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760021 s-76a 1979     N4246S: Manufacturer test serial; to UK Nov 1979
Bristow G-BGXY: reg to Bristow Nov 1979

Based in Aberdeen, the aircraft (c/s Offshore XY) crash+
760026 s-76a 1980     N4242S: Sikorsky toward N103BH
- N103BH: ex N4242S toward G-BJGX

Bristow G-BJGX: Bristow ex N103BH

16oct91 visit EHAM
760031 s-76a     N768AL: Sikorsky since Dec04
Air Logistics N768AL: Air Logitics; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams MA+
760036 1980     N4931Y: Manufacturer test serial; to UK
- D2-EXJ: ex ZS-RNG; reverted to ZS-RNG

CHC South Africa ZS-RNG: ex D2-EXJ Angola, returned to South Africa

- G-BOND: ex N4931Y; to G-BOND with North Scottish Helicopters, P+

to CHC Scotia, still as G-BOND by Nov 1986

Apr 1992, Accident on moving deck

CHC Scotia G-CHCE: ex G-BOND; re-reg to CHC Scotia Apr 2001 as G-CHCE

to South Africa by Apr 2002

CHC South Africa ZS-RNG: ex G-CHCE; to Angola
760048 s-76a 1980     N769AL: Sikorsky from 2004
Air Logistics N769AL: Air Logistics
760151 s-76a 1981     N5433K: Sikorsky toward XC-HEF
Mexico Government XC-HEF: Mexico, to XA-SRU

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SRU: SAEMSA, to N176TJ

- N176TJ: CCA Financial Serv Sep/Oct 1997

Omni Taxi Aereo PT-YSM: Omni taxi aereo
760169 s-76a 1981     N399PK: Sikorsky Jul/Aug 1994
- N399KK: to N399PK

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMZ: Canadian Helicopters Sep94-Jul12

Government of Canada C-GIMZ: Ontario Ministry of Health 2002-2007, op by Canadian He+

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GIMZ: 7506406 Canada Inc at Mississauga, ON from Jul12; Ornge+
760198 s-76a 1981     N5419U: Sikorsky, to PH-NZO
KLM helikopters PH-NZO: KLM Helikopters, noted Jun86

- N9007Q: USA, to G-BOFB

Bond Aviation Group G-BOFB: Bond Helicopters Jan88-Dec93

Lloyd Helicopters VH-LAY: Lloyd Helicopters, noted Feb94

CHC South Africa ZS-RKP: CHC South Africa, noted Mar13

- : Feb15-Jul17, sold Sikorsky S76A 1981; 2 Life Rafts (X1+
760295 s-76a 1990     N76004: Sikorsky, to HKG-17
Hong Kong Government B-HZD: HKG-17, VR-HZD

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GKWT: CHC from Dec03

Mar14 Nicaragua
760303 s-76b 1985     N3124G: 15jun91 picture (bot) at Paris-LeBourget airshow as testbed +
760339 s-76b     N22QP: Sikorsky Nov/Dec 1994, to TC-HKN
- TC-HKN: Turkey
760355 s-76b 1989     N7689S: Sikorsky 2008-2010
- N36CD: USA Sep89, to N860D

Coulson Aircrane C-FIRW: Coulson from Aug10; Firewatch helicopter

Jan19 in Victoria, Australia for firefighting

Jul19 Firewatch with OCFA / UCSD WIFIRE program in Oran+
760359 s-76b 1989     N780B: Sikorsky Aug15-Jun16
- N780P: IBM Corp 1989-2015

