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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    wa 642 has.1 1969     XV654: MoD; type:HAS.6 NARO./R-018 ex 820Sqn.
    Royal Navy XV654: f/f 9 Dec 1969; d/d 5 Jan 1970 as HAS.1; 824Sq/050-R F+


    825Sq/85 landed on mv Atlantic Causeway evening of 13 M+

    Conv to HAS.5; 706Sq/588 by 1986; 820Sq/018-R by 1988 s+

    18-22mar88 type:HAS.5 820Sqn./R-018 embarked HMS Ark Ro+

    Conversion to HAS.6 at Fleetlands from Aug 1990 until c+

    819 NAS / 705 by Nov 1991

    21 Jul 1993 crashed at Prestwick while with 819 NAS / 7+

    to A2698 SFDO Culdrose; wreck /705 to AESS HMS Sultan b+

    27jul10 pictured (pic1) with the RN School of Flight De+

    To Predannack by Nov 2014

    pictured (pic2) rotorless at Predannack with SFDO / 05+
    wa 927 hc.4     ZB506: 1994 MoD Defence Research Agency ( DRA )
    QinetiQ ZB506: QinetiQ, conv to Mk.4X type; 23 noted

    pictured at RNAS Yeovilton
    wa 928 hc.4 1982     ZB507: f/f 19 Jan 1983 as Mk.4X to RAE/DRA/DERA Farnborough by 1986+
    Royal Navy ZB507: After conversion from Mk.4X at Fleetlands by Jun 1998, +

    RN; jul00 848Sqn./ZN

    23 848Sqn./ZN

    848 NAS/WN noted in Hangar 10 at RNAS Yeovilton

    2007 846Sqn./F

    846Sq /F aboard HMS Bulwark during Navy Days 2009

    23 pictured as 848Sqd /F at the RNAS Yeovilton airshow
    wa 960 hc.4 1986     ZF115: MoD; 1990 A&AEE; 1992 A&AEE
    Her Majesty's Government ZF115: Sea King HC.4X A&AEE; 26jul93 pictured (pic1) at RNAS P+

    Royal Navy ZF115: 02apr09 return to service; jul09 848Sqn./R winter camou+

    2009 pictured (pic2) as /R in 40th anniversary marks an+

    pictured (pic3) still complete and in Artic stripes +
    wa 996 hc.4 1989     ZG829: MoD; 1990 ETPS; jul91 ETPS
    Royal Navy ZG829: Sea King Mk4X; Empire Test Pilots School, Boscombe Down