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    Manufacturer test serials

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    150 MD530F Cayuse Warrior for FMS Countries, 06-Sep-17 : MD Helicopters awarded 5-year $1.4B for 150 MD530F Cayuse Warrior gunships for US Army foreign military sales (FMS) opportunities. First 30 going to Afghanistan which operates the type since 2011

    Gwinnett County Police MD530F at ALEA 2016, 20-Jul-16 : ALEA 2016 Georgia s Gwinnett County MD500E to MD530F converted helicopter showcased in the 2016 Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Expo, July 20-22 in Savannah

    MDHI Agreement For M250-C47E/3 Engines, 02-Mar-16 : Heli-Expo 2016 MD Helicopters Inc. (MDHI) and Rolls-Royce reached agreement to continue partnership to provide M250 engines, including the new M250-C47E/3, for MD530-series aircraft as well as growth airframes.

    MD Helicopters Delivered 600th MD500E, 08-Jun-10 : MD Helicopters, Inc (MDHI) delivered its 600th MD500E to Eastern Atlantic Helicopters in West Sussex, UK

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    0548E MD500E 2000     N70402: MD Helicopters
    State of Ohio N557CP: Columbus Police (CPD) from May00

    State of Ohio N557CR: Columbus Police (CPD) reser

    - N599WW: Abraham Equine Inc at Canadian, TX from Apr10
    0553E MD500E 2000     N7032V: Md Helicopters from Jan01
    0557E MD500E 2001     N7049E: MD Helicopters
    State of Georgia N369PD: Atlanta Police Dept (APD) from Jan03
    0560E MD500E 2001     N7020C: MD Helicopters Jun01
    State of Ohio N552CP: Columbus Police (CPD) from Nov02
    0563E MD500E 2002     N7033V: MD Helicopters Nov02-Jan03
    Government of Canada C-GZUN: Province Of Nova Scotia, Department Of Natural Resource+
    0573E MD500E 2007     N9093P: MD Helicopters Sep07
    State of Ohio N558CP: Columbus Police (CPD) from Mar08

    Sep15 conv to MD530F c/n 0712FF for CPD
    0575E MD500E 2007     N9020Q: MD Helicopters
        N421WJ: conv to MD530F c/n 0714FF
    State of Ohio N554CP: Columbus Police (CPD) May08-2017?

    - N421WJ: Red Rock Enterprises Inc at Chavies, KY Jul17-Aug19

    State of Kentucky N421WJ: Kentucky State Police (KSP) at Frankfort, KY from Aug19

    pictured under maintenance at Wysong, TN during COVID-1+
    0579E MD500E 2008     N9061M: MDHI 2008
    State of Oregon N420WC: Wilson Construction Co at Canby, OR from Jun08, picture+

    0581E MD500E 2008     N90806: MD Helicopters from Jun08
    State of Ohio N553CP: Columbus Police (CPD) from Jan09; conv to MD530F c/n 07+
    0593E MD500E 2009     N4058C: MD Helicopters, to N504HP
    State of Hawaii N504HP: Heli Mart Inc at Costa Mesa, CA Sep/Oct 2009

    Honolulu Police Dept (HPD) Nov09-Dec17

    State of Hawaii N501HP: Honolulu Police Dept (HPD) from Dec17, pictured
    0595E MD500E 2009     N40777: Md Helicopters Feb09
    State of Ohio N556CP: Columbus Police (CPD) from Sep09; 2017 conv to MD530F c+
    0598E MD500E 2009     N501RM: MD Helicopters Sep09
    State of California N501RM: Pasadena Police Department from Mar10
    0600E MD500E 2009     N765WH: MD Helicopters Jun09
    - N765WH: Winco Inc at Aurora, OR Mar10-Aug18

    Infinity transport Consultancy at Henderson, NV Aug/Oc+

    - N600FH: FTAV Llc at Henderson, NV from Nov18
    0601E MD500E 2010     N43792: MD Helicopters Nov09
    - N43792: Shier Aviation at San Diego, CA Apr10-Sep13

    State of Montana N43792: Two Bear Air Rescue Aug13-Jan18

    - N19FF: N874SA ntu; conv to 530F c/n 0718FF
    0602E MD500E     N501RM: MD Helicopters, to N11965
    - N11965: to N911HY

    State of Hawaii N911HY: Hawaii County Fire Department (HCFD) from Jul10
    0604E MD500E     N5283F: MD Helicopters; N242MH ntu
        N387SH: MD Helicopters, to ZK-IRB
    - ZK-IRB: Skysales Aviation, to N488DW

