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    turkey Koçoğlu Havacılık

    Kocoglu Aviation

    Del'd: 10 - 2008 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0311 ec135t2 2003     TC-HJA: Koçoğlu Aviation Oct08-2014 Turkish Ministry of Health
    McAlpine Helicopters G-FEES: McAlpine Dec03-Jul04

    - G-FEES: Cairnsilver Ltd Jul04-Aug08

    Eurocopter UK G-FEES: Eurocopter UK Aug/Oct 2008

    Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJA: Turkish Ministry of Health 2008-2014

    INAER France F-HSGE: Iris Helicopter Leasing Ltd at Dublin from Nov14; INAER+

    emergency medical assistance service F-HSGE: SAMU /89, op by INAER/Babcock from 2014

    pictured in route to Spain during refuel stop at Per+
    0688 ec135p2+ 2008     TC-HJC: Koçoğlu Aviation Nov08-2013
    Eurocopter Germany D-HCAL: Eurocopter Germany Oct08, test serial D-HECA

    Turkish Aeronautical Association TC-HJC: THK Gökçen from 2013, air ambulance

    Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJC: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by THK
    0420 ec135t2     TC-HJD: Kocoglu Aviation 2009, conv to EC135T2+; Air ambulance for T+
    Helicopter Travel Munich D-HMFR: HTM 2005-2008

    EADS D-HMFR: EADS; 16- Berlin air show

    - TC-HJD: May/Aug 2015 for sale Eurocopter EC-135-T2 2005
    0803 ec135t2+ 2009     TC-HJG: Kocoglu Aviation May09-2013, test serial D-HCBC
    Turkish Aeronautical Association TC-HJG: THK Gökçen from 2013

    Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJG: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by Koçoğlu Havacılık+
    0813 ec135t2+ 2009     TC-HJH: Kocoglu Aviation 2009, test serial D-HECJ
    Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJH: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by Koçoğlu Havacılık
    0819 ec135p2+ 2009     TC-HJI: Kocoglu Aviation, test serial D-HCBK
    Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJI: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by Koçoğlu Havacılık
    0827 ec135p2+ 2009     TC-HJJ: Kocoglu Aviation, test serial D-HECD
    Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJJ: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by Koçoğlu Havacılık
    0630 ec135t2+ 2008     TC-HJS: Koçoğlu Havacılık Aug09-2015; Ambulance, ,pictured (pic+
    - M-YCHT: Longbay Limited, Isle of Man Mar08-Aug09, test serial D+

    Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJS: Turkish Ministry of Health 2009-2015, op by Koçoğlu H+

    INAER France F-HTPI: Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd at Dublin, Ireland 29Dec1+

    Babcock Mission Critical Services France from 29dec15

    emergency medical assistance service F-HTPI: SAMU by 2016, op by Babcock MCS France

    pictured (pic2) as SAMU21 CHU Dijon Bourgogne during Co+