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  • Del'd: 4 - 1973 to 1982

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    58-1659 hus-1 1963     OY-HAR: xfer Greenlandair as OY-HAR, named "Kangoq", 27Mar73; crashe+
    US Marine Corps 150257: Sikorsky UH-34D, cn 58-1659, ff:? del USMC as UH-34D, 1+

    United States Naval Aviation 150257: xfer USN as UH-34D, 150257, VC-5, Naha, Okinawa, Japan,+

    Sikorsky Helicopters N4319S: rtnd Sikorsky Helicopters as N4391S, Jul72; conv S-58ET+


    Chicago Helicopter Airways N2295W: rtnd US, Chicago Helicopters as N2295W, Jul78.

    Lider Taxi Aereo PT-HJR: xfer Brazil, Lider Aero Taxi as PT-HJR, 04Dec79; w/o un+

    - PT-HJR: w/o 7jan82
    58-1561 h-34g.III 1962     OY-HBC: sold Gronlandsfly as OY-HBC, named "Tuujuk", 02May74; soc 15+
    German Army Aviation PZ+347: Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-1561, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as+

    Sikorsky Helicopters N82832: rtnd Sikorsky [trade-in on CH-53G deliveries] as N82832+

    Chicago Helicopter Airways N4995G: sold Chicago Helicopters as N4995G, Nov78.

    - N4995G: sold Air One as N4995G, Aug88; Crashed & w/o due to los+
    58-1514 h-34g.III 1962     OY-HBD: del Gronlandsfly as OY-HBD, named "Piseeq", 14Mar75; soc 28+
    German Army Aviation PZ+343: Sikorsky H-34A c/n 58-1514, ff?; ordered MDAP by USN as+

    Sikorsky Helicopters N82821: rtnd Sikorsky [as trade-in for CH-53Gs] as N82821, 1971+

    - N26567: sold Air Associates as N26567, 04Feb82; oper by New Yor+

    - N128NH: re-reg Island Helicopter as N128NH, 09Apr96.

    St Louis Helicopter, Inc N130NH: re-reg Island Helicopter as N130NH, 07Jan97.

    rtnd National Helicopter as N130NH, 1997-98?

    sold St Louis Helicopters as N130NH, 23Nov98; FAA repor+

    - N130NH: Nov2010 pictured at Spirit Of St Louis Airport(SUS) Che+
    58-1630 h-34g.III 1963     OY-HBG: del Gronlandsfly as OY-HBG, "Taliffak," 14Mar75; soc 28Jan82+
    German Navy 80+96: former WE+557 and SC+260, last seen as N2657Z

    German Army Aviation SC-260: Sikorsky H-34A cn 58-1630, ff:?; ordered by USN under M+

    Sikorsky Helicopters N14591: rtnd Sikorsky as N14591, Dec73; conv S-58ET, 1974.

    St Louis Helicopter, Inc N2657Z: sold Air Associates as N2657Z, 04Feb82; oper by Island +

    sold St Louis helicopters as N2657Z, 23Nov98; soc Jul99+