug11 pictured (pic1) at University of Kentucky UK Hea+
    0401 EC135P2 2005     N308PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0403 EC135P2 2005     N309PH: PHI Inc air medical
    0413 EC135P2 2005     N311PH: PHI Inc air medical from Feb06
State of New Jersey N311PH: Cooper Air Med /Air2 at Camden, NJ op by PHI
    0404 EC135P2 2005     N312PH: PHi from Dec05, /AirCare5; 31dec10 midair collision with Ce+
    0409 EC135P2 2005     N314PH: PHI Air Medical from Jan06; Morristown Memorial Hospital, Ne+
    0423 EC135P2 2005     N317PH: PHi from Mar06
State of Mississippi N317PH: UMMC AirCare op by PHi Air Medical
    0430 EC135P2 2005     N320PH: Phi Inc from May06, conv to P2+; offshore
    0434 EC135P2 2005     N323PH: Phi Inc from Jun06, conv to P2+; offshore
    0571 ec135p2+ 2007     N324PH: PHI Air Medical from Aug07, test serial D-HECB
    0576 ec135p2+ 2007     N325PH: PHi Air Medical from Sep07
State of Mississippi N325PH: UMMC AirCare /3 op by PHi Air Medical
    0435 EC135P2     N326PH: Phi Inc from Jul06, conv to P2+; offshore
    0445 EC135P2 2006     N327PH: PHI from Sep06, test serial D-HECB, conv to P2+; offshore
    0450 EC135P2 2006     N328PH: PHI from Oct06, test serial D-HECG, conv to P2+
    0489 EC135P2 2006     N329PH: PHi from Sep06, test serial D-HECN
    0514 ec135p2+ 2006     N330PH: Phi Air Medical from Jan07
    0519 ec135p2+ 2006     N332PH: PHi from Mar07, test serial D-HECM
State of Mississippi N332PH: UMMC AirCare op by PHi Air Medical

State of Texas N332PH: Citizens Medical Center, op by PHI; Oct14 pictured (pic+

Aug15 pictured (pic3) as /Med3 at MD Anderson Cancer Ce+
    0456 EC135P2 2006     N343PH: PHI from Jan07, conv to P2+; N343RH ntu; offshore
    0459 EC135P2 2006     N344PH: PHI from Jan07, conv to P2+; offshore Gulf of Mexico
    0464 EC135P2 2006     N370PH: PHI from Mar07, conv to P2+
    0523 ec135p2+ 2006     N376PH: PHI Air Medical from Jan07 /Med 4-3
    0593 ec135p2+ 2007     N380PH: PHI air medical from Oct07; Seton Medical Center Hays, Kyle,+
    0611 ec135p2+ 2007     N381PH: PHI air medical from Dec07
    0618 ec135p2+ 2007     N382PH: PHi Air Medical from Jan08; 2012 PHI 5 Owenton KY; 2014 PHI +
    0622 ec135p2+ 2007     N383PH: PHI air medical from Jan08
    0653 ec135p2+ 2008     N384PH: PHI air medical from May08; PHI Med 4-1
    0670 ec135p2+ 2008     N385PH: PHI air medical from Jul08; 2011 Harvey, Virginia
State of Virginia N385PH: Aug16 /AirCare5 for Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, +
    0701 ec135p2+ 2008     N388PH: Apr17 as Uvalde Medair-1, Texas
    0710 ec135p2+ 2008     N389PH: PHi from Oct08, test serial D-HECA
State of Mississippi N389PH: UMMC AirCare /2 op by PHi Air Medical
    0733 ec135p2+ 2008     N390PH: PHI Inc Jan09-Sep16; PHI Air Medical from Sep16
    0748 ec135p2+ 2008     N391PH: PHI from Jan09
State of Wisconsin N391PH: ThedaCare from 2009, op by PHI; ThedaStar

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