Eurocopter EC145
italy INAER Italia

2008 to present

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    9678 ec1452014     I-BBCK: Inaer Italia
Local Government EC-MSE: Gobierno de Canarias; 08dec17 SUC at Las Palmas
    9438 2011     I-BLGN: INAER italia, test serial D-HMBE; Bergamo ambulance; w/o 21j+
    9205 2008     I-CABO: INAER italia; EMS 118
    9082 2006     I-EITF: Inaer Italia from 2010
Elilario Italia I-EITF: Elilario 2006-2009, test serial D-HMBE; ambulance
    9086     I-EITG: Inaer Italia, test serial D-HMBN; Elisoccorso
    9187 2008     I-FNTS: INAER Italia from 2010
Elilario Italia I-FNTS: Elilario Italia 2008-2010, test serial D-HMBG
    9271     I-JUNO: INAER italia
    9673 ec1452014     I-LEDI: Inaer Italia Jul14
Local Government EC-MSD: Gobierno de Canarias; 18sep17 SUC at Tenerife
    9189 2008     I-NAVY: INAER Italia; EMS
    9335 2011     I-RAHB: INAER Italia
    9229 2008     I-STLV: INAER Italia from Jul09, test serial D-HMBR

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