- N780B: HP Aviation at Oldsmar, FL Aug16-Jan18

- N293PK: SPMK Helo Llc at Farmingdale, NY from Jan18
760425 s-76b 1994     N22QP: Sikorsky reser N7642S
    N7642S: Sikorsky from Aug03
    N760PV: Sikorsky from Mar12 f/f 26jul13; 29jul13 pictured as Matrix +
- N22CP: Pfizer Medical New York, noted Oct02; to N22QP
760479 s-76c 1997     N217MK: 2010 Sikorsky
- N701FS: Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE Nov17
760509 s-76c 2000     N966MK: 2010 Sikorsky
    N7679S: Sikorsky Fractional Sales Inc at Wappingers Falls, NY Aug12
760511 s-76c 1999     N51UT: United Technologies Corporation at East Granby, CT Jan01
760533 s-76c 2003     N2055H: S-76C+, to N76AF
- N76AF: Vulcan Aircraft at Seattle, WA from Feb04

- : Jul/Sep 2014, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2003 Collin Proline I+

Hevilift Aviation Indonesia PK-FUQ: Hevilift, Indonesia as of Mar16
760537 s-76c 2003     N5008M: S-76C+ type, Sikorsky Jan/Dec 2003

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTM: TAS canc Oct11

- PR-BGI: Brazil, from Nov11
760539 s-76c 2003     N2047L: Sikorsky toward PR-SED
Senior Taxi Aereo PR-SED: Senior Taxi Aereo, ex N2047L
760541 s-76c 2003     N102FH: Sikorsky Feb/Jun 2006
Senior Taxi Aereo PR-SEE: test serial N2045N

Senior Taxi Aereo
760542 s-76c 2003     N103FH: Sikorsky Feb/Jun 2006
Senior Taxi Aereo PR-SEF: S-76C+, test serial N2041J

Senior Taxi Aereo
760547 s-76c 2003     N20453: S-76C+; Sikorsky Aug03-Feb04
- ZS-RRX: South Africa Feb04-Jun09

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FUVS: CHC Jun09-Apr16

CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHS: CHC Cayman Islands from Apr16
760548 s-76c 2003     N2051J: S-76C+; Sikorsky Jul03-Feb04
- ZS-RRY: South Africa Feb04-Jun09

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FUVU: CHC Jun09-Mar16

CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHV: CHC Cayman Islands from Mar16

CHC Equatorial Guinea VP-CHV: CHC Equatorial Guinea at Malabo by Nov18
760549 s-76c 2003     N2053H: S-76C+; Wells Fargo Bank Jan/Jun 2004
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCD: Lider Taxi Aereo

Sep17-Mar19, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2003 ; Very well Maint+

- PR-LCD: Helicon Taxi Aereo Ltd, Paraná from Mar19
760554 s-76c 2003     N2039K: Sikorsky toward PR-LCA
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCA: Lider Taxi Aereo; S-76C+, ex N2039K
760560 s-76c 2004     N20383: S-76C+; Apr/Aug 2004; Air Logistics N867AL ntu, to Brazil
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCH: Lider Taxi Aereo, ex N20383
760561 s-76c 2004     N5008E: S-76C type, Sikorsky Apr/Aug 2004

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTZ: TAS from Sep04
760564 s-76c 2004     N70089: S-76C+
CFS Air N865AL: CFS Air Llc at Danbury, CT

- N865AL: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Wilmington, DE from Aug13

Bristow US N865AL: Bristow US by Dec18
760570 s-76c 2004     N7093W: S-76C+; Sikorsky Aug/Nov 2004
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRW: CHC Dec04-Jan05

CHC Nov/Dec 2011

CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BHF: CHC Nigeria 2005-2011

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGJ: BHS 2012
760573 s-76c 2004     N7096T: Sikorsky toward PR-LCK
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCK: Lider ex N7096T
760574 s-76c 2004     N7099J: S-76C+; Sikorsky Oct/Dec 2004
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRJ: CHC Jan/Apr 2005

CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BHP: CHC Nigeria 2005-2011

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRJ: CHC Jul11-Oct17

CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHU: CHC Cayman Islands from Oct17
760575 s-76c 2004     N7100C: Sikorsky, canc Jan05
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRE: CHC Feb05-May14

