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1999 to present

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    LN102 2006     N103CG: MD Helicopters from Jun06
State of California N103CG: City of Glendale from Jan07

City of Burbank from Oct08; Burbank and Glendale Police+
    LN014     N16113: MD Helicopters, to N317PC
- N317PC: to XA-TQB

- XA-TQB: Mexico, to N18GH

- N18GH: Kabrit Llc at Salt Lake City, UT from Apr11; w/o 11aug1+
    RN077 md600n 2008     N4007A: MD Helicopters Apr09
- RP-C8998: Philippines
    RN082 md600n 2013     N4205W: MD Helicopters Jan13
- N4205W: FMS Contracting Command at Redstone Arsenal, AL Aug14

Ministry of Public Security MSP008: Costa Rica Police
    RN078 md600n 2010     N42824: MD Helicopters Mar10
- N42824: Antonov Group FZE at Windermere, FL Feb11-May12

Meghna Aviation S2-AFZ: Meghna Group, Bangladesh; w/o 12feb13 hit a tree at N+
    RN079 md600n 2011     N4289Z: MD Helicopters Jan12
- PR-CDP: Conduspar Condutores Eletricos Ltda, Brasil from 12jan1+

- N555MS: Vertical Carriage Llc at Dover, DE from Jul16

27sep17 pictured at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017
    RN080 md600n 2011     N4291N: MD Helicopters Jan12
- RP-C2233: Philippines
    RN081 md600n 2012     N4298P: MD Helicopters Oct10
- N4298P: FMS Contracting Command at Redstone Arsenal, AL Aug1+

Ministry of Public Security MSP007: Costa Rica Police
    LN110 2013     N4315W: MD Helicopters Oct10
- N977WF: Forest View Helicopters at Warren, PA from Feb14

06mar15 pictured at HeliExpo 2015, Orlando, FL
    LN020 1992     N5200R: MD Helicopters
Eastern Atlantic Helicopters N8330F: Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE 2005+

- G-SMAC: MAC Helicopters Dec05-Jan08; Puddleduck Plane Partnersh+

PJ Helicopters N512PJ: Helibro Llc at Red Bluff, CA from Jun10; PJ Helicopters
    LN029 1991     N5201J: MD Helicopters
State of California N520HB: Huntington Beach Police (HBPD), CA

- N520HB: J W General Contractors Co Inc at Weston, MA Oct07-Mar+

Dream Flight Llc at Swampscott, MA from Apr16
    LN112 2015     N520VC: MD Helicopters from Feb15
State of Florida N520VC: Volusia County Mosquito Control from Aug15; pictured on+
    LN019 1992     N52110: MD Helicopters 1992
- C-FMYX: Heli-Max Ltd at Trois-Rivieres, QC Jun92-Feb06

Héli-Transport Inc at Trois-Rivières, QC Feb06-Dec10

Heliventures New Zealand Ltd ZK-HEN: Heliventures, NZ from Feb11

08nov16 pictured at Oamaru airport, configured for crop+
    LN044     N52184: MD Helicopters
Chop Air TG-DIS: Chop Air, to be confirmed

Aero Peace HL9135: Aero Peace, South Korea, by 2017
    LN056     N5223Y: MD Helicopters Sep93
- N520SG: Gilbert Development Corp at Cedar City, Utah from Oc93

State of Kentucky N510AP: Louisville Metro Police Dept (LMPD) Nov05-Feb08

- N522GS: Hyak Aviation at Mercer Island, WA Jun08-May12

V & A Aviation at Pacific Palisades, CA May12-Dec14

- N769KB: S.O.F. Air Inc at Medford, OR from Dec14
    RN043 md600n 1998     N600MH: MD Helicopters, to N643S
- N3243N: to N600MH

- N643S: private at OK, canc Jun04

- RA-3264K: Russia, to RF-00600

- RF-00600: to N416M

- N416M: JRCC Aviation at Lewes, DE from Dec12; 01feb15 picture+
    RN083 md600n     N60683: MD Helicopters Oct14
    LN111 2014     N6071T: MD Helicopters May14
State of California N520PD: Burbank and Glendale Police Joint Air Support Unit from+
    LN096 2001     N7015Z: MD Helicopters
State of California N522HB: Huntington Beach Police (HBPD), CA
    LN094     N70241: MD Helicopters Feb/May 2001
- PP-MDD: 18sep14 pictured at Aeroporto Campo de Marte
    RN055 md600n 2000     N70415: MD Helicopters, to B-2118
- B-2118: Guangdong General Aviation Company China; 2000 to 2007;+

Fly 4 Less HA-FLY: flew in 2006/2007 for FLY 4 LESS to D-HHWR

- D-HHWR: Sky Heli GbR; w/o 28dec10 near Jena
    LN095 2001     N7051F: MD Helicopters 2001
State of Kentucky N200KG: Jefferson County Police Dept from Mar02

State of Kentucky N520AP: Louisville Metro Police Dept (LMPD) from 02aug06

Aug06 damaged in hard landing out of service until Apr0+

- N520AP: 29feb16 pictured at Bowman Field Louisville KY.
    RN075 md600n 2008     N9053T: MD Helicopters Oct08
Helisul Taxi Aereo PR-HSL: Helisul Taxi Aereo 2008-2010

- PR-HSL: Brazil private Dec10
    RN076 md600n 2008     N9058K: MD Helicopters Oct08
- YVO159: Venezuela from 2008
    RN071 md600n 2007     N91288: MD Helicopters May08
- PR-YCJ: Arizona Taxi Aereo Ltda, Brazil from Jun08
    LN070 1995     N91970: MD Helicopters, to N953SD
State of California N953SD: LASD May95-2004

Oceania Aviation Ltd ZK-ITX: Oceania Aviation, noted Apr05

Rangitikei Helicopters ZK-ITX: Rangitikei Helicopters ITX from Apr05
    LN085 1998     N9212U: MD Helicopters
State of California N102CG: Glendale Police Dept, Jun06

City of Burbank from Oct08; Burbank and Glendale Police+

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