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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    7275 ec130b4 2011     N106VU: American Eurocopter Dec11;
    State of Tennessee N106VU: Vanderbilt LifeFlight, TN Jun12-Aug15; /5 air ambulanc+

    at Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) 2014, Nashvi+

    State of Tennessee N116VU: PNC Bank NA Trustee Sep15-Mar19, pictured (pic1)

    TVPX N780GS: Tvpx Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
    7571 EC130T2 2013     N11FQ: American Eurocopter Apr13
    State of Hawaii N11FQ: Nevada Helicopter Leasing at Henderson, NV from Aug13; +
    7603 EC130T2     N11HQ: American Eurocopter Aug13
    State of Hawaii N11HQ: Nevada Helicopter Leasing at Henderson, NV from Dec13; +
    7723 EC130T2     N11KQ: American Eurocopter Oct13
    Airbus Helicopters USA N11KQ: Airbus Helicopters Inc Feb14

    State of Hawaii N11KQ: Nevada Helicopter Leasing at Henderson, NV from Jul14;+
    7229 ec130b4 2011     N11QY: American Eurocopter Jul11
    State of Hawaii N11QY: Nevada Helicopter Leasing Llc at Greenwood Village, CO +
    4130 as350b2 2006     N124LN: American Eurocopter 2006
    Air Methods N124LN: Fifth Third Leasing Company at Cincinnati, OH Mar07-Apr+

    Regions Equipment Finance Corp at Birmingham, AL Mar11-+

    Air Methods from Apr12

    State of Georgia N124LN: AirLife Georgia / Emory Flight at Austell, GA, noted N+

    AirLife Georgia / Emory Flight (Air Methods) from Apr12+
    7132 ec130b4 2011     N130BU: American Eurocopter Feb11
    Metro Aviation N130BU: Metro Aviation Apr11-Feb12

    State of Ohio N130BU: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA at Columbus, OH Feb12-Sep18

    Ohio Medical Transportation, Inc at Columbus, OH from S+
    7660 EC130T2 2013     N130CS: American Eurocopter from Aug13
    State of Indiana N130CS: Indiana Helicopters at Fort Wayne, IN from Dec13; pict+

    Sweet Helicopters Aug17
    7190 ec130b4 2011     N130EE: American Eurocopter May/Aug 2011
    Metro Aviation N130EE: Metro Aviation Aug11-Jun12

    State of Ohio N130EE: Buckeye Leasing Inc at Shreveport, LA from Jun12; MedFl+
    7289 ec130b4 2012     N130GR: American Eurocopter, to N479DV
    - N479DV: DBD Properties Llc at Grand Rapids, MI Jul12-Jul13

    private at Kahului, HI at Jul13-Sep15

    - N716LY: DV International Aviation at Grand Rapids, MI from Dec1+

    Apr19 at Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    7167 ec130b4 2010     N130HB: American Eurocopter May11
    Metro Aviation N130HB: Metro Aviation Jun/Dec 2011

    State of Ohio N130HB: JP Morgan Chase Bank from Jan12; Ohio Medical Transport+

    picture at Grant Medical Center Heliport, Columbus, Oh+
    7549 ec130b4 2012     N130MD: American Eurocopter Feb13
    - N130MD: Advantage Systems Aviation at Alexandria, VA from Aug13
    7103 ec130b4 2011     N130MU: American Eurocopter Feb11
    Metro Aviation N130MU: Metro Aviation Mar11-Feb12

    State of Ohio N130MU: JP Morgan Chase Bank from Jan12; Ohio Medical Transport+

    rotor strike with a tree at Zanesville, OH; (1 year?) g+
    4090 ec130b4     N131LN: American Eurocopter
    - N131LN: Key Equipment Finance Inc at Englewood, CO

    Comerica Leasing Corp at Southfield, MI Jan08-Dec11

    Air Methods N131LN: Air Methods from Dec11
    3777 as350b3 2004     N142AE: American Eurocopter, to N352LG
    PHI Inc N352LG: PHI Air Medical from Apr04

    PHI Inc N341P: PHI Air Medical from Jan17
    3788 as350b2 2004     N143AE: American Eurocopter to N358TV
    State of California N358TV: Helinet Aviation Services Llc at Van Nuys, CA

