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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    6419 as365n2 1991     5N-BJF: Aerocontractors Jun07; 24mar08 damaged at Bonny, Nigeria; ca+
    All Nippon Helicopter JA6675: ANH, to SE-JFH

    - SE-JFH: ex JA6675; lsd to DanCopter then rereg OY-HRH

    DanCopter OY-HRH: Dan Copter 2003-2005, to PH-FMB

    - PH-FMB: Helicopter Leasing Group Sep05-Dec05

    - EP-HCJ: Iran, CHC colours

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FYQC: CHC Mar09-Jun12

    Helitrans AS LN-OKM: Heli Trans Jun-Aug 2012

    Heli-Flight GmbH D-HFKG: Heli-Flight at Reichelsheim from Sep12

    noted at Reichelsheim

    noted at UK Regensburg

    noted at Klinik Merzig

    noted at Philipps Marburg

    noted at Bogenhausen

    noted at Homburg an der Saar

    noted at Venusberg

    noted at Klinik Bayreuth

    noted at Sembach

    noted as Christoph Rostock at Greifswald
    6430 as365n2 1991     5N-BAF: AeroContractors, noted 2004-2006
    Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation 5N-BAF: NNPC ; Oct14 on sale

    Nigerian Air Force ?: Nigeria Air Force from Apr16
    6446 as365n2 1993     5N-BBR: Aero Contractors
        5N-BJE: Aero Contractors 2007-2010
    Maersk OY-HMY: Maersk Helicopter, test serial F-WYMN; 1999 canc, 2000 +

    - EP-HCK: Iran d/d Dec05, back to Nigeria Jun07

    Helitrans AS LN-OCM: Helitrans Aug10 to May12

    Northern HeliCopter GmbH D-HOAR: NHC from Jun12

    noted as Northern Rescue 01 at Sanderbusch

    noted as Northern Rescue 01 at Kiel rooftop pad
    6448 as365n2 1993     5N-BBS: Aero Contractors Jul00; w/o 03jan03 crash at sea off Brass t+
    Maersk OY-HMW: Maersk Helicopter, test serial F-WYMR; 1999 canc, 2000 +
    6593 as365n3     5N-BGF: Aero Contractors, to C-GGVW
    Schreiner Airways PH-SHH: Schreiner, test serial F-WWOE

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GGVW: CHC Oct10-Nov13

    6657 as365n3     5N-BIX: Aero Contractors, to C-GGVJ
    Schreiner Airways PH-SHI: Schreiner, test serial F-WWOB

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GGVJ: CHC Jul10-May13

    6740 as365n3 2006     5N-BJP: Aero Contractors, test serials F-WWOK, F-WQVT
    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FYRC: CHC Global Operations Mar09-Nov10

    Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHM: NHV 2011

    pictured on display at Rescue Vlissingen 2016. On back+
    7 C/N.