Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil
usa PHI Inc

1992 to present

PHI Inc AS350 Ecureuil

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
PHI Air Medical Oak Bend Medical Center Heliport
Medical Center of Plano Heliport
Queen Anne ER Heliport
PHI Offshore Phi Harahan Heliport
Amelia Heliport
Phi Fourchon Base Heliport
Sabine Pass PHi
Port OConnor PHI Heliport
Theodore PHI Heliport
PHI Intracoastal City Heliport

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

2653 as350b2 1992     N974AE: PHI Oct94
- N350BZ: USA, to N974AE

- ZK-HTB: New Zealand Jan/Feb 2012

- ZK-HOT: The Alpine Group Ltd at Wanaka from Feb12
2777 as350b2 1993     N975AE: PHI Air Medical Oct94-2013, ex N6095S
The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HRV: The Helicopter Line Ltd, New Zealand from Jan14

pictured recovering to Glentanner heliport, beside Lak+
2873 as350b2 1995     N732AE: PHI Jan96-Dec11
- N732AE: Air Evac Services Inc, noted Dec03

Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-GVWB: Aurora Helicopters from May12
2907 as350b2 1995     N4031L: PHI from Sep96
National Science Foundation N4031L: National Science Foundation op by PHi; picture near Mc+
2918 as350b2 1996     N4034Q: PHI op for the National Science Foundation in Antarctica
National Science Foundation N4034Q: National Science Foundation at McMurdo, Antarctica op b+

- N4034Q: Air Resources Helicopters at Santa Ana, CA Jun01-Feb04

Highland Helicopters C-GHHV: Highland Helicopters Ltd from Apr04
2919 as350b2 1996     N4036H: PHi from Sep96
National Science Foundation N4036H: NSF, op by PHI; National Science Foundation titles, red+
3004 as350b2 1997     N40466: Phi 1997-2002, reser N945AE
    N945AE: Phi May02-Apr14
The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HSO: The Helicopter Line Ltd at Queenstown, NZ from Sep14
3229 as350b3 1999     N973AE: PHI from Jul02; PHI Air Medical Jul16
Eurocopter Canada C-GFIH: Eurocopter Canada Aug/Oct 1999

Eurocopter USA N973AE: American Eurocopter 2000
3230 as350b3 1999     N971AE: PHi Jul02; Air Evac Services Inc at Meza, Arizona; w/o 14dec+
3234 as350b3 1999     N972AE: Phi Inc from Jul02; Jul14 as /Air Evac 8, San Tan Valley, AZ
3235 as350b3 1999     N970AE: PHI Air Medical
3351 as350b2 2000     N855PH: PHI Dec00-Mar01; N955AE ntu
    N946AE: PHI Mar01-Dec13
The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HTD: The Helicopter Line Ltd from Jan14
3352 as350b2 2000     N856PH: PHI ?, to N956AE
    N956AE: PHI Mar01
- C-GLMQ: 6878687 Canada inc at Plantagenet, ON Feb13-Aug14

Héli-Boréal Inc at Sept-Iles, QC from Aug14

Hélicoptères Transit Ltée at Val DOr, QC Dec14-Jul17

Héli-Boréal Inc at Sept-Iles, QC from Aug17
3687 as350b3 2003     N498AE: PHI Air Medical
3690 as350b3 2003     N350LG: PHI Air Medical Sep03-Dec16
    N354P: PHI Air Medical from Jan17
Eurocopter USA N499AE: American Eurocopter, to N350LG

State of New Mexico N350LG: Lifeguard A.E.S. New Mexico (UNM HSC), red livery, not+

PHI Air Medical; pictured (pic2) as /PhiMed54 landing +
3722 as350b3 2003     N351LG: PHi Air Medical from Sep03, test serial N580AE;
    N353P: PHI Air Medical from Dec16
State of New Mexico N351LG: University of New Mexico Lifeguard A.E.S (UNM HSC) in +

29jan05 crash at Pilar, NM. According NTSB report im+

31dec05 noted almost new and now with PHi livery at Kir+
3730 as350b3 2003     N587AE: Phi Inc from Jan04; Air Evac Services
Eurocopter USA N587AE: American Eurocopter
3733 as350b3 2003     N590AE: Phi Air Medical from Jan04
Air Evac Lifeteam N590AE: Air Evac 7 op by Phi
3736 as350b3 2003     N585AE: PHi Inc from Mar04
Air Evac Lifeteam N585AE: Air Evac
3777 as350b3 2004     N352LG: PHI Air Medical from Apr04
    N341P: PHI Air Medical from Jan17
Eurocopter USA N142AE: American Eurocopter, to N352LG
3814 as350b3 2004     N151AE: Phi from Aug04; Jul14 PHI med 4-2, Lake Amador LZ
3829 as350b3 2004     N153AE: PHI Air Medical from Sep04
3885 as350b2 2004     N353P: PHI Apr05-Mar14
Eurocopter USA N194AE: American Eurocopter, to N353P

The Helicopter Line Ltd ZK-HYO: Helicopter Line Ltd, New Zealand from Apr14, op by Harr+
3886 as350b2 2004     N354P: Phi Apr05-?
Eurocopter USA N196AE: American Eurocopter

- ZK-HYY: w/o 27sep10 Mount Ajax, New Zealand
7627 as350b3e 2013     N389P: PHI from Feb14; PHI Air Medical from Jul16
Eurocopter USA N553AE: American Eurocopter May13
7638 as350b3e 2013     N386P: PHi Air Medical Feb14
Eurocopter USA N547AE: American Eurocopter May13
7662 as350b3e 2013     N392P: PHi Air Medical from Oct13; Air Evac 6 d/d Mar14
Eurocopter USA N573AE: American Eurocopter
7669 as350b3e 2013     N393P: PHI Air Medical from Mar14
Eurocopter USA N575AE: American Eurocopter from Dec13
7694 as350b3e 2013     N394P: PHI from Apr14; PHI Air Medical from Jul16
Eurocopter USA N576AE: American Eurocopter Jul13
7698 as350b3e 2013     N395P: PHI Air Medical from Dec13
Eurocopter USA N577AE: American Eurocopter

State of New Mexico N395P: University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM HS+
7795 as350b3e 2013     N397P: PHI Air Medical from Jun14
Airbus Helicopters USA N764AE: American Eurocopter Dec13; Airbus Helicopter Feb/Jun 20+
31 C/N.

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