    Helicopters Inc N358TV: Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Nov07-Mar12

    - N358TV: Tiny Bubbles Aviation Inc at La Crescenta, CA from Mar1+

    at the 2012 American Heroes Heroes Air Show, NBCLA, a+

    Tiny Bubbles Aviation Inc at La Crescenta, CA from Dec1+
    7184 as350b3 2011     N143AE: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter
    US Department of Homeland Security N192A: CBP Feb12
    3737 as350b3     N146AE: American Eurocopter 2003
    State of Utah N146AE: Wells Fargo Bank from Jul06

    Bank of Utah Trustee from Jun13

    - : Oct14-Feb15 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-3 2003. Litter +

    - N146AE: w/o 02sep15 total lost during emergency landing at Sant+
    3785 as350b3 2004     N147AE: American Eurocopter, to N18HX
    Helicopter Express Inc N18HX: Helicopter Express May04-Feb05

    heliswiss iberica sa EC-JFS: Heliswiss Iberica, noted 2005-2007

    HeliBravo CS-HGZ: HeliBravo, noted 2010; 01jan15 video at Porto/Matosinho+
    3766 ec130b4     N148AE: American Eurocopter 2004
    - N628PM: Tanjore Corp Ltd at Laredo, TX Jul04-Jul10

    Aug04 aboard Princess Mariana yacht flying a Cayman Isl+

    Southlake Aviation at Las Vegas, NV 27apr10 for Mexico

    Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-UNS: Pegaso from Apr10; 2014 still
    7127 as350b3 2011     N148AE: American Eurocopter
    - N618ME: NS Air Leasing Llc at Wilmington, DE Jun11-Aug12

    State of New Mexico N618ME: from Aug12
    7074 ec130b4 2010     N153GC: American Eurocopter Feb11
    Papillon Grand Canyon N153GC: Xebec Llc at Kirkland, WA from Jul11; Papillon Grand Ca+
    7296 ec130b4 2011     N156GC: American Eurocopter Feb12
    Papillon Grand Canyon N156GC: Xebec Llc at Kirkland, WA from Jul12; Papillon Grand Ca+
    3798 as350b2 2004     N157AE: American Eurocopter
    State of California N5NY: Helinet Aviation Services at Van Nuys, CA

    Helicopters Inc N5NY: Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Nov07-Sep15

    Helicopters Inc N7QY: Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL from May13
    7171 as350b3 2011     N157AE: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter May11
    Boeing Helicopters N157AE: Boeing Company at Mesa, AZ from Aug11
    3781 ec130b4 2004     N160AE: American Eurocopter 2004
    - N160AE: Wells Fargo Bank Oct04-Feb05; N130QP ntu; to Dominican +

    - RA-04101: Russia unk, noted 2010; pictured at Perpignan, France
    3806 as350b2 2004     N161AE: American Eurocopter, to N41299
    State of Arizona N41299: Native Air, noted 2005-2008

    Air Methods N41299: Air Methods from May12; Charleston, SC /Lifenet7
    7613 EC130T2     N163AK: American Eurocopter from Apr13
    3807 as350b2 2004     N164AE: American Eurocopter
    State of Georgia N90DK: DeKalb County Police Dept at Tucker, GA from Aug04
    3838 as350b3 2004     N167AE: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter
    Air Methods N44925: Vesey Air at Danbury, CT Jul05-Mar12

    Air Methods Mar12-Jul16

    Air Methods N679AM: Air Methods from Jul16
    3809 ec130b4 2004     N169AE: American Eurocopter; test DART Aerospace flotation system
    Eagle Copters C-FWFJ: Eagle Copters Ltd at Calgary, AB Oct08-May09

    Peak Aviation Inc C-FWFJ: Aviation Peak Inc at La Baie, BA from May09; pictured
    3839 as350b3 2004     N172AE: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Dec04
    US Department of Homeland Security N172AE: DHS from Feb05; CBP
    7688 EC130T2 2013     N173AK: American Eurocopter from Aug13
    3849 as350b2 2004     N188AE: American Eurocopter
    State of California N71HD: Helinet Aviation Services at Van Nuys, CA from Jul05

