Del'd: 563 - 1955 to 1971


US Marine Corps S-58 H-34

The S-58 was initially known as the HUS-1 Seahorse in USMC service. 516 HUS-1s were produced, each to move 12 fully armed troopers and carried machine guns mounted in the side doors. These were known as the UH-34D after the US designation consolidation. A further 40 HUS-1A (later UH-34E) were then produced as an amphibious version with floats. 7 further airframes were procured in the VIP configuration as HUS-1Z (later VH-34D).

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1967/69HMM-561MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1966/68HMT-301MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1963/67HMM-365MCAS New River
JP MCAS Futenma
1962/71HML-770NAS Whidbey Island - Ault Field
NAS Seattle / Puget Sound
1962/71HML-771NAS South Weymouth
1962/69HMH-362MCAS New River
MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1962/68VMO-4Grosse Ile
1962/67HMM-263MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
JP MCAS Futenma
MCAS New River
1961/66HMM-364 MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1960/71HML-767NAS JRB New Orleans
1960/69HMLA-773Los Alamitos
Grosse Ile
1960/67HMM-163VN Phu Bai Air Base
JP MCAS Futenma
MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1960/66HMM-161MCAS New River
JP MCAS Futenma
MCAS Kaneohe Bay
1959/71HML-776NAS Glenview
1959/71HMH-769NAS Alameda / Nimitz Field / Benton Field
1959/71HMH-777NAS Dallas / Hensley Field
1959/68HMM-264MCAS New River
1959/67HMM-162MCAS New River
MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1958/71HMH-772NAS Lakehurst
NAS JRB Willow Grove
1958/71HMM-764MCAS El Toro
Los Alamitos
1958/68HMH-361MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1958/62HMM-774 Floyd Bennett Field / NAS New York
1958/59HMH-463 MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1956/68HMM-261MCAS New River
1955/69HMH-363MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin
1955/65HMM-262MCAS New River

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