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    canada Airbus Helicopters Canada

    2014 to present

    Manufacturer test serials

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    Forest Helicopters Adds Second H125, 28-Apr-21 : #H125 Canadian operator Forest Helicopters adds second H125 helicopter to is fleet. Will be used in aerial construction, powerline maintenance and fire suppression tasks

    Second H125 for Edmonton Police, 25-Nov-20 : #Edmonton Airbus Canada in Ontario delivered the second H125 / AS350B3e to Edmonton Police Service (EPS). AIR-2 joins a similar helicopter delivered in 2017 to replace a pair of EC120 operated by Alberta’s capital city police

    Ascent Helicopters Adds Third H125 for Aerial Work, 30-Jan-20 : Heli-Expo 2020 Canadian Ascent Helicopters received a new H125/AS350B3e during Heli-Expo 2020 in Anaheim, CA to support of power line work and firefighting missions across Canada and the U.S. with its American partner Heli-1 Corp

    Forest Helicopters Upgrades to H125, 06-Mar-19 : Heli-Expo 2019 Ontario operator Forest Helicopter ordered an H125 from Airbus Helicopters Canada during Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta

    Newfoundland Helicopters Gets New H125, 14-Oct-18 : Helitech 2018 Newfoundland Helicopters received its first H125 / AS350B3e from Airbus Canada

    Four H125 at Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, 26-Jun-18 : #fleet Airbus completed delivery of 4 H125/AS350B3e to Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources ordered in 2016

    Edmonton Police Service Received H125, 26-Feb-18 : Canada’ Edmonton Police Service (EPS) received their third Airbus Helicopter, an AS350B3e/H125

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2014/    AHCL Fort Erie Fort Erie

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    8375 h125 2017     C-FDNR: Airbus Canada Jun/Jul 2017
    Government of Canada C-FDNR: Province Of Nova Scotia, Department Of Natural Resource+
    8200 h125 2016     C-FEPU: Airbus Canada Nov16-Mar17
    Airbus Helicopters USA N308AH: Airbus Mar/Oct 2016

    Canadian Police C-FEPU: City Of Edmonton (EPS) from Jun17 /Air1
    8929 ACH130 2020     C-FFHO: ACH130 Airbus Canada from Apr21; AC130 Aston Martin edition; to be +
    Airbus Helicopters UK G-CLXI: Airbus UK Jan/Apr 2021
    8790 h125 2020     C-FHON: Airbus Canada Dec20-May21
    Forest Helicopters C-FHON: Forest Helicopters from May21
    8767 h125 2019     C-FIVO: Airbus Helicopters Canada from Apr20
    Airbus Helicopters USA N609AH: Airbus Sep19-Feb20

    Canadian Police C-FIVO: Calgary Police Service unveiled Oct20, pictured
    8050 h130 2014     C-FKUR: Airbus Helicopters Canada Feb/Apr 2015
    - C-FKUR: private at Toronto, ON, M3B1V4 from Oct15
    8388 h125 2017     C-FLAN: Airbus Canada Feb/Aug 2018
    Ascent Helicopters C-FLAN: Ascent Helicopters Ltd at Parksville, BC from Oct18
    7931 as350b2 2014     C-GBWC: Airbus Helicopters Canada Nov14-Jan15
    Airbus Helicopters USA N133AH: Airbus Helicopters Aug/Nov 2014

    - C-GBWC: Southwind Helicopters from Jan15
    8207 h130 2016     C-GEEL: Airbus Canada May/Aug 2017
    Airbus Helicopters USA N409AH: Airbus Dec16-Mar17

    - C-GEEL: 6902081 Canada Inc at Ottawa, ON Aug17-Jan18

    - C-FWPF: Fayer Capital Group Inc at Hampstead, QC from Jan18

    Apr/Jul 2018 for sale Eurocopter EC-130-T2 2016; 105 to+
    8758 h125 2019     C-GEPS: Airbus Canada Jan/Jun 2020
    Eagle Copters C-GEPS: Eagle Copters customisation for Edmonton police

    Canadian Police C-GEPS: City Of Edmonton (EPS) from Oct20 /Air2, pictured
    8591 h125 2018     C-GFJW: Airbus Canada Dec18
    Forest Helicopters C-GFJW: Forest Leasing and Management Inc at Kenora, ON Dec18-M+
    8481 h125 2017     C-GHDB: Airbus Canada from Aug18
    Newfoundland Helicopters C-GHDB: Newfoundland Helicopters Oct18
    8763 h125 2019     C-GKYX: Airbus Canada Nov19-May20
    - N74WL: Corpat Inc at Missoula, MT from Jul20
    8943 h130 2021     C-GMMA: Airbus Canada Mar/Jul 2021
    Martini Aviation C-GMMA: Martini Aviation Ltd at Surrey, BC from Jul21
    8425 h125 2017     C-GTCX: Airbus Canada from Nov17
    TransCanada Corporation C-GTCX: TransCanada PipeLines Ltd from Jan18
    8042 h125 2015     C-GTNR: Airbus Canada Dec16
    Airbus Helicopters USA N202AH: Airbus Helicopters Feb15

    Government of Canada C-GTNR: Nova Scotia Ministry of Natural Resource from Mar17; N+
    8023 h130 2014     C-GTZN: Airbus Helicopters Canada Apr/May 2015
    Niagara Helicopters C-GTZN: Niagara Helicopters from Jul15, /Niagara1; pictured (p+

    pictured (pic2) at the companys Heli-Hafen Terminal, N+
    7809 h130 2014     C-GTZO: Airbus Helicopters Canada Mar/May 2015
    Niagara Helicopters C-GTZO: Niagara Helicopters from Jul15

    pictured at at the companys Heli-Hafen Terminal, Niaga+
    8043 h130 2014     C-GTZP: Airbus Helicopters Canada Apr/May 2015
    Niagara Helicopters C-GTZP: Niagara Helicopters from Jul15

    pictured departing the companys Heli-Hafen Terminal, +
    8084 h130 2015     C-GTZQ: Airbus Helicopters Canada Apr/May 2015
    Niagara Helicopters C-GTZQ: Niagara Helicopters from Jul15

    pictured arriving at the companys Heli-Hafen Terminal,+
    8115 h130 2015     C-GXAH: Airbus Helicopters Canada Jul15-Feb16; Nov15 picture (pic1) +
    Phoenix Heli-Flight C-GXAH: Phoenix Heli-Flight; pictured (pic2) on display at He+
    8027 h125 2015     C-GYNR: Airbus Canada Jan/May 2017
    Airbus Helicopters USA N197AH: Airbus Feb15-Nov16

    Government of Canada C-GYNR: Province Of Nova Scotia, Department Of Natural Resource+
    8412 h125 2017     C-GZNR: Airbus Canada Oct17-May18
    Government of Canada C-GZNR: Province Of Nova Scotia, Department Of Natural Resource+