    04dec19 as /Air7HD air collision with drone (?) over L+
    3841 ec130b4 2004     N189AE: American Eurocopter 2004
    State of Louisiana N995PT: Taylor Energy Company at New Orleans, LA Nov04-May08

    - N995PT: Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM Jun08-Nov10

    Eagle Copters C-GJDQ: Eagle Copters Nov10-Mar11

    Helicopteres Helicarrier Inc C-GJDQ: Lortie Aviation at Lac St-Joseph, QC Mar11-Aug12

    Hélicoptères Hélicarrier Inc Aug12-Apr13

    - C-GJDQ: Wendake Hélicoptère inc at Wendake, QC from Oct13

    7176 as350b3 2011     N190AE: Eurocopter USA Jun11, to N242A
    US Department of Homeland Security N242A: DHS d/d 24feb12

    09feb13 pictured over Yorkville, Illinois

    23feb16 at Oak Harbor, WA

    20dec16 loitering over Lynnwood, WA

    31may17 burning fuel above West Seattle, Boeing Field, +
    3869 as350b2 2004     N190AE: American Eurocopter 2004, to J6-AAR
    St Lucia helicopters J6-AAR: St Lucia Helicopters from Mar05
    4724 as350b3 2009     N191TX: American Eurocopter, Texas DPS ntu ?
    - N191CE: to N816CE

    State of California N816CE: Southern California Edison Co (SCE) at Chino, CA from +
    4841 as350b3 2010     N191TX: AS350+; American Eurocopter Feb10
    State of Texas N191TX: Texas Dept Public Safety at Austin, TX from Sep10; Texa+
    3885 as350b2 2004     N194AE: American Eurocopter, to N353P
    PHI Inc N353P: PHI Apr05-Mar14

    The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HYO: Helicopter Line Ltd, New Zealand from Apr14, op by Harr+
    3886 as350b2 2004     N196AE: American Eurocopter
    PHI Inc N354P: Phi Apr05-?

    The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HYY: The Helicopter Line Feb14

    w/o 12sep16 Crown Range, Mount Sale, near Frankton

    crashed -hit terrain- 2016 New Zealand - BER
    4335 as350b3 2007     N202TU: American Eurocopter
    Eurocopter France F-WWXS: Eurocopter France, to N202TU

    US Department of Homeland Security N791AM: Department Of Homeland Security from May08; CBP

    pictured at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
    3996 as350b3 2005     N203AE: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter; N450AM ntu
    Air Methods N350AM: Air Methods
    7230 as350b3 2011     N204AE: American Eurocopter, AS350B3+
    - N930EM: Vesey Air at Danbury, CT Feb12-Aug13; Helifleet 2013-01+

    TVPX N67RX: TVPX ARS Inc Trustee from Dec16

    State of California N67RX: Reach Air Medical Apr17

    State of Colorado N67RX: UCHealth LifeLine, CO op by REACH Air Medical
    4413 as350b3 2008     N204TU: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter
    US Department of Homeland Security N204TU: DHS CBP Jul08-Nov12

    US Department of Homeland Security N793AM: DHS CBP from Nov12
    7644 EC130T2 2013     N208SH: American Eurocopter Oct13
    State of Nevada N208SH: Sundance Helicopters Jan14-May19; pictured (pic1) as /+

    Air Methods N208SH: Air Methods from May19
    4960 ec130b4 2010     N209LF: American Eurocopter Apr10
    Life Flight N209LF: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Jul10-Aug16; Air +

    Air Methods N209LF: Air Methods from Aug16

    Life Flight N209LF: Baptist LifeFlight at Pensacola by Jul18, op by Air Met+

    3951 as350b2 2005     N210AE: American Eurocopter
    State of Texas N207TX: Texas DPS
    7651 EC130T2 2013     N213SH: American Eurocopter from Oct13
    State of Nevada N213SH: Sundance Helicopters Jan14-May19

    Air Methods N213SH: Air Methods from May19
    4009 as350b2 2006     N215AE: American Eurocopter
    State of California N184SD: Orange County Sheriffs Dept (OCSD) from May06
    7674 EC130T2     N216SH: American Eurocopter from Oct13
    State of Nevada N216SH: Sundance Helicopters from Feb14
    7710 EC130T2 2013     N220SH: American Eurocopter from Oct13
    State of Nevada N220SH: Sundance Helicopters from Feb14

