Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2
italy INAER Italia

2015 to present

INAER Italia H145 / EC145T2

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FAA STC for H145 MAG Air Medical Interior, 29-Jun-16 : Mecaer Aviation Group and INAER Italy has successfully validated its Airbus H145 medical interior system with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

INAER Italy New H145 at SUEM 118 of Belluno, 24-Aug-15 : The sixth H145/EC145T2 of INAER Italy made its debut these days at EMS base in Pieve di Cadore, officially entering into service for SUEM 118 of Belluno

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

20155     I-AHTD: Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia
20113     I-ANKO: INAER Italia Jan17, test serial D-HBTJ
20158 2017     I-BKUP: Babcock MCS Italia Sep17
20034 2015     I-BRXA: Inaer italy, test serial D-HADT
20029     I-CALA: Inaer italy, test serial D-HADK
20089 2016     I-HARB: Inaer Italia from Jul16, test serial D-HCBR
20114 2016     I-HFRT: INAER Italia from Dec16, test serial D-HCBR
Babcock International : Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore; 26feb17 at G+
20090 2016     I-LIKO: Inaer Italia from Aug16, test serial D-HCBY
20038 2015     I-LMBD: Inear italy, test serial D-HCBS
20003     I-PEBX: Inaer italy
Eurocopter Germany D-HADV: Eurocopter Germany
20009 2014     I-PEBZ: INAER Italia from Feb15, test serial D-HADR; Elisoccorso Pro+
20152 2017     I-PTVR: Babcock MCS Italia, test serial D-HADV
20181 2017     I-SLND: Babcock Italia from Aug18
Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HADU: 2017 Airbus Helicopters

15feb18 AH at Saarbrücken

Babcock International G-CKVK: Babcock MCS Onshore Ltd Mar/Aug 2018, test serial D-HAD+

Aug18 to other Babcock operator
20036 2015     I-SUEM: Inaer Italy, test serial D-HADV
20006     I-TDUE: Inaer Italy, test serial D-HADQ
Airgreen I-TDUE: Airgreen by Jul17

07oct19 main rotor blades hit wire-cutter causing subs+
20023 2014     I-ZANL: Inaer Italy, test serial D-HCBU

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