Atlantic Aviation 5N-BOL: Atlantic Aviation Jun14
760576 s-76c 2005     N7107J: S-76C+ type, to EC-JES
    N576ML: Wells Fargo Bank May/Aug 2005; pictured (top) at Sikorsky, r+

pictured (bot) with Xunta de Galicia Pesca y Asuntos Ma+

Local Government EC-JES: Xunta de Galicia Pesca y Asuntos Maritimos, SAR; 13apr1+
760577 s-76c     N7105N: S-76C+ type; Sikorsky Dec04-Apr05
SFS Aviation HS-SFC: SFS Aviation
760581 s-76c     N7113J: S-76C+; UT Finance Corp at East Hardford, CT Jan/Feb 2005
- XA-MJV: Helivan (Helicopteros y Vehiculos Aereos) Mexico 2005-2+

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GIRD: CHC May11-Apr12

- XA-UQS: Mexico 2012-2013

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GIRD: CHC Oct13-Sep14

Hevilift Aviation Indonesia PK-FUO: Hevilift, Indonesia as of Mar16
760583 s-76c 2005     N7110J: Sikorsky S-76C+ May/Sep 2005
Air Harrods Ltd G-FULM: Air Harrods Sep05-May16

- N584CC: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Wilmington, DE Jan17-May18

Chartright Air Inc C-FULM: Chartright Air Inc at Mississauga, ON from May18

Feb/Nov 2019, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2005 ; 2,229 total ho+
760585 s-76c 2005     N7109J: S-76C+; Sikorsky Mar06, to N7601S
    N7601S: Sikorsky Fractional Sales Inc at Wappingers Falls, NY Nov17
AAG Helicopters N7601S: Associated Aircraft Group
760589 s-76c     N7114J: S-76C+; Apr/Aug 2005
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRX: CHC Aug/Oct 2005

CHC from Nov11

22mar16 on a flat bed truck in Johannesburg, South Afri+

CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIE: CHC Nigeria 2005-2011
760590 s-76c 2005     N7113Z: S-76C+ type; Sikorsky May/Oct 2005
SFS Aviation HS-SFD: SFS Aviation
760592 s-76c 2005     N7118J: S-76C+ type; Sikorsky May/Oct 2005
SFS Aviation HS-SFE: Si Chang Flying Service Co. Ltd from Nov05; SFS Aviatio+

- HS-SFE: Aug15-Nov16, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2005; OGP Compliant ,+
760593 s-76c 2005     N7117S: S-76C+; Jun/Sep 2005
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRU: CHC Oct 2005 for Nigeria

CHC Jul11-Apr16

CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIJ: CHC Nigeria 2005-2011

CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHT: CHC Cayman Islands from Apr16
760600 s-76c 2005     N70936: S-76C+
- N734P: Banc Of America Leasing & Capital Llc at Lafayette, LA +

- N606S: Banc Of America Leasing & Capital Llc at Riverside, RI +

Nov16-Mar17, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 2005; 12 Passenger Int+

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FLFT: Canadian Helicopters Ltd from 28feb17
760602 s-76c 2005     N71078: S-76C+; Nov05-May06
CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIV: CHC Nigeria 2006-2009

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FGDO: CHC Feb09-Mar11

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGG: BHS 2010

- : at Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico from May18
760603 s-76c 2006     N71134: S-76C+
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHRI: CHC Helicopters Apr/Sep 2006

CHC Global Ops Jan10-Jul12

- D2-EVS: Angola 2006-2009, lsd CHC

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGO: BHS from Aug12
760607 s-76c 2005     N742P: S-76C-2; Sikorsky Dec05
CFS Air N742P: CFS Air 2006-Jul11

PHI Inc N742P: PHI Jul11-Sep19; PHI Aviation from Sep19
760616 s-76c 2006     N8093J: S-76C++; Sikorsky Jun06
J C Bamford Excavators Ltd G-XJCB: JC Bamford Excavators Ltd Jan07-Jan14

