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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2058 as332L 1982     VH-LOF: CHC Australia from 2009
    - C-GSLA: Toronto Helicopter Ltd at Markham, Ontario; Jun89 canc

    - PT-HRM: Brazil, rtn to C-GSLA

    ERA Helicopters N171EH: ERA Helicopters May/Nov 2005

    CHC Scotia G-CDSV: CHC Scotia Dec05-Feb09

    Coldstream Helicopters C-GVCS: Coldstream Helicopters from Feb20
    2063 as332L 1983     VH-LHJ: CHC Australia from Feb05; LLoyd Offshore Helicopters now cal+
    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GSLE: Toronto Helicopters, canc Aug89

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd, canc Sep90

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd Mar/Sep 1995

    Bristow G-BSOI: Bristow Sep90-Aug93, ex C-GSLE; pictured at Aberdeen, +

    Brintel Helicopters G-BSOI: Brintel Aug93-Feb95, to CHC

    Brintel Oct95-Jan01

    CHC Scotia G-BSOI: CHC Scotia Jan01-Feb02, to Denmark, Mar02 rtn UK, to A+

    CHC Denmark G-BSOI: CHC Denmark Feb02

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHJ: Lloyd offshore Helicopters from Apr02

    - : Feb18 to be parted out and scrapped in Norway
    2075 as332L 1983     VH-LYS: CHC Australia Feb13-Dec13
    Bond Aviation Group G-PUMB: Bond Helicopters from Jan83

    North Scottish Helicopters G-PUMB: 1984 North Scottish Helicopters

    CHC Scotia G-PUMB: CHC Scotia 2000-Nov10

    unk date pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen

    pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland

    CHC Scotia from Dec13

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GJEB: CHC Nov10-Feb13

    Coldstream Helicopters C-GRGJ: Coldstream Helicopters from Feb20
    2107 as332L 1983     VH-LHK: CHC Australia Dec02-May11
    British International Helicopters G-BKZH: BIH Sep83-Jan93

    Brintel Helicopters G-BKZH: Brintel Leasing Jan93-May94; Brintel Helicopters Mar94-+

    CHC Scotia G-BKZH: CHC Scotia Aug00-Nov02

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GLGB: CHC Global Jun11-Dec13; CHC Canada from Feb14
    2352 as332L1     VH-LAG: CHC Australia; ex LN-OBU
    Helikopter Service LN-OBU: to VH-LAG;

    State of Nebraska N474WZ: Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE, 2013
    5 C/N.