    05jan15 pictured with comedian Carrot Top and Ziya Tong+
    4068 as350b3 2006     N221AE: American Eurocopter
    State of California N709SD: San Diego Police Department (SDPD) from Dec06
    4123 as350b3 2006     N222AE: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter 2006
    State of Tennessee N351HW: Hospital Wing, Memphis Medical Center, TN Jan07-Apr18; +

    State of Alabama N351HW: Haynes Aviation at Wetumpka, AL from Apr18; Haynes Ambu+
    4133 as350b3 2006     N223AE: American Eurocopter AS350B3+, for BCoPD
    State of Maryland N804CP: BCoPD from Jun07
    4138 as350b3 2006     N224AE: American Eurocopter, for BCoPD
    State of Maryland N803CP: BCoPD from Jun07
    3285 as350b3 2000     N23EK: American Eurocopter
    Roberts Aircraft Company N354LA: B3 Partners Llc at Oregon City, OR May06-Feb13

    Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY from Feb13

    Trans Aero Helicopter Services N354LA: Trans Aero; w/o 25jul18 during sling load ops 23m NE of+
    7154 ec130b4 2011     N245AM: American Eurocopter Mar11
    - N245AM: Fifth Third Equipment Finance Company at Cincinnati, OH+

    Air Methods N245AM: Air Methods from Dec16
    3962 as350b3 2005     N251H: American Eurocopter, to N252H
    State of Tennessee N854HW: Hospital Wing, Memphis Medical Center, TN from Nov05-No+

    State of Alabama N854HW: Haynes Aviation at Wetumpka, AL Nov/Dec 2017; Haynes Am+

    State of Alabama N464RM: Regional Air Medical Services Inc (RAMS) at Jasper, AL +
    7140 as350b3 2011     N255LF: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter May11
    Air Methods N255LF: Air Methods Nov11-Sep17

    TVPX N255LF: TVPX from Sep17
    7203 as350b3 2011     N256LF: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Jun11
    Air Methods N257AM: Air Methods from Dec11
    7215 as350b3 2011     N257LF: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Jun11
    Air Methods N267AM: Air Methods from Jan12; Apr15 pictured as /Native19 at +
    7050 ec130b4 2011     N259AM: American Eurocopter Oct10
    Air Methods N259AM: Air Methods

    State of North Carolina N259AM: Air Care Wake Health by 2016, op by Air Methods

    Air Methods N259AM: Air Methods from Jan18
    7158 as350b3 2011     N275AM: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Apr11
    Life Flight N253LF: Life Flight
    4657 as350b3 2009     N279AM: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Oct08
    - N36CD: Buena Suerte Llc at Camarillo, CA May09-Feb13

    - N85KJ: Appomattox Aviation at Camarillo, CA from Dec16
    4685 as350b3 2009     N279AM: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter
    - N279AM: Key Equipment Finance Dec09-Sep11

    - N804LF: Regions Equipment Finance Corp at Birmingham, AL Sep11-+

    Air Methods N279AM: Air Methods from Jan15
    4236 as350b3 2007     N2920: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter
    CFS Air N350MV: Cfs Air Llc Oct07-Dec12

    Air Methods N350MV: Air Methods from Jan13

    State of Arizona N350MV: Air Methods 2013

    Native Air Ambulance, Meza, AZ, op by Air Methods pict+

    State of Idaho N350MV: Air Idaho Rescue; as /Air4 at new base in Salmon
    7705 as350b2 2013     N296PD: American Eurocopter from Sep13
    State of Pennsylvania N296PD: Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) d/d 28May14
    7116 ec130b4 2011     N306LF: American Eurocopter Mar/Aug 2011
    Air Methods N306LF: Air Methods d/d Apr11; Key Equipment Finance Inc at Sup+

    Life Flight N306LF: Regions Commercial Equipment Finance Llc at Birmingham,+
    7552 as350b3e 2013     N321AE: American Eurocopter Feb/Jul 2013
    - N321AE: NS Air Leasing at Wilmington, DE Jul13-Apr15

