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Fifth AS350 B3 to Phoenix Police, 18-Nov-10 : Grand Prairie, Texas – American Eurocopter announced that it has delivered another AS350 B3 to the Phoenix Police Department’s Air Support unit. This is the fifth AS350 B3 in the unit’s fleet of helicopters that has grown to meet the needs of its citizens and its expanding coverage area.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2005/    PHXPD Phoenix Deer Valley
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

4529 as350b3 2008     N350LF: Air Methods
Eurocopter USA N579AM: American Eurocopter Mar08
4236 as350b3 2007     N350MV: Air Methods 2013
CFS Air N350MV: Cfs Air Llc Oct07-Dec12

Eurocopter USA N2920: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter

Air Methods N350MV: Air Methods from Jan13

State of Idaho N350MV: Air Idaho Rescue; 28jul19 as /Air4 at new base in Salm+
9015 as350b2 2000     N350R: Native Air
3782 as350b3 2004     N351FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Dec04; 06nov10 pictured at Phoen+
3920 as350b3 2005     N352FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Jul05; 09sep10 pictured as /Fire+
3926 as350b3 2005     N353FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Jul05; 16feb12 pictured as /Fire+
4919 as350b3 2010     N357FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from May10; 02dec10 pictured as /Fire+
4660 as350b3 2009     N359FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) from Nov09; 06nov10 pictured as /Fire+
3806 as350b2 2004     N41299: Native Air, noted 2005-2008
Eurocopter USA N161AE: American Eurocopter, to N41299

Air Methods N41299: Air Methods from May12; Charleston, SC /Lifenet7
4180 as350b3 2006     N418TY: Native Air; 01oct13 pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ
4204 as350b3 2007     N4204: Native Air; 23jun15 pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ
CFS Air N4204: CFS Air Jul07-Jan13

Air Methods N4204: Air Methods from Feb13
4282 as350b3 2007     N4282: Native Air
4620 as350b3     N533AM: Native Air; 19oct13 pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ
Air Methods N533AM: Air Methods from Oct09
4178 as350b3 2006     N54178: Native Air; 19aug13 pictured (pic2) at Phoenix Deer Valley, +
Omniflight N54178: Omniflight 2007

Air Methods N54178: Native Air/Air Methods; Banner Del E.Webb Medical Cente+
4231 as350b3 2007     N545AM: Native Air by Jun17, op by Air Methods, pictured (pic1)
Air Methods N545AM: AS350B3+; Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee from Mar07; Air M+

- N545AM: Jun/Sep 2017, sold Eurocopter AS350B-3 (2B1) 2007
4613 as350b3 2008     N574AM: Native Air, op by Air Methods ; 04dec12 pictured (pic1) at P+
Air Methods N574AM: AS350B3+; Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Oct08-J+

Air Methods from Dec17

State of Idaho N574AM: Air Idaho Rescue, op by Air Methods; 01aug19 as /Air5 p+
7258 as350b3e 2012     N599SD: PCSD; Sep12 pictured (pic2) in unveil ceremony
Eurocopter USA N600RS: American Eurocopter Oct11, reser N502EX

Eurocopter USA N502EX: American Eurocopter for PCSD d/d March 2012; pictured (+
4317 as350b3 2007     N74317: Native Air from 2013 /Native5, op by Air Methods
Eurocopter USA N74317: American Eurocopter, AS350B3+ type

Omniflight N74317: OmniFlight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX Mar/May 2008

CFS Air N74317: CFS Air at Danbury, CT May08-Mar13

Air Methods N74317: Air Methods from Apr13
4231 as350b3 2007     N808SA: Sunrise Air Ambulance at Show Low, AZ from Apr18, pictured (+
Air Methods N545AM: AS350B3+; Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee from Mar07; Air M+

- N545AM: Jun/Sep 2017, sold Eurocopter AS350B-3 (2B1) 2007
7015 as350b3 2010     N810LF: Native Air; Jul17 Lubbock Preston Smith International Airpor+
Eurocopter USA N381AM: AS350B3+; American Eurocopter Jul10

Life Flight N810LF: Life Flight Network by Jun12
3144 as350b3 1998     N827NA: Native Air /4; 09jun12 pictured departing after a fuel stop +
7474 as350b3e 2012     N854MB: AeroCare Medical Transport by Aug17, op by AMRG, pictured (p+
Eurocopter USA N854MB: American Eurocopter Aug12

Guardian Flight N854MB: AMRG Guardian Flight at South Jordan, UT Jan13-Apr18

State of Hawaii N854MB: Hawaii Life Flight, op by AMRG by 2017?, pictured (pic+

State of New Mexico N854MB: Air Evac EMS Inc at O Fallon, Mi Apr/Aug 2018; Gallup M+

State of California N854MB: Reach Air Medical Services Llc at Santa Rosa, CA from A+

15jan19 asg REACH Air Medical Services (R24) Belgrade, +

Jul19 as /REACH 24 pictured (pic3) in the Pipestone OHV+
7615 as350b3e 2013     N857MB: AeroCare Medical Transport by Dec17, op by AMRG, pictured
Eurocopter USA N857MB: American Eurocopter May13

Guardian Flight N857MB: AMRG Guardian Flight at South Jordan, UT from Dec13
7771 as350b3e 2013     N862MB: Arizona LifeLine; 10mar19 as /4 pictured at Picacho Peak, op+
Eurocopter USA N862MB: American Eurocopter Nov13

Guardian Flight N862MB: Guardian Flight at South Jordan, UT Mar14-Sep18

Med Trans Corp N862MB: Med Trans from Sep18
2904 as350b2 1996     N894NA: Native Air; NextCare ambulance by 2012
Roberts Aircraft Company N894NA: Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY from Nov02

Trans Aero Helicopter Services N894NA: Trans Aero Helicopter Services; 01oct18 hard landing at+
3233 as350b3 1999     N911MT: Sunrise Air Ambulance at Show Low, AZ from Dec16; Aug17? pic+
Eurocopter USA N5225Y: American Eurocopter

State of Montana N911MT: St Patrick Hospital Corp at Missoula, MT Jan00-Dec16

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