Eurocopter EC135
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0041 ec135t1     F-GLOR: Proteus Helicopters Apr98-Feb06
Austrian air rescue F-GLOR: ÖAMTC Jan03-Feb06, lsd

Mont Blanc Helicopteres F-GLOR: Mont Blanc Helicoptères from Feb06

emergency medical assistance service F-GLOR: SAMU op by Mont Blanc Helicoptères
1011 ec135t2+ 2011     F-HBOI: Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd, Ireland from Mar16 INAER Fran+
Eurocopter Germany D-HCBI: Eurocopter Germany, to 4K-AZ91

Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ91: AZAL,Silk Way EMS 2011-Apr14

AgustaWestland Italy F-HBOI: AgustaWestland Jul14-Mar16

emergency medical assistance service F-HBOI: SAMU from Mar16, op by INAER France; pictured at Perpi+
0664 ec135t2+ 2008     F-HBTN: Irish Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd at Dublin from Mar16; Babcock+
Eurocopter UK G-HBOB: Eurocopter UK Apr/Jul 2008

Bond Aviation Group G-HBOB: Bond Air Services Jul08-Oct15; Air Ambulance

UK Air Ambulances G-HBOB: Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance (TVACAA) from+

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance ((HIOWAA) ); 0+

completed 14,000 mission

emergency medical assistance service F-HBTN: SAMU from 2016, op by Babcock
0691 ec135p2+ 2009     F-HCHL: Iris Helicopter Leasing Ltd, Ireland from Feb15
- YR-RYC: Corsarul Rosu Air, Romania, test serial D-HTSH

Aug12 at Tulcea, Romania

Mar/Nov 2014 for sale Eurocopter EC135P2i 2008, Dual IF+

emergency medical assistance service F-HCHL: SAMU 21, op by Babcock
0836 ec135t2+ 2010     F-HCHT: INAER France from Apr11; Babcock Mission Critical Services F+
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSA: Eurocopter Germany Jul10-Apr11 , Albacete test serial +

emergency medical assistance service F-HCHT: SAMU, op by Babock; 29oct16 pictured at Perpignan
0418 ec135p2 2005     F-HENG: INAER France from Aug15
Copterline OH-HCO: Copterline 2005-2015


Scandinavian AirAmbulance OH-HCO: Scandinavian MediCopter, lsd 2011

emergency medical assistance service F-HENG: SAMU, op by INAER France; pictured at Perpignan
0272 ec135t2 2003     F-HINR: INAER France from Apr11, for SAMU
CoyotAir EC-ION: CoyotAir Jul03-Mar11; ambulance for SACYL (Salud de la +

emergency medical assistance service F-HINR: SAMU from 2011, op by INAER

25jun17 pictured at Perpignan
0347 ec135t2 2004     F-HMGI: Babcock MCS France from Mar19, for SAMU
McAlpine Helicopters G-EWRT: McAlpine Dec04-Feb05, test serial D-HECF

- G-EWRT: private Feb05-Aug07

Eurocopter UK G-EWRT: Eurocopter UK Aug07-Mar09, conv to EC135T2+

- TC-HJF: Turkey from Apr09

Apr/Jul 2014 for sale Eurocopter EC-135-T2 2004 - IFR A+

- F-HMGI: Iris Helicopter Leasing Ltd at Dublin, Ireland Oct14-Ma+

emergency medical assistance service F-HMGI: SAMU37, op by Babcock
0419 ec135p2 2005     F-HOCN: INAER France from Jul15
Copterline OH-HCP: Copterline 2005-2015

0441 ec135p2 2005     F-HOMG: INAER France from Nov15; Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd, Dubl+
SHT OH-HMV: SHT 2006-2013, SE-JID ntu

Eurocopter Germany D-HAAZ: Eurocopter Germany May/Jun 2013, conv to P2+

emergency medical assistance service F-HOMG: SAMU, SMUR Heliporte Region PACA, op by INAER, noted 2+