J C Bamford Excavators Ltd M-JCBC: JC Bamford Excavators Ltd from Jan14

17nov17 pictured at Oxford
760617 s-76c     N81189: S-76C++; Sikorsky
- N81189: RotorEnergy Co Llc at Wilmington, DE Jun/Sep 2006

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCR: Lider Taxi Aereo
760628 s-76c     N80601: S-76C++; Sikorsky
- N80601: RotorEnergy Co Llc at Wilmington, DE Sep/Dec 2006

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCO: Lider Taxi Aereo
760633 s-76c 2006     N80408: S-76C++ ; Sikorsky Sep06
- N80408: RotorEnergy Co Llc at Wilmington, DE Nov06-Feb07

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCQ: Lider Taxi Aereo
760646 s-76c 2007     N7667S: Sikorsky Fractional Sales Inc at Wappingers Falls, NY from O+
- N7667S: Keystone S-76C++; Keystone Helicopter Corp at Coastesvi+

Ambershore Llc at Wappingers Falls, NY Jul11-Aug17
760650 s-76c 2007     N4500N: S-76C++ type; Sikorsky Feb/Aug 2007
LG Electronics HL9294: LG Electronics South Korea Oct07; w/o 16nov13 collided+
760671 s-76c 2007     N769P: S-76C++
PHI Inc N769P: PHI from Aug17
760676 s-76c 2007     N7660S: Sikorsky Dec07-Nov10
- N794P: S-76C-2; to N7660S

AAG Helicopters N7660S: Lee James B at Wappingers Falls, NY from Nov10

Associated Aircraft Group
760677 s-76c 2007     N4514G: S-76C++
Bristow N883AL: Air Logistics / Bristow US Llc from Sep07
760680 s-76c 2007     N4510X: S-76C++
- VT-YUV: Futura Travels Ltd, India, lsd

- N760ST: Wells Fargo Bank Dec12-Sep13

National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-LAS: NHSL from Dec13
760685 s-76c 2007     N798P: S-76C-2; Sikorsky Jun07
PHI Inc N798P: PHI Inc Dec07-Jan17; PHI Air Medical from Jan17
760695 s-76c 2007     N2581X: S-76C++; Sikorsky from Dec07
- N312RG: Rencopter 312 Llc from from Mar08

- : Feb15-May16, sold Sikorsky S76C 2007. Arriel 2S2, Turbo+

- N250DV: Rdv Leasing Llc at Grand Rapids, MI Jun16
760696 s-76c     N2580E: S-76C++; Sikorsky Nov07
- M-ONTY: Trustair Ltd at Lancashire, UK from Oct08

04jul19 at Leuchars

11jul19 overflow Carrig na Bhear,Cork, Ireland
760702 s-76c 2008     N2582X: S-76C++; Sikorsky Dec07
- N2582X: RotorEnergy Co Llc at Wilmington, DE Apr/Jun 2008

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-SHL: Lider Taxi Aereo

Jan19 offshore transport from Vitoria Airport to Tubara+
760710 s-76c 2008     N2540D: S-76C++; Sikorsky toward D-HMGX
helijet charter ltd D-HMGX: HeliJet Charter ex N2540D

29aug11 visit Antwerp

5apr12 visit

20sep17 visit Antwerp

19aug18 at Frankfurt Egelsbach, Germany
760721 s-76c 2008     N2579Q: S-76C++
Air Logistics N884AL: Air Logistics Jul08-Feb10; PR-LDA ntu

Bristow US N884AL: Bristow US from Feb10
760752 s-76c 2008     N20539: S-76C++; Sikorsky Sep08-Oct09
Heli-Union F-HELB: Heli-Union Nov09-Feb13

Caverton 5N-BNV: Caverton Feb13-Sep16

Heli-Union F-HUEM: Heli Union from Sep16

- : Feb/Jul 2018, sold Sikorsky S76C++ 2008; configured f+
760786 s-76c     N20878: S-76C++; Sikorsky Jan09
Heli-Union F-GZAT: Heli-Union Nov10-Feb13

