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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

S-741 105cbs-2 1986     HL9601: Sejin; Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex TC-HMA
German air rescue D-HJJJ: DRF; cnvt. to CBS-5

type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 44

2006 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward TC-HMA

RedStar Aviation TC-HMA: RedStar; 2006 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HJJJ

Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9601
S-12 105a 1971     HL9602: Sejin; Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSA
MBB D-HMDI: MBB cnvt. to C

MBB toward D-HGSA

Federal Ministry of the Interior D-HGSA: BMI type:Bo105C ex D-HMDI

type:Bo105CBS-5 at Eurocopter for conversion to CBS-5

type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 3

Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9602
S-14 105a 1971     HL9603: Sejin; Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSC
Federal Ministry of the Interior D-HGSC: BMI; cnvt. to CBS-5 year 19..

Dec07 type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 7

Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9603