Agusta AB206C-1
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Albanian Air Force

Del'd: 7 - 2002 to present

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9044     601: Albania, ex MM80612
Italian Army  Aviation MM80612: Esercito E.I.551; toward Albania 601
9003     602: Albania, ex MM80580
Italian Army  Aviation MM80580: Esercito E.I.519; toward Albania 602
9120     603: Albania, ex MM80642
Italian Army  Aviation MM80642: Esercito E.I.581; toward Albania 603
9138     604: Albania, ex MM80896
Italian Army  Aviation MM80896: Esercito E.I.628; toward Albania 604
9031     605: Albania, ex MM80601
Italian Army  Aviation MM80601: Esercito E.I.540; toward Albania 605
9026     606: Albania, ex MM80596
Italian Army  Aviation MM80596: Esercito E.I.535; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 48GrSqd.; to+
9122     607: Albania, ex MM80883
Italian Army  Aviation MM80883: Esercito E.I.615; toward Albania 607