Caverton 5N-BNX: Caverton Feb13-Dec18

Heli-Union F-HUSJ: Heli-Union from Dec18
760788 s-76c 2010     N788Y: S-76C++; Sikorsky Apr/Sep 2010
Heli-Union F-GTNB: Heli-Union Nov10-Feb13

Caverton 5N-BNW: Caverton Feb13-Dec15

Heli-Union F-HUKL: Heli-Union from Dec15

- : Feb/Jul 2018, sold Sikorsky S76C++ 2010 ; configured fo+
760815 s-76c 2011     N815P: S-76C++; Sikorsky Mar11
Government of India VT-CMM: Maharashtra Gov; w/o 25may17 after take off at Nilanga,+
760817 s-76c 2011     N817Q: S-76C++
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OMR: Omni Taxi Aereo 2011-2015?, pictured

- PK-PDF: Indonesia by 2018
760820 s-76c 2011     N820G: S-76C++; Sikorsky Sep11-Feb12
Pelita Air Service PK-PUZ: PAS from 2012
760822 s-76c 2011     N822Y: S-76C++; Sikorsky Nov11-May12
Pelita Air Service PK-PUW: PAS from 2012
761001 s-76d 2009     N761D: Sikorsky f/f 07feb09
761002 s-76d 2010     N762D: Sikorsky 2010; Feb13 pictured (pic1) at Las Vegas for Heli-+
761003 s-76d 2011     N763DX: Sikorsky 2011
761004 s-76d     N764DD: Sikorsky 2015
    N476DH: Sikorsky; Sep16 pictured
- N800SG: Whirlybird Llc at Los Angeles, CA May18
761005 s-76d     N765G: Sikorsky, JA764D ntu
Japanese Coast Guard JA913A: Japan Coast Guard /MH913 Mar15
761006 s-76d 2012     N766R: Sikorsky
    N76UT: United Technologies From Jan13, VIP
761007 s-76d 2012     N767J: Sikorsky Apr11
761008 s-76d 2012     N768D: Sikorsky reg as Jan16; Sep19 still
761013 s-76d 2013     N553ZB: Sikorsky Commercial Inc at Trumbull, CT from Jul15
Bristow US N720BG: Bristow US from Jan14, test serial N7613J; First Bristo+

27feb14 pictured at Anaheim,CA Heli-Expo 2014

State of Montana N825ML: Minuteman Aviation at New Castle, DE from Aug18
761016 s-76d 2013     N553YB: Sikorsky Commercial Inc at Trumbull, CT from Oct15
Bristow US N722BG: Bristow US May13-Oct15, test serial N7616T; pictured
761019 s-76d 2013     N553XB: Sikorsky Commercial Inc at Trumbull, CT from Sep15
Bristow US N723BG: Bristow Jan14-Sep15, test serial N7619L; N703BC ntu
761022 s-76d 2013     N7622Q: Sikorsky from Oct12
Milestone Aviation N7622Q: Wells Fargo Bank from Jul13

Milestone 2014

Titan Helicopter Group N7622Q: THG from Dec14, offshore
761033 s-76d     N7633M: Sikorsky from Oct12
761037 s-76d 2013     N7637M: Sikorsky from Sep13; Wells Fargo Bank from Feb14
- : Mar17-May18, sold Sikorsky S76D 2014; pictured(pic3); +

- N36RP: Mirasol Sky Llc at Richardson, TX from Aug18; conv fro+
761047 s-76d 2013     N7647F: Sikorsky Sep13 Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Apr14
National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-RKD: NHSL from Feb15
761049 s-76d 2014     N7649Y: Sikorsky Sep13-May14
State of Utah N7649Y: Bank of Utah Trustee from Sep14

- N7649Y: Apr/Oct 2016, sold Sikorsky S76D 2013; Factory New Airc+
85 C/N.