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Able Expands Bell 206/407 MRO Services in Canada, 14-Nov-16 : Able Aerospace Services, part of Textron, will expand its Bell 206 and 407 MRO service availability in Canada


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1986/    Bell Mirabel Montreal (Bell) heliport

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    3978 206b-3 1987     C-FAMX: Bell Canada Oct87-May88
- JA9752: Japan 1988-2006, unk

- ZK-HFE: New Zealand from Nov06

Precision Helicopters Ltd ZK-HFE: PHL from May12
    4017 206b-3 1988     C-FCIK: Bell Canada Jul/Sep 1988, test serial N341BH
- N54AJ: Austin Jet Corp at Austin, TX Jun/Oct 1992

Israel Police 4X-BMD: Israel Police 1992
    4057 206b-3 1989     C-FFNM: Bell Canada Jul89, to OO-VCC
- OO-VCC: Belgium Aug89-Sep91, to PH-VCK

- PH-VCK: V.C. Helicopters, Netherlands oct91-apr92, rtn to OO-VC+

- OO-VCC: HSB Heli Service; 18sep03 pictured at Brussel, Belgium
    51375 206l-3 1990     C-FINZ: Bell Canada, canc Jul90
Air Logistics N2619: Air Logistics

Rotorcraft Leasing Company N2619: Rotorcraft Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Nov08
    4611 206b-3 2006     C-FJIG: Bell Canada Aug/Sep 2006, test serial C-FEXW
Bell Helicopter N7508P: Bell Sep/Dec 2006

- N7508P: Ecolift Corp at San Juan, PR Dec06-Mar07

Magnum III Corp at Wilmington, DE Apr07-May09

Sun Channel Inc at Dover, DE May09-Feb14; Sun Channel I+
    51414 206l-3 1990     C-FJIW: Bell Canada Dec90-Jan91
- G-ORJS: RJS Aviation Dec90-Oct91, tmp to Canada

Carr Aviation Oct91-Feb93

ADTEC Rajawali Udara 9M-BBC: ADTEC Rajawali Udara, noted Mar12
    4194 206b-3 1991     C-FLXP: Bell Canada Dec91-Feb92
Bell Helicopter N3209M: Bell USA 1992

- JA6116: Japan; 2006 to USA

- N294M: Instant Security Service at Wilmington, DE from Apr14

Jul/Oct 2014, sold Bell 206BIII 1991 Low Time. Skytrack+
    51546 206l-3 1991     C-FMEE: Bell Canada Dec91-Feb92
- D-HTAB: Germany, to N46EA

- N207DS: Delta Bravo Sierra Inc (DBS Helicopters) at Rifle, CO f+
    51547 206l-3 1991     C-FMEI: Bell Canada Dec91-Feb92
- F-GHYO: France Aviation SA at Toussus-le-Noble Airport Jun93-Fe+

- D-HMKB: Germany unk to Turkey

- TC-HRH: Turkey, to TC-HSH

- TC-HSH: Turkey

Nov16-Mar17, sold Jetranger 206B-3 1991; 4,053 hrs TT +
    51583 206l-3 1992
    C-FNNS: Bell Canada May/Jul 1992
Bell Helicopter N5140S: Bell Helicopter, to N342H

- N342H: to XB-FZQ

- XB-FZQ: Medica Movil Mexico, to N1139A

- YV-1008C: Venezuela, to N3CV

- N3CV: to N583M

- N583M: Allstar Aviation at Columbia, SC from Jan10
    51587 206l-3 1992     C-FNOQ: Bell Canada May/Jul 1992
- D-HOTT: Heli-Ren, Ascholding 1992

Heliplus GmbH 1998-2010

Rotorflug GmbH D-HOTT: Rotorflug from 2011
    4229 206b-3 1992     C-FONY: Bell Canada Aug/Oct 1992
- LV-VFD: 24apr11 pictured (pic1) at Buenos Aires

w/o 12dec15 crash in Potrerillos Dam, Mendoza during fi+

21dec15 pictured (pic2) after salvage from the Potreril+
    4248 206b-3 1992     C-FONZ: Bell Canada Sep/Nov 1992
- LV-VFF: HeliJet SA d/d Nov92, test serial C-FONZ

