Bell 407GX in
mexico Fuerza Aerea Mexicana

Mexican Air Force

Del'd: 15 - 2015 to present

1300 was the first of an initial order of 15 to be delivered to FAM at Base Aerea No 5 (Zapopan Jalisco) on 13 Apr 2015.
For use by EA 111.

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Mexican Air Force Received 15th and Last Bell 407GXP, 28-Mar-16 : FIDAE 2016 Bell Helicopter announced the final delivery of the 15th Bell 407GXP to the Mexican Air Force (FAM) from a contract awarded in March 2015

Mexican Air Force Orders 15 Bell 407GX, 02-Mar-15 : Heli-Expo 2015 Bell Helicopter announced the sale of 15 Bell 407GXs to the Mexican Air Force (FAM) with deliveries to begin this year. The aircraft will be configured for a variety of parapublic missions.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2015/nowEA.111 Zapopan

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    54566 2014     1300: FAM /00; 22apr15 on display at Aerospace Fair Feria Aeroespa+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FIJU: Bell Canada Dec14-Jan01

Bell Helicopter N534LB: Bell Helicopter Jan/Apr 2015
    54571     1301: FAM /01 d/d May15, test serial N534PB
    54573     1302: FAM /02 d/d Jun15, test serial N534NB; w/o 28nov17 conducti+
    54574 2015     1303: FAM /03
Bell Helicopter N534RA: Bell Jan/Sep 2015, test serial C-FOFG
    54579 2015     1304: FAM /04
Bell Helicopter N536AZ: Bell Feb/Jul 2015, test serial C-GLYY
    54580 2015     1305: FAM /05
Bell Helicopter N536BQ: Bell Feb/Jul 2015
    54586 2015     1306: FAM /06
Bell Helicopter N536EZ: Bell Apr/Sep 2015
    54588 2015     1307: FAM /07
Bell Helicopter N536HS: Bell Mar/Sep 2015, test serial C-FIKG
    54589     1308: FAM /08 d/d Jan16, test serial N536FS
    54595     1309: FAM /09 d/d Jan16, test serial N536WB
    54596     1310: FAM /10 d/d Jan16, test serial N536UB
    54599     1311: FAM /11 d/d Jan16, test serial N537CB
    54600     1312: FAM /12 d/d Jan16, test serial N537QB
    54606     1313: FAM /13 d/d Jan16, test serial N537PB
    54607     1314: FAM /14 d/d Jan16, test serial N537EB
        1957: FAM May16; 29abr17 pictured at FAMEX 2017, Sta Lucia

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