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    30810 1976     XA-AAM: Heliservicio Campeche, lsd from N399EH
ERA Helicopters N399EH: ERA Helicopters May05

FAASA N399EH: FAASA, noted 2010
    30938     XA-IUR: Heliservicio; w/o 15oct10 crash at Las Choapas, Veracruz. 8 +
    30934 1979     XA-IUS: Campeche, to N68AL
Air Logistics N68AL: Air Logistics from Mar96, to Colombia

- HK-4087X: to HC-CAY

- HC-CAY: Ecuador, rtn to US

Air Logistics N68AL: Air Logistics Sep/Dec 2002

- XA-TVM: Campeche?

- OB-1847-P: Peru

Great Slave Helicopters C-GBBP: Great Slave Helicopters from Jun10
    30818 1977     XA-SQH: Campeche, ex XA-JEK, to N69AL
Air Logistics N69AL: Air Logistics Mar/Dec 1996, to Colombia as HK-?

US Helicopters Inc N25UH: US Helicopter Inc Jul99



Blackcomb Helicopters C-GZHZ: Blackcomb from 26nov14
    31147 1980     XA-SZD: Heliservicio, ex XA-KUM
Air Logistics N24HS: Air Logistics from Mar96, to XA-AAC


Eagle Copters C-FTXU: Eagle Copters Maintenance Mar04-Mar05

State of California N800DM: San Diego Fire Rescue Dept (SDFD) from Nov05
    30817 1977     XA-TOB: Campeche, to C-FBWU
Air Logistics N16785: Offshore Logistics, to Mexico

- XA-HEG: rtn N16785

Air Logistics N16785: Offshore Logistics Jun92-May94

- HK-3802X: Colombia, to XA-TOB

Eagle Copters C-FBWU: Eagle Copters Ltd Oct04-Feb08; conv to single engine Ho+

- C-GWDJ: Day & Johnston Helicopters at Copper Cliff, ON Feb08-De+

Day Aviation Services / William Day Construction Ltd at+

Wilderness Helicopters at Wawa, ON Apr11-Feb16

Jan15-Apr17, sold Bell 212; conv to Eagle Single, Fast +
    31225 1982     XA-TRK: Campeche 2000-2003; ex G-BWLE, to N874AL
Petroleum Air Services SU-CAA: PAS; to N4247M

Bristow G-BWLE: Bristow 1996-2000, ex N4247M, to XA-TRK

Air Logistics N874AL: Air Logistics Dec03-Jan04

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-BPT: Bristow Trinidad & Tobago 2004-

- OB-1856-P: Peru
    30869 1978     XA-TRP: Heliservicio
- XA-NAH: Mexico, Bell serial N16949, to N25FJ

- HK-3989X: Colombia, to N71AL

Air Logistics N71AL: Air Logistics Nov98-Apr00
    30853 1977     XA-TRX: Campeche, noted 2012
- ZS-HHU: South Africa, test serial N16831

- A2-ACJ: Botswana, rtn to ZS-HHU

Bristow G-BIGB: Bristow Oct80-Apr85

Irish Helicopters EI-BRE: Irish Helicopters Ltd Apr85-Jun86

- G-BIGB: Adastral Aircraft (UK) Ltd Jun86-Oct88

- ZS-HHU: South Africa again

- G-BIGB: RCR Aviation Ltd Oct/Nov 1988

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIM: Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd Dec88-Nov89

- N212AH: USA Nov89-Oct94

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FPKV: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Oct94-Mar95

- N212AH: USA, to N362EH

ERA Helicopters N362EH: ERA Helicopters at Lake Charles, LA from May05; to Mex+

Heliduero N362EH: HeliDuero, noted 2010-2012

ERA Helicopters N362EH: ERA Helicopters 2016?

- G-UHUK: Heli-Lift Services Jul/Oct 2016

- N362EH: 30853 Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Dec16

Western Power Distribution N362EH: 17jan17 prforming lifting work for Western Power Distri+

11sep17 seen over past few weeks on ground alongside a +

17sep17 still noted in grounds of residential home just+
    30554 1973     XA-TRY: Campeche; back to N361EH
ERA Helicopters N361EH: ERA Helicopters 2005; ex B-2301; temp as XA-TRY

Heliduero N361EH: 2010 Heliduero for Dept Environment of Government Casti+
    31199 1981     XA-TRZ: Heliservicio Campeche, lsd from N522EH
ERA Helicopters N522EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Jan12

FAASA N522EH: FAASA, noted 2009

Campbell Helicopters C-GOGR: Campbell Helicopters at Abbotsford, BC from Apr12

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