    Dalks Leasing at Wilmington, DE from Apr15

    - : Jul/Aug 2015 for sale Eurocopter AS350B3e 2013 - Very l+
    4291 as350b2 2007     N323AH: American Eurocopter
    - N613TV: Ktvk Inc at Phoenix, AZ Oct07-Aug09

    - N8TV: WFAA TV Inc at Dallas, TX Aug09-Nov17

    - N134TV: Nexstar Broadcasting Inc at Albuquerque, NM from Jan18
    3845 ec130b4 2004     N325MP: American Eurocopter 2004
    State of California N702LV: Las Vegas Helicopters at Las Vegas, NV Dec04-Aug11

    Helinet Aviation Services at Van Nuys, CA Aug/Nov 2011

    - N702LV: Kerman Holdings Llc at Wilmington, DE Oct11-Jan12

    - HP-12BL: Panama 2012

    Airwork NZ ZK-IVP: AirWork (NZ) from Sep18
    7328 ec130b4 2012     N328CH: American Eurocopter Mar12
    - N328CH: Suntrust Equipment Finance & Leasing Corp at Towson, MD+

    TVPX N328CH: TVPX from Oct17
    7040 ec130b4 2010     N335AM: American Eurocopter from Oct10
    Air Methods N335AM: Fifth Third Leasing Equipment Finance from Jan11; Air M+

    State of Oklahoma N335AM: Tulsa Life Flight by 2015, op by Air Methods
    7267 ec130b4 2011     N339AM: American Eurocopter Dec11
    Air Methods N339AM: Air Methods from Feb12

    State of Nebraska N339AM: LifeNet of the Heartland, noted Aug17, op by Air Method+
    7586 as350b3e 2013     N340AE: American Eurocopter Feb13
    BLR Aerospace N131TH: Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID May13-Sep14

    BLR Aerospace at Everett, WA from Sep14

    Nov14 pictured fitted with new H125 FastFin tail rotor +

    - N131TH: Jul17-Aug18 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-3 2013; VFR, Du+
    7235 ec130b4 2011     N344AM: American Eurocopter from Jul11
    State of Nebraska N344AM: BB&T Equipment Finance Corp at Towson, MD Jan12-Jul17;+

    - N344AM: Keybank National Association at Superior, CO from Jul17
    7248 ec130b4 2011     N348AM: American Eurocopter Aug11
    Air Methods N348AM: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA at Columbus, OH Feb12-Dec15; a+

    - N139HN: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA at Columbus, OH Dec15-Sep17

    TVPX N139HN: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

    State of West Virginia N139HN: HealthNet 9 based at the Greenbrier Valley Airport, Lew+
    7212 as350b2 2011     N34MS: American Eurocopter Jun/Sep 2011
    - N34MS: Flying Carter at Bellevue, WA from Oct11

    31oct14 pictured on My Seanna Yacht at Fort Lauderdale +

    Feb/Mar 2015 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-2 2011
    2789 as350b2 1994     N350EX: American Eurocopter, to N801KF
    - N801KF: Kbbd Llc at Los Angeles, CA Mar05-Aug12

    - N350ST: Soloy Aug12-Dec16, conv to AS350B2-SD2

    Rota Aviation Consulting Llc at Gleenwood Springs, CO f+
    7240 as350b3e 2012     N350GP: American Eurocopter from Dec11
    Airbus Helicopters USA N350GP: pictured giving rides for a Whirly-Girls Give It A Whi+

    Nov19 still
    7233 as350b3e 2011     N350KN: American Eurocopter Oct11
    State of Florida N353AK: Seminole Tribe Of Florida at Hollywood, FL from Nov13
    7398 as350b3e 2012     N350MW: American Eurocopter Dec12-Feb14, test serial N350MW
    Brown Helicopter Inc N234BH: BHI Helicopters at Ontario, OR from Feb14

    BLR Aerospace N234BH: Brainerd Helicopters; first BLR Fastfin sale presente+

    Brainerd Helicopters Inc N234BH: Brainerd Helicopters by Apr18
    7595 as350b3e 2013     N352AE: American Eurocopter Feb13
    Air Methods N390LG: Air Methods from Sep13

    State of Colorado N390LG: Flight for Life Colorado (FFLC), op by Air Methods, pic+

