Eurocopter EC135T1
germany Heeresflieger

German Army Aviation

Del'd: 15 - 2000 to present

Heeresflieger EC135T1

Schulungshubschrauber (training helicopters, SHS) used at the International Helicopter Training Center of the Bundeswehr in Bückeburg

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90,000 Flight Hours for Bundeswehr EC135 SHS, 27-Oct-16 : The EC135 (SHS) training helicopter fleet of the German Armed Forces reached 90,000 flight hours since introduction in 2001

Bundeswehr EC135 Training Extended to 2022, 15-Dec-14 : Support contract to maintain, overhaul and ensure the availability of the German Army Aviation School fleet of EC135 training helicopters signed in 2005 is extended until 2022


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2001/    HFWS Celle-Wietzenbruch

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    0119     82 65: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTL: Eurocopter, to 82+65
    0076 2000     82+51: D-HECH for Eurocopter Germany, delivered to Heeresflieger-W+
Eurocopter Germany D-HECH: Eurocopter toward 82+51
    0093 2000     82+52: D-HECA Eurocopter Germany, jan 2001 to HflgWas (AAS) Bückeb+
Eurocopter Germany D-HECA: Eurocopter Germany; to D-HWTB, HEER 82+52
    0098 2000     82+53: Eurocopter Germany, jan 2001 to HflgWas (AAS) Bückeburg
    0099     82+54: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HGBN: Eurocopter toward 82+54
    0102     82+55: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HKHS: Eurocopter toward 82+55
    0104     82+56: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTC: Eurocopter toward 82+56
    0106     82+57: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTD: Eurocopter, to HEER 82+57
    0108     82+58: HEER w/o 03mar05
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTE: Eurocopter toward 82 58
    0110     82+59: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTF: Eurocopter toward 82+59
    0111     82+60: HEER; June 2006 pictured with HFWS at Celle-Wietzenbruch, Bu+
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTG: Eurocopter toward 82+60
    0113     82+61: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTH: Eurocopter toward 82+61
    0114 2001     82+62: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTI: Eurocopter toward 82+62
    0116     82+63: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTJ: Eurocopter toward 82+63
    0117     82+64: HEER
Eurocopter Germany D-HWTK: Eurocopter toward 82+64

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