HELISMUR /SAMU49 pays de la loire ( angers) from Jul19+

pictured (pic1)
0438 ec135p2 2005     F-HORG: Nova SN 275 SAS Jun13-Nov15
SHT OH-HMI: SHT 2005-2013

Eurocopter Germany D-HAAS: Eurocopter Germany May/Jun 2013, conv to P2+
0165 ec135p1 2000     F-HORL: Iris Helicopter Leasing; INAER France from Oct14
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSL: Eurocopter Germany, test serial D-HECN

Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation LN-OOB: Norsk Luftambulanse, to D-HECB

Eurocopter Germany D-HSLE: Eurocopter Germany 2008, Conv to EC135P2+

Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd VH-WKK: Helicopters Australia, noted 2008-2012

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GNZV: Canadian Helicopters Feb/May 2014

Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HAAW: Airbus Helicopters Germany Jul/Jul 2014
0415 ec135p2 2005     F-HSEI: INAER France from Jun15
Copterline OH-HCN: Copterline 2005-2015


Scandinavian AirAmbulance OH-HCN: Scandinavian Air Ambulance, lsd 2011

emergency medical assistance service F-HSEI: SAMU, op by INAER France/Babcock; pictured at Perpigna+
0311 ec135t2 2003     F-HSGE: Iris Helicopter Leasing Ltd at Dublin from Nov14; INAER Fran+
McAlpine Helicopters G-FEES: McAlpine Dec03-Jul04

- G-FEES: Cairnsilver Ltd Jul04-Aug08

Eurocopter UK G-FEES: Eurocopter UK Aug/Oct 2008

Kocoglu Aviation TC-HJA: Koçoğlu Aviation Oct08-2014 Turkish Ministry of Healt+

Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJA: Turkish Ministry of Health 2008-2014

emergency medical assistance service F-HSGE: SAMU /89, op by INAER/Babcock from 2014

pictured in route to Spain during refuel stop at Per+
1010 ec135t2+ 2011     F-HTIN: Iris Helicopter Leasing, Ireland from Mar16; Babcock Mission+
Eurocopter Germany D-HCBH: Eurocopter Germany, to 4K-AZ90

Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ90: AZAL, Silk Way EMS 2011-2014

UK Air Ambulances G-CIDJ: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) May1+

AgustaWestland Italy F-HTIN: AgustaWestland Oct15-Mar16
0630 ec135t2+ 2008     F-HTPI: Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd at Dublin, Ireland 29Dec15
- M-YCHT: Longbay Limited, Isle of Man Mar08-Aug09, test serial D+

Kocoglu Aviation TC-HJS: Koçoğlu Havacılık Aug09-2015; Ambulance, ,pictured+

Mar/Aug 2015 for sale Eurocopter EC-135-T2 2008

Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJS: Turkish Ministry of Health 2009-2015, op by Koçoğlu H+

emergency medical assistance service F-HTPI: SAMU by 2016, op by Babcock MCS France

pictured (pic2) as SAMU21 CHU Dijon Bourgogne during Co+
0125 ec135p1     F-HTRS: Iris Helicopter Leasing; INAER France from Oct14
Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation LN-OOA: Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 18may00, test serial D-HECF

Eurocopter Germany D-HECY: Eurocopter Germany, EC135P2 type

Eurocopter Germany D-HECB: Eurocopter Germany, EC135P2+ type

Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd VH-WKJ: Helicopters Australia, noted 2009-2010

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GNZH: Canadian Helicopters Feb/May 2014, EC135P2+ type

Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HAAV: Airbus Helicopters Germany Jun/Jul 2014

emergency medical assistance service F-HTRS: pictured as /SAMU 11 Languedoc Roussillon at Perpignan
0583 ec135p2+     F-HZAP: Babcock MSC France from Sep15
- YR-CPC: SC C&I Corp SRL, Romania Jan08-2015