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    canada CHC

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation

    1992 to 2012

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    35103 1998     C-FAOC: CHC Sep98-Oct06
    United Helicharters VT-HGJ: United Helicharters 2006-2013

    Sequoia Helicopters C-GORH: Sequoia Helicopters at Abbotsford, BC from Apr13
    30923 1979     C-FCAD: CHC Jun06-Nov09
        C-FCAP: CHC Dec02-Oct05
    - HB-XKG: Petrolair System SA Jul79-Nov87, test serial N50126; 1+

    Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XB-ECQ: ASESA 1988-1996

    - C-FCAP: Ellis Air Inc at Langley, BC Oct96-May97

    Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc at Prince George, BC +

    VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FCAP: Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd Mar01-Jul02

    CHC South Africa ZS-RNH: CHC ? Jul/Dec 2002

    - HC-CFF: Ecuador 2005-2006

    Wildcat Helicopters C-FCAD: Wildcat Helicopters Dec09-Apr18

    CHC Equatorial Guinea DQ-EAF: CHC ? Fiji Apr18-Apr19

    Wildcat Helicopters C-FCAD: Wildcat Helicopters from Apr19
    30901 1978     C-FKGT: CHC 19/30 Nov01
    PHI Inc N16989: PHI Offshore at Lafayette, LA Oct83-May91

    Tasman Helicopters C-FKGT: Tasman Helicopters at Richmond, BC 11/24 Jun91

    - C-FKGT: Conair Aviation Ltd at Abbotsford, BC Jul/Nov 1991

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FKGT: Canadian Helicopters Ltd at St. John'S, NL Apr94-Apr9+

    Tasman Helicopters C-FKGT: Tasman Helicopters at Richmond, BC Apr96-Nov01

    ICARO Airlines HC-CBW: Icaro Dec01-May04, lsd CHC

    Tasman Helicopters C-FKGT: Tasman Helicopters at Richmond, BC from May04
    30944     C-FNJJ: CHC, ex PT-HJX, to N2093S
    - PT-HJX: unk Brazil owner; canc 18jul90; to N210NK

    Helicopter Transport Services N2093S: Helicopter Transport Service; Dec93 to May94; rtn C-FNJ+

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FNJJ: Canadian Helicopters; ex PT-HJX, N2093S
    30893 1978     C-FPKW: CHC Dec92-Aug02
    - 9M-AWU: Malaysia, test serial N18099

    - C-FARC: Nahanni Helicopters Ltd at Delta, BC Jan88-Jun91

    Nahanni Helicopters Ltd at Delta, BC Feb/May 1992

    Nahanni Helicopters Ltd at Delta, BC Nov/Dec 1992

    - N4282Y: Jul91-Feb92

    Crew Concepts Inc at Boise, ID May/Nov 1992

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FPKW: Canadian Helicopters at St. John'S, NL Nov/Dec 1992

    Titan Helicopter Group ZS-RNP: THG 2003-?

    - 4X-BJX: Israel
    30891 1978     C-FRUT: CHC Mar94-Nov03
    - JA9537: Japan, test serial N16986

    - ZK-HID: New Zealand, to C-FRUT

    - HC-CEI: Ecuador 2004-2007

    Aerogulf A6-ALY: Aerogulf from 2008
    30894 1978     C-FRWF: CHC Apr/Jun 2001
    Japanese Coast Guard JA9534: Japan Coast Guard Feb79-Nov00

    - N894AJ: Oklahoma Austin Jet Llc at Shawnee, OK Nov00-Mar01

    - EP-HCH: Iran, lsd CHC

    CHC South Africa ZS-RXB: CHC South Africa, rtn to Canada

    Campbell Helicopters C-FRWF: Campbell Helicopters at Abbotsford, BC from Mar12
    30672 1974     C-FRWI: CHC Mar94-Feb08
    Air Logistics N72AL: Offshore Logistics , canc Mar94

    - 4L-?: Georgia, ex C-FRWI
    30829 1977     C-FRWL: CHC Mar94-Aug02
    Air Logistics N93AL: Air Logistics

    Offshore Logistics Apr89-Mar94

    - HK-3190X: Armero Colombia rescue 1985

    - HK-3190: Colombia

    CHC South Africa ZS-RNR: South Africa from 2002; 2006 noted in Gabon; to Italy u+
    30814 1977     C-FRWM: CHC Aug01-Feb02
    Air Logistics N69AL: Air Logistics, to VH-LAM

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LAM: Lloyd Helicopters, noted 1985-1992

    - SE-JBY: Sweden, rtn to VH-LAM

    - HC-CDD: Ecuador Mar03-Mar09

    - C-FRWM: Elbow River Helicopters at Calgary, AB Nov09-Jan10

    Elbow River Helicopters C-GERW: Elbow River Helicopters from Jan10
    30630 1974     C-GBPH: CHC Mar02-Feb08
    - G-BCGE: British Executive Air Services Ltd Jun74-Jan77, test se+

    - N99041: Air Kaman, to C-GBPH

    Okanagan Helicopters C-GBPH: Pacific Helicopters Ltd at Delta, BC -1984

    Okanagan Helicopters at Richmond, BC 1984-

    - N947AA: rtn to C-GBPH

    Viking Helicopters C-GBPH: Associated Helicopters Co Ltd at Edmonton, AB -Jul86

    Viking Helicopters Ltd at Les Cedres, QC Aug88-Jun90

    - HC-BZN: Ecuador, rtn to C-GBPH

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GBPH: Canadian Helicopters Ltd St. Johns, NL Jul95-Jan99

    - HC-CEF: Ecuador, rtn to C-GBPH

    Pacific Helicopters P2-PAY: Pacific Helicopters
    30680 1975     C-GOKX: CHC Dec00-Mar03
    Okanagan Helicopters C-GOKX: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977

    Okanagan Helicopters Sep84-Oct89

    - YV-322C: Venezuela, rtn to C-GOKX

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKX: Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Jun91

    - ZK-HNI: New Zeland, to VH-OHC

    - VH-OHC: Australia, to Singpore as unk

    Frontier Helicopters C-GOKX: Conair Aviation/Frontier Helicopters Jun91-Nov92

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKX: Canadian Helicopters Oct94-Jun95

    Tasman Helicopters C-GOKX: Tasman Helicopters at Richmond, BC Jun95-Jun96

    Government of Canada C-GOKX: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sep/Oct 1995

    Pacific Helicopters P2-PAT: Pacific Helicopters 2015-2016

    Wildcat Helicopters C-GOKX: Wildcat Helicopters Apr16-Apr19

    - DQ-MFJ: Fiji from Apr19