    - N488DW: Whiskey 500 Llc at Wilmington, DE Jun13

    - F-OFQQ: Societe Miniere Georges Montagnat sarl from Jan16
    0606E MD500E 2011     N4289Y: MD Helicopters from Mar10
    State of Ohio N557CP: Columbus Police (CPD) from Mar12

    conv to MD530F c/n 0717FF
    0614E MD500E 2012     N4115B: MD Helicopters
    State of Missouri N911MU: St Louis County Police Dept (SLCPD) at Clayton, MO from+
    0615E MD500E 2013     N42666: MD Helicopters Apr13
    State of Alaska N907BH: Bering Air Inc at Nome, AK from Jun13
    0617E MD500E 2013     N41628: MD Helicopters 2013
    State of Florida N911GJ: Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) from Nov13
    0618E MD500E 2014     N4252E: MD Helicopters
    State of Alaska N845BH: Bering Air Inc at Nome, AK from Jun13
    0619E MD500E 2014     N6060S: MD Helicopters Canc Jul14
    - B-7779: China 31dec14-Dec18

    - ZK-HNI: Rotor Flite NZ Ltd from 20dec18
    0620E MD500E 2014     N6100A: MD Helicopters 2014
    State of Florida N911WJ: Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) from Jul14
    0621E MD500E 2014     N6100Z: MD Helicopters Feb14
    State of South Carolina N504SL: SLED from Apr15
    0622E MD500E 2015     N60220: MD Helicopters, MD500ER type
    Bushveld Game Capture : Bushveld Game Capture from Sep15
    0623E MD500E 2015     N60302: MD Helicopters May/Nov 2015
    State of Minnesota N155NR: Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources (DNR) from F+
    0624E MD500E 2018     N60090: MD Helicopters at Mesa, AZ
    0140FF MD530F 2000     N7028F: MD Helicopters
    - C-GAAJ: Rupert'S Land Operations Inc at Bonnyville, AB Dec00-A+

    - N530FF: High Performance Aircraft Inc at El Cajon, CA 2005-Jun0+

    Sky Flight Llc at Ashland, OR from Jun06; Sky Ward Llc +

    PJ Helicopters N530PJ: Helibro Llc at Red Bluff, CA from Jun12
    0147FF MD530F 2007     N9110E: MD Helicopters Jun/Nov 2007
    - N741DD: Verde Canyon Railroad Llc at Ogden, UT Nov07-Dec15

    Fuchs Helikopter HB-ZSR: Robert Fuchs AG from Dec15
    0148FF MD530F 2007     N9020U: MD Helicopters Nov07
    State of Hawaii N530PH: K&S Helicopters at Kailua Kona, HI Jan08-Jun10; Paradis+

    State of Oregon N530PH: Wilson Construction Co at Canby, OR from Jun10
    0150FF MD530F 2008     N90544: MD Helicopters Jul08; pictured
    Guardian Helicopters C-FVGK: Guardian Helicopters Jul08-May11

    - C-FVGK: 1124498 Alberta Ltd at Grand Cache, AB from Jun11
    0151FF MD530F 2008     N530GM: MD Helicopters Mar08
    - N530GM: private at Homer, AK Aug08-Jan11

    State of Oregon N530GM: Winco Inc at Aurora, OR from Jan11
    0152FF MD530F     N9073K: MD Helicopters Jul08
    Safomar Aviation ZS-BBG: Safomar Aviation, pictured
    0155FF MD530F 2008     N4010P: MD Helicopters Nov08
    - N530WY: Walker Creek Ranch Llc at Casper, WY Jan09-May14

    PJ Helicopters N531PJ: Helibro Llc at Red Bluff, CA from May14; PJ Helicopters
    0161FF MD530F 2009     N4054L: MDHI
    - N43M: Mar09

    - N530GS: Emerald Aviation Llc at Lima, MT Jul11-Nov19

    State of Oregon N531WC: Wilson Construction Co at Canby, OR from Nov19

    0173FF MD530F 2009     N40898: MD Helicopters Oct09
    State of Hawaii N911HK: Kauai County Fire Department from Jan11
    0176FF MD530F 2010     N4373M: MD Helicopters
    - N16JR: Blue Sky Air Services Llc at Wilmington, DE Mar12

