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    usa New York Airways

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    107 1964     N107PA: sold to PAA as N107PA, 1964; operated by NYA for PAA as N107+
    kawasaki helicopter system : BV-107II-2 c/n 107; provided in kit form to Kawasaki, 1+

    Columbia Helicopters N188CH: sold Columbia Helicopters Intl as N188CH, 1969.

    CHI Papua New Guinea P2-CHB: lsd Columbia Helicopters Intl (PNG) as P2-CHB, unk; rtn+

    Helifor C-FHFW: lsd Helifor as C-FHFW, unk.
    108 1964     N108PA: NYA, op for PAA
    kawasaki helicopter system : BV-107II-2 c/n 108; provided in kit form to Kawasaki 19+

    - N108PA: 1968 helo seen in Clint Eastwood movie: Coogans Bluff

    Columbia Helicopters N189CH: Columbia Helicopters Intl 1969-Sep06

    Feb/Aug 1971 based in Kiunga, Papua New Guinea working +

    Columbia Helicopters Inc from Jul16

    CHI Papua New Guinea P2-CHE: CHI Papua New Guinea ~1975, rtn to N189CH

    Columbia Helicopters International VH-UIB: Australia 1980, rtn to N189CH
    2 1962     N6672D:
    Columbia Helicopters N6672D: Sold to Columbia Helicopters as N6672D, Jan72; wfu with+
    3 1962     N6673D: New York Airways Flight
    4 1962     N6674D: NYA Jul62-Dec71
    Columbia Helicopters N6674D: CHI Jan72-Dec99

    CHI from May09; 70,085.3 Total Hours as of 19Aug09; Mar+

    19may16 picture at FOB Dahlke, Afghanistan with N6675D

    Helifor C-FHFV: Helifor Jan00-Apr09
    5 1962     N6675D: NYA Jul62-Dec71
    Columbia Helicopters N6675D: Columbia Helicopters from Jan72

    pictured at Vancouver International airport logging for+

    Helifor C-GHFI: Helifor at Vancouver, BC May89-Dec97

    Columbia Helicopters N6675D: CHI Jan98-2004

    - ZK-HCW: CHI NZ 2004-2007

    Columbia Helicopters N6675D: CHI at Portland, OR from May07

    picture at FOB Dahlke, Afghanistan with N6674D
    6 1962     N6676D: BV-107II-2, c/n 6, ff?; del to NYA as N6676D, 27Nov63.
    Columbia Helicopters N6676D: sold to Columbia Helicopters as N6676D, Jan72; broke up+
    101 1962     N6682D: NYA Sep64-May69
    kawasaki helicopter system JA9500: BV-107II-2 1962 to Kawasaki as KV-107II-2 prototype, c/+

    Columbia Helicopters N6682D: Columbia Helicopters from May69

    Handed over to BP, supporting helirig operation for Tex+

    Columbia Helicopters from Jul10

    Columbia Helicopters International VH-UIA: Columbia Helicopters Intl, Australia

    Helifor C-GHCD: Helifor Industries Ltd Feb07-Jul10