Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-16 hkp4c in
sweden Försvarsmakten

Swedish Armed Forces

1998 to 2010

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Columbia Helicopters receives first 3 Hkp4s, 01-Apr-13 : WASHINGTON via PRNewswire - Columbia Helicopters has taken delivery of the first three of ten heavy lift helicopters purchased from the Swedish Department of Defense. The total order includes six Boeing Vertol 107-II and four Kawasaki Vertol 107-II models. The price was not disclosed.

Columbia Helicopters acquires 10 Hkp4, 26-Feb-13 : Columbia Helicopters is pleased to announce the acquisition of ten helicopters from the Swedish Department of Defense.

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    4081 1972     04068: FV type:Hkp4C; may98 3Hkpbat./68 (still badge 12Hkpdiv.) par+
swedish navy 04068: KV-107II-16, c/n 4081, ff ?; del Swedish Navy as 04068,+

Marinen type:Hkp4C; aug95 12HkpDiv./68; 31dec97 toward +

Columbia Helicopters ?: Columbia Helicopters from Feb13
    4082 1972     04069: SAF type:Hkp4 from 1jan98; sep00 3Hkpbat./69; 2004 2Hkpbat./+
swedish navy 04069: KV-107II-16, c/n 4082, ff ?; del Swedish Navy as 04069,+

MARINEN type:Hkp4; aug95 12HkpDiv./69; 31dec97 toward S+
    4083 1972     04070: 2012 preserved at Aeromuseum Göteborg/Säve
swedish navy 04070: KV-107II-16, c/n 4083, ff ?; del Swedish Navy as 04070,+

Marinen type:Hkp4C; aug95 12HkpDiv./70
    4084 1972     04071: 20may06 pictured as /71 during Swedish Battle Camp in Stockh+
swedish navy 04071: KV-107II-16, c/n 4084, ff ?; del Swedish Navy as 04071,+

MARINEN type:Hkp4; 31dec97 toward SAF

Columbia Helicopters ?: Columbia Helicopters from Feb13
    4093 1973     04072: 2Hkpskv /72
swedish navy 04072: KV-107II-16, c/n 4093, ff ?; del Swedish Navy as 04072,+

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