    - N577BG: Cactus Construction Inc at Longview, TX from Jun13; Cac+
    0178FF MD530F 2011     N161TV: MD Helicopters Jan09
        N4290C: MD Helicopters Jun10-Aug11
    - HB-ZYM: Border-X GmbH from Aug11
    0186FF MD530F 2012     N4361S: MD Helicopters
        N540HH: MD540A MD Helicopters, conv to MD540A
    0203FF MD530F 2013     N4165W: MD Helicopters
    - N4RR: Blue Sky Air Services Llc at Wilmington, DE from Aug13
    0215FF MD530F 2014     N6068T: MD Helicopters "Cayuse Warrior", pictured; canc May16
    Afghan Air Force 215: Afghanistan d/d Mar15, test serial N6068T
    0226FF MD530F 2015     N60426: MD Helicopters from Nov14
    State of Arizona N507MP: MESAPD from Jun15
    0251FF MD530F 2015     N6010W: MD Helicopters Mar15
    State of Nevada N530JL: LVMPD from Oct15; pictured /Air2
    0253FF MD530F 2015     N6053B: MD Helicopters, to N530FM
    - N530FM: CMGMD530F Llc at Miami, FL from Feb16

    Mar17-May18 for sale McDonnell Douglas 530F 2015; Low T+

    Trinity Aviation at Georgetown, TX Apr/Jun 2018

    Gooseneck Inc at Heber City, UT from Jun18
    0254FF MD530F 2015     N60954: MD Helicopters Feb16
    - N530MJ: Two Bear Air 2 Llc at Whitefish, MT Mar16-Feb17

    Oct16-Mar17 for sale McDonnell Douglas 530F 2016; 23Jun+

    Iomax USA Inc at Mooresville, NC Feb17-Aug18

    Trinity Aviation at Georgetown, TX from Aug18
    0255FF MD530F 2016     N6055W: MD Helicopters Dec16, test serial N6055W
    State of California N920FC: Fresno County Sheriff Office from Feb18; pictured (pic1+

    23jul19 rescue injured hiker and his 2 dogs

    pictured (pic2) on display at Heli-Expo 2020
    0267FF MD530F 2017     N6069T: MD Helicopters at Mesa, AZ from Jul16
    0269FF MD530F 2017     N6069H: MD Helicopters; N295J ntu
    Tennessee Valley Authority N369TV: Tennessee Valley Authority at Muscle Shoals, AL from No+
    0271FF MD530F 2017     N6071U: MD Helicopters May17
    0273FF MD530F 2017     N6073Y: MD Helicopters from May17
    0274FF MD530F 2017     N6074E: MD Helicopters at Mesa, AZ from May17
    0286FF MD530F 2018     N6086Z: MD Helicopters from Oct17
    0287FF MD530F 2018     N6087K: MD Helicopters from Oct17
    Afghan Air Force 287: Afghanistan

    28mar20 Afghanistan
    0288FF MD530F 2018     N6063X: MD Helicopters Oct17
    0289FF MD530F 2018     N6089L: MD Helicopters at Mesa, AZ from Oct17
    0290FF MD530F 2018     N6090G: MD Helicopters from Oct17
    0292FF MD530F 2018     N6092N: MD Helicopters Apr18
    0317FF MD530F     N6017G: MD Helicopters at Mesa,AZ from Jan19
    Slovak Training Academy ?: Slovak Training Academy Jul19
    0318FF MD530F     N4018A: MDHI at Mesa, AZ Apr19
    State of Georgia N4018A: Gwinnett County Police Dept (GCPD) at Lawrenceville, GA+
    0319FF MD530F     N40009: MD Helicopters Jul19
    0320FF MD530F 2019     N4000Q: MD Helicopters
    Tennessee Valley Authority N500TV: Tennessee Valley Authority at Muscle Shoals, AL from Ju+
    0322FF MD530F     N4000Y: MD Helicopters from Jul19
    0323FF MD530F     N40132: MDHI
    0701FF MD530F     -: conv from MD530E c/n 0422E
    Mexican Air Force 1142: FAM MD530MG as BRE-1142 by 2007
    0702FF MD530F     -: conv from MD530E c/n 0369E
    Mexican Air Force 1143: FAM MD530MG as BRE-1143 by 2007

    w/o impacted the runway at El Zorrillo airfield, Guada+
    0708FF MD530F     N174SD: conv from 369E c/n 0355E
    0709FF MD530F 2009     N369FF: MD530G 2014 conv to MD530 Scout Attack prototype
    0710FF MD530F     -: conv from 369E c/n 0545E
    0712FF MD530F     -: conv from MD500E c/n 0573E
    0713FF MD530F     -: conv from MD500E c/n 0595E
    0714FF MD530F     -: conv from MD500E c/n 0575E
    0715FF MD530F     -: conv from MD500E c/n 0581E
    0716FF MD530F     -: conv from MD500E c/n 0571E
    0717FF MD530F     -: conv from MD500E c/n 0606E
    0718FF MD530F 2020     N19FF: MDHI conv from 530E c/n 0601E
    - N19FF: private at Bryan, TX from Dec20
    75 C/N.