Eurocopter UH Tiger
germany Heeresflieger

German Army Aviation

2003 to present


Heeresflieger UH Tiger

80 were originally ordered to replace the PAH-1 but the program was delayed and have thrown up technical problems. As of 2011, the orders have been cut to 40 with 27 already delivered by September 2012
The entire remaining Tiger fleet was grounded on 2 Aug 2019. A programme of inspection and replacement of titanium bolts in safety critical areas was instigated. Airframes were being returned to service after they had been through the programme. Bolts in non-safety critcal areas were to be replaced as part of normal line maintenance.

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German Tiger Helicopters to Resume Flights, 22-Sep-17 : German Army to lift, with some restrictions, the grounding order of Tiger helicopters imposed after last July crash in Mali

German Tiger Crashes in Mali, Two Peacekeepers Killed, 31-Jul-17 : German Army Tiger helicopter, part of peacekeeping mission MINUSMA in Mali, crashed killing the two crew members

German Army Tigers Arrived to Gao in Mali, 25-Mar-17 : After being transported to Mali by AN-124 as part of MINUSMA, the first two of four German Army’s Tiger attack helicopters self deployed 1000 km north of the Capital to their area of operations.

Germany Deploying Helicopters in Mali, 12-Jan-17 : The German Army deploying 4 NH90 and 4 Tiger helicopters to Mali under UN Mission MINUSMA replacing Dutch Chinook and Apaches. Will remain in country until Mid-2018.

CAE to Perform Analysis Study for Tiger Training, 15-Dec-14 : CAE will conduct a training needs analysis study for the German-French Tiger Helicopter Technical School at Fassberg.

German Army get final upgraded Tiger Asgard, 06-Mar-14 : Donauwörth - The Germany Army today received the last of 12 Tiger UHT support helicopters upgraded by Airbus Helicopters for Afghanistan missions to support ground troops, protect convoys and perform reconnaissance operations.

4 German Tigers ready for Afghanistan, 12-Sep-12 : Berlin - A significant milestone in Eurocopter’s Tiger support helicopter program has been reached following the delivery of the first four helicopters to be upgraded for deployment to Afghanistan. This now leaves the German Army in possession of a complete batch of ASGARD helicopters – a vital prerequisite if the Tiger is to be deployed in theater by the end of the year.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2005/    D/F HFAZTFR Le Luc
2003/    KHR36 Fritzlar

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