04may13 pictured during Rally Argentina 2013 at Cordoba

Dec14 new straps; Jun15 Airworthy and located in Moron,+
    4637 206b-3 2007     C-FOQD: Bell Canada Jul/Sep 2007
- N9281N: Wells Fargo Bank Oct07-Feb10

Air Juan RP-C7180: Air Juan
    4643 206b-3 2007     C-FRAR: Bell Canada Oct/Nov 2007
State of California N664PD: LAPD from Jul08
    4649 206b-3 2008     C-FSWB: Bell Canada 2008
State of Nebraska N106PD: Omaha Police Department (OPD) from Jul08
    52374 206l-4 2008     C-FTVQ: Bell Canada Mar/Jul 2008, test serial C-FOFH
State of Florida N610TP: City Of Tampa Police Dept (TPD) from Oct08
    4658 206b-3 2008     C-FUQN: Bell Canada 2008
State of Nebraska N176PD: Omaha Police Department (OPD) from Nov08
    52132 206l-4 1995     C-FVSU: Bell Canada Jun/Aug 1995, N98867 ntu
- 5Y-BKR: Kenya, to N340AJ

- N340AJ: Yorkshire Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Mar07-Jan10

- G-PTOO: P2 Air Ltd from Feb10

19jun15 pictured deparing Tatenhill Aviation
    4662 206b-3 2008     C-FVWG: Bell Canada Sep/Nov 2008
- LV-CAG: unk

Bell Helicopter N337EA: Bell USA Sep/Nov 2011

Argentine Army Aviation AE-366: Ejercito d/d 19jan12; Curso Conjunto de Pilotos de Heli+
    4674 206b-3 2009     C-FYVB: Bell Canada Mar/May 2009, test serial C-FOFE
- ZS-RXB: South Africa 2010

Feb/Jul 2014, sold Jetranger 206B-3 no Damage History,+
    4680 206b-3 2009     C-GBQP: Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Sep09-Feb10
- OO-GEA: 16jun11 pictured over Brussels, Belgium
    4688 206b-3 2010     C-GEAV: Bell Canada Jan/Jul 2010, test serial C-FOFG
Bell Helicopter N409GP: Bell Jul/Oct 2010

Helisul Taxi Aereo PR-HBB: Helisul from Jun11

- PR-HBB: Avalon Taxi Aereo Ltda (?); w/o 08mar18 at Joinville+
    52420 206l-4 2010     C-GIFG: Bell Canada Sep10-May11
- N206FC: Charles Aiesi Holding at Pompano Beach, FL from Aug11; +
    386 206a     C-GSHQ: xfer Bell Helicopters, Canada as C-GSHQ, unk;
Bell Helicopter N1448W: Bell 206A cn386, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1448W, +

xfer Bell Helicopters, US as N1448W, unk;

xfer Bell Helicopters, US as N1448W, unk;

- C-GKBU: xfer Canada as C-GKBU, unk
    52060 206l-4 1994     C-GSQA: Bell Canada May94-Nov99
Canadian Police C-GSQA: Sûreté du Québec (SQ) from May94; conv 206LT type
    52446 206l-4 2012     C-GUKH: Bell Canada Nov/Dec 2012, test serial C-GFNM
Bell Helicopter N435AE: Bell Dec12-Apr13

Air Evac Lifeteam N435AE: Millrock Aviation financial Llc at Danbury, CT Apr13-De+

State of Texas N435AE: Methodist AirCare at San Antonio, TX; w/o 25apr16 on t+
    52448 206l-4 2013     C-GUUS: Bell Canada Jan/May 2013, test serial C-GADP
- ZS-HSU: South Africa 2013-2016

Eastern Atlantic Helicopters N448EA: Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Apr/Jul 2016; Short Final +

04oct17 pictured at Excel London for Helitech 2017
    52460 206l-4 2013     C-GYWV: Bell Canada Dec13-Jan14, test serial C-GFNM
Bell Helicopter N454AE: Bell Helicopter from Apr14
    4565 206b-3 2002     C-GZPU: Bell Canada Oct02
Bell Helicopter N2080A: Bell Helicopter

State of California N601CC: Contra Costa County Sheriff Office (CoCo) from Feb03

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