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    31154 1980     OY-HCT: Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1981; w/o 01mar93 at Innars+
    31155 1980     OY-HCU: Grønlandsfly 1981-1997, to Spain
Helicsa EC-GLS: Helicsa 1997-2009, , ex EC-367; op for Valencia Gov; 28+
    31159 1980     OY-HCV: Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1981; w/o 04jan91 at Ummana+
    31166 1980     OY-HCY: Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1981
    31173 1981     OY-HDG: Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1984; w/o 30nov89 at Lake F+
- ZS-SBB: to N3901B

- N3901B: canc May84
    31142 1980     OY-HDM: Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1991
- N5754S: to OY-HDM
    31136 1980     OY-HDN: Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1987
- N5752K: to OY-HDN
    30572 1973     OY-HGY: OY-HMD ntu; Air Greenland OY-HGY from 2008
Helikopter Service LN-OQG: Helikopter Service, Bell serial N58024

osterman helikopter SE-JCF: Osterman 1994, rtn LN-OQG

Gobierno de Canarias EC-GVP: Gob Canarias, emergencias, noted 2002

Helicsa EC-GVP: Helicsa, ex LN-OQG, noted 2006, to OY-HGY
    30686 1975     OY-HMB: Air Greenland, noted 2009
Maersk Air OY-HMB: Maersk Air, noted 1978, ex LN-OSR

Atlantic Airways OY-HMB: Atlantic Airways, noted 2003, 2008
    31125 1979     OY-HMD: Grønlandsfly/Air Greenland from 1993
Maersk Air OY-HMD: Maersk Air from 1980, LN-ORI ntu
    30573 1973     OY-HUC: Air Greenland from 2010
German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HAJO: BGS/BPol 1974-2010

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