Del'd: 2 - 2009 to present

Aircraft from FB Leasing used by the Shawbury Defence Helicopter Flying School.

Serials ZR321, ZR322 and ZR323 (used in the VIP role) were built after 2001 and therefore listed under AgustaWestland

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2009/    60(R) Squadron RAF Shawbury

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    11663 aw109e2006     ZR321: RAF d/d 29mar06 to Northolt; 01apr06 to 32(TR)Sq; Rtn Agusta+
AgustaWestland UK G-CDVB: AgustaWestland UK, 03-29Mar06 for MoD

AgustaWestland from Apr11, ex RAF ZR321

22mar12 flew over North Gorley, Hampshire, England

13aug13 Sitting on the apron at Southampton Airport

27mar14 seen in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Hercegovina, wit+

01jul14 landed and took off from the household cavalry +

14jun14 pictured (bot) at RAF Northolt. Notice how the +

02jun15 Tottenham Hale > RAF Northolt

13jun15 RAF Northolt 100 year event

09dec15 13:55 overflew Long Marston

13jul16 drop off and Pick up at Leonardo Yeovil
    11664 aw109e2006     ZR322: RAF, ex Westland G-CDVC, d/d 22mar06 to RAF Northolt; 01apr0+
AgustaWestland UK G-CDVC: Built Agusta in Italy. To Westland as G-CDVC 3 Mar 2006+
    11665 aw109e2006     ZR323: RAF d/d 30mar06 RAF Northolt, to 32(TR)Sq on 1 Apr 2006
Westland G-CDVE: Built Agusta in Italy. Westland 21/29 Mar 2006

AgustaWestland UK G-CDVE: AgustaWestland UK from 26apr13

17dec13 pictured (pic2) at Yeovil

14jul16 noon at Kensington Palace
    11111 2000
    ZR324: RAF; 2009 Shawbury Defence Helicopter Flying School
- HB-ZDL: Tiriac Air Apr01-Nov03

- YR-TIA: Tiriac Air, Romania Nov03-Mar05

Castle Air Charters G-EMHB: Castle Air Mar/Apr 2005

- G-EMHB: East Midlands Helicopters Apr05-Mar08

Castle Air Charters G-EMHB: Castle Air Mar/Nov 2008

FB Heliservices G-EMHB: FB Leasing Nov08-Feb09
    11056 2000     ZR325: RAF from Feb09; March 2010 picture at RAF Northolt
Sloane Helicopters G-BZEI: Sloane Jun/Jul 2000

- G-BZEI: JJB Sports Jul00-Aug02

Stolkin Helicoptes Aug02-Apr03

- G-RCMS: Stolkin Helicoptes Apr03-Oct05

- N449J: Jay Industries, Ireland Oct05-Nov08

Castle Air Charters G-BZEI: Castle Air Nov08-Jan09

FB Heliservices G-BZEI: FB Leasing Jan/Feb 2009

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