ERA Helicopters AS350 Ecureuil

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ERA Helicopters Alaska Anchorage International Airport

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    3080 as350b2 1998     N108TA: ERA Helicopters Dec07
    3103 as350b2 1998     N109TA: ERA Helicopters Mar12
    3110 as350b2 1998     N118TA: ERA Helicopters Mar12
cfs air llc N118TA: Cfs Air Oct02
    3253 as350b2 1999     N159JK: ERA Helicopters May05-May15
- ZK-HFH: Glacier Country Helicopters, NZ from Jul15
    2680 as350b2 1992     N181EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2681 as350b2 1992     N182EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2752 as350b2 1993     N183EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2823 as350b2 1994     N185EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2844 as350b2 1994     N186EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2844 as350b2 1994     N186EH: ERA Helicopters 1994-Jun15
- ZK-IEP: New Zealand from Sep15

Heli Tours Ltd ZK-IEP: Heli Tours Ltd from Jul16

07nov16 pictured at Pukaki airport
    2839 as350b2 1994     N187EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2954 as350b2 1996     N188EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2974 as350b2 1997     N190EH: ERA; w/o 18aug13 stuck powerlines near Healy, Alaska
    2608 as350b2 1992     N194EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2615 as350b2 1992     N195EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2976 as350b2 1997     N196EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2983 as350b2 1997     N197EH: ERA Helicopters from Dec97; w/o 17mar99; Mar03 canc as destr+
- C-GSSS: 4064381 Canada Inc at Val D Or, Quebec Nov07-Apr08

Expedition Helicopters at Cochrane, ON from Apr08
    3151 as350b2 1998     N212EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    3158 as350b2 1998     N213EH: ERA Helicopters May05; w/o 15apr08 Sheep Mountain, 34m E C+
    3163 as350b2 1998     N214EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    3172 as350b2 1998     N215EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    3184 as350b2 1999     N216EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    3197 as350b2 1999     N217EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    4221 as350b2 2007     N217FD: ERA Helicopters May07
    4649 as350b2 2008     N323AH: ERA Helicopters from Aug09
    4284 as350b2 2007     N328BF: ERA Helicopters Sep07-Jun15
- ZK-IDI: New Zealand from Sep15

Heli Tours Ltd ZK-IDI: Heli Tours Ltd from Mar16

07nov16 pictured at Tekapo / Mackenzie heliport
    2924 as350b2 1998     N40584: ERA Helicopters from Mar12
- F-OHNT: to N40584
    3051 as350b2 1997     N4061G: ERA Helicopters from Apr07
- F-OHVB: to N4061G
    4212 as350b2 2007     N420JA: ERA Helicopters from May07
    4225 as350b2 2007     N603WB: ERA Helicopters from Jun07
    2856 as350b2 1995     N725SG: ERA Helicopters from Oct06
Eurocopter Canada C-FXAP: Eurocopter Canada Nov95-Dec97

- N43MH: to N725SG
    2768 as350b2 1993     N747WB: ERA Helicopters, May05

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