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    spain Cuerpo Nacional de Policia

    National Police Corps

    Cuerpo Nacional de Policia Bo105

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    S-599 105cb 1982     EC-DTF: pictured (pic2) flying over Malaga Port structures
    MBB D-HDQV: MBB demonstrator up to 1984
    S-629 105cb-2 1983     EC-DUZ: Policia from Jan85, test serial D-HDSY; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 +
    S-690 105cb-2 1985     EC-DXC: test serial D-HVDV; cvtd to CB-4;fin number ''Ángel-08''
    S-697 105cb-2 1985     EC-DXD: Policia from 1985, test serial D-HDVK; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 S+
    S-698 105cb-2 1985     EC-DXH: Policia from 1985, test serial D-HDVL; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 S+
    S-699 105cb-2 1985     EC-DXI: Policia from 1985, test serial D-HDVM; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 +
    S-700 105cb-2 1984     EC-DYM: Policia from 1986; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 S4-700
    S-707 105cb-2 1984     EC-DYN: Policia from 1986, test serial D-HDVU; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 S+
    S-720 105cb-2 1985     EC-ECI: Policia from 1987, test serial D-HDRH; conv CASA Bo105CB-4 S+
    MBB D-HDRH: MBB demonstrator 1985-1987
    S-810 105cbs-4 1989     EC-EQY: Policia from 1989, test serial D-HDZT
    S-869 105cbs-4 1991     EC-FNO: pictured (pic) at Valencia city Americas Cup surveillance
    MBB D-HMBL: MBB, test serial D-HFNA
    S-870 105cbs-4     EC-LNN: ex EC-981
    MBB D-HFNB: Manufacturer test serial; to D-HMBM

    - D-HMBM: ex D-HFNB; to EC-981

    - EC-981: ex D-HMBM; Conv to CBS-5 c 1991; to EC-LNN

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