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    RN025 1998     N602BP: CBP
- N602BP: Classic Rotors Museum at Ramona, CA from Sep11
    RN029     N603BP: CBP from Dec98
State of Alabama N2638S: Dale County Sheriffs Office (DCSO) from Feb12; 11feb12 +
    RN032 1998     N604BP: CBP
- VH-EPJ: Rotor Force Australia Pty Ltd at Woodford, QLD from Apr+
    RN034 1998     N605BP: CBP
- N605BP: US Customs and Border Protection from 1998; 2011 tran+

- VH-EPY: Rotor Force Australia Pty Ltd at Woodford, QLD from Apr+
    RN035 1998     N606BP: CBP
- N606BP: Classic Rotors Museum from Sep11; w/o 27apr14 at Adelan+
    RN036 1998     N607BP: CBP
- N607BP: Military Museum of Texas from Oct11; w/o 07dec15 at Bra+
    RN037 1998     N608BP: 20feb14 picture in GSA auction in scrap condition
- N608BP: Infinity Transport Consultancy Inc at Henderson, NV fro+
    RN038     N609BP: CBP from May99; Feb08 canc
    RN040 1998     N610BP: CBP from May99; Feb09 canc
    RN041     N611BP: CBP
- N611BP: Military Museum of Texas at Houston from Oct11
    RN045     N613BP: CBP; Ap12 pictured in GSA Auction
- N745BW: Brim Equipment Leasing Inc at Ashland, OR from Apr13

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