    Jan19 US Congress Safe Helicopters Now Act
    3530 as350b3 2002     N3530: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter
    - N3530: Ventures Acquisition Co Llc at Mcminnville, OR Jul03

    State of Alaska N30HX: Alpha Aviation, pictured

    State of Alaska N383AK: Alpha Aviation Llc at Anchorage, AK from Apr19
    7583 as350b3e 2013     N353AE: American Eurocopter Sep13
    Airbus Helicopters USA N54MN: Airbus Helicopters Inc from Feb14

    - N54MN: MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd at Bolingbrook, IL from+

    Langley airport, BC, Canada
    4996 ec130b4 2010     N353AM: American Eurocopter Jun10
    Air Methods N353AM: PNC Bank NA Trustee at Pittsburgh, PA Nov10-Sep17; Air+

    TVPX N353AM: Tvpx Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

    State of Nebraska N353AM: 2018? noted with LifeNet Fremont, Nebraska; LifeNet of +
    7006 ec130b4 2010     N356AM: American Eurocopter Jul10
    Air Methods N356AM: PNC Bank NA Trustee from Jan11

    ARCH Air Medical Services, Missouri op by Air Methods; +
    7022 ec130b4 2010     N358AM: American Eurocopter Jul10
    Air Methods N358AM: PNC Bank NA Owner trustee at Bose, ID from Jan11

    Air Methods; pictured as /MedFlight3, Rogers, AR on Sa+
    7598 as350b3e 2013     N363AE: American Eurocopter, to N370HP
    State of Oklahoma N370HP: Oklahoma Department Of Public Safety (ODPS) from Oct13;+
    7300 as350b3e 2012     N367AE: American Eurocopter
    - VH-MTD: Australia 2012-2013

    - G-SMTD: Bliss Aviation Dec13-Jan16

    - N770SM: A Star 350 Llc at Las Vegas, NV from Jan16; 10oct17 pic+
    7716 EC130T2 2013     N368AE: American Eurocopter from Aug13
    - N368AE: 22oct13 video from on sale by ControllerAircraft

    - : Oct13-Apr15 for sale EC-130-T2 2013 at Eurocopter Ser+

    - N137GW: Gew Equipment Leasing Llc at Naples, FL from Mar14
    4379 as350b3 2008     N370NC: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter
    State of North Carolina N370NC: State of North Carolina at Raleigh, NC from Sep08; fire+
    7758 EC130T2 2013     N375AE: American Eurocopter Nov13
    - N375AE: private at Laughlin, NV from Mar14

    pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ

    Stamper Family Llc at Bullhead City, AZ from Jun19
    7317 ec130b4 2012     N380AM: American Eurocopter
    State of Ohio N47HN: Banc of America Leasing and Capital from Oct12; MedFlig+
    7012 as350b3 2010     N380AM: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Jul10
    - N809LF: Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co at Baltimore, MD Apr+

    Air Methods N914SM: Air Methods Jan17-Jun19

    Air Methods N814SM: Air Methods from Jun19
    7015 as350b3 2010     N381AM: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Jul10
    Life Flight N810LF: Life Flight Network by Jun12

    State of Arizona N810LF: Native Air; Lubbock Preston Smith International Airpor+
    7029 ec130b4 2010     N382AM: American Eurocopter Jul10
    Air Methods N382AM: Fifth Third Equipment Finance at Cincinnati, OH Aug11-J+

    State of Texas N382AM: Mother Frances Hospital at Tyler, TX
    7380 as350b3e 2012     N385AE: American Eurocopter
    - N161LG: LAG Aviation Inc at Pittsburgh, PA Aug12-Apr14

    Airbus Helicopters USA N161UG: Airbus Helicopters Apr/Aug 2014

    - N161UG: Comanche Maverick Air Llc at Houston, TX Aug14-Dec16

    - N80WW: Lauren2go Inc at Beverly Hills, CA Dec16-Sep17

    Black Ops Aviation Inc at Beverly Hills, CA from Sep17
    7391 as350b3e 2012     N387AE: American Eurocopter
    - N387AE: Dalks Leasing Inc at Wilmington, DE Jul12

    - C-GBSU: Capitale Hélicoptère Inc at Québec, QC Dec12-Sep13

    Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd at Kamloops,BC fro+

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