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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    4688 206b-3 2010     PR-HBB: Helisul from Jun11
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GEAV: Bell Canada Jan/Jul 2010, test serial C-FOFG

    Bell Helicopter N409GP: Bell Jul/Oct 2010

    - PR-HBB: Avalon Taxi Aereo Ltda (?); w/o at Joinville, Santa+
    52386 206l-4 2008     PR-HEB: Helisul, Bell serial N325PB Sep08-Feb09
    52415 206l-4 2010     PR-HMA: Helisul, Bell serial N396HA Feb/Aug 2010
    4686 206b-3 2010     PR-HPB: Helisul, Bell serial N141BH Nov09-Oct10
    52382 206l-4     PR-HSU: Helisul; ex N325TB
    1031 206b-2     PT-HEO: Helisul
    4298 206b-3 1994     PT-HGB: Helisul, test serial C-FRIN
    - PT-HGB: Yapo Aerotaxi Ltda, Curitiba, lsd Helisul
    4171 206b-3     PT-HOY: Helisul
    2953 206b-3     PT-HSN: Helisul; ex TG-BEZ
    3449 206b-3     PT-HTC: Helisul; ex N2113Z
    1399 206b-2     PT-HTU: canc Apr12
    Brazilian Navy N-7033: Marinha UH-6 type d/d Aug74, reser N-5035

    Brazilian Navy N-5035: Marinha IH-6A type; 1986 to PT-HTU
    4045 206b-3     PT-HUR: Helisul
    3481 206b-3 1981     PT-YAP: Helisul
    Bell Helicopter N2156Z: Bell Helicopter

    - N215BG: Helicopter Aviation Services at Mt.Pleasant, PA Nov93-M+

    Brazilian Military Police PT-YAP: Policia Militar de Minas Gerais (PMMG) Mar08; 2014 stil+
    52198 206l-4 1997     PT-YEL: Helisul, Bell serial N6592X Aug97-Feb98