Del'd: 15 - 1966 to 1982

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    wa564 1967     XV310: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 23aug67, w/o 22apr70
    wa565/was181 1967     XV311: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 03oct67, 11aug75 to G-BDIA
- G-BDIA: Autair Helicopters, Luton, Herts until 13Aug85 to South+

- ZS-HGV: Private
    wa566/was185 1968     XV312: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 29jan68, unk to 8430M
Ministry of Defence (MoD) 8430M: MOD Maintenance Serial - Instructional Airframe unk to +

Royal Marines A2631: 15Apr76 to G-BDVJ

- G-BDVJ: Variety of owners until 25May84 when reg to Dollar Air +

- 5B-CGI: Private based at Pafos, Cyprus
    wa567/was187 1967     XV313: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 03oct67, 24mar75 to G-BCZJ
- G-BCZJ: Reg to British Executive Helicopters, Baginton, Coventr+
    wa568/was190 1967     XV314: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 06oct67, served with CFS (H) at RAF Tern +
- G-BDEE: Reg to Trent Helicopters, Luton Airport EGGW, 02apr76 t+

- ZS-HGB: Private
    wa569/was191 1967     XV315: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 10oct67, based at RAF Tern Hill with CFS +
- G-BDHY: Reg to Trent Helicopters, Luton Airport EGGW 05feb76 to+

- ZS-HFJ: Private, 05oct77 noted at Aviation Africa Airshow, Lans+
    wa570 1967     XV316: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 06nov67 - served with CFS coded F based a+
    was198 1967     XV317: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 06Nov67 alt c/n wa571, served with CFS (H+
- XV317: RAF displayed at RAF Abingdon Airshow, unk to RN mainte+

- G-WHIT: Private, 07Feb84 to OY-HDH

- OY-HDH: Private

unk Pres. Tekniske Museum, Helsingor, Hovedstaden
    wa572/was204 1967     XV318: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 30nov67, 10mar75 to G-BCYY
- G-BCYY: Private - three owners until w/o 06jun82
    wa573/was205 1967     XV319: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 06dec67, to G-BCYZ 10mar75
- G-BCYZ: Private three owners up to 08oct79, last reg to Helicro+
    wa574/was211 1968     XV320: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 05jan68, 11aug75 to G-BDHZ
- G-BDHZ: Reg to Trent Helicopters Ltd, Luton Airport EGGW, 05feb+

- ZS-HFI: Private
    wa575/was212 1968     XV321: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 03jan68, 24mar75 to G-BCZK
- G-BCZK: Reg to British Executive Air Services Ltd, Coventry EGB+
    wa576 1968     XV322: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 16feb68, w/o 06may71, s.o.c. 28may71
    wa577/was219 1968     XV323: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 08mar68, based RAF Tern Hill with CFS (H)+
- G-BCZL: Reg to British Executive Air Services, Coventry Airport+
    wa578 1968     XV324: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 05mar68, Unk to South Africa as spares, c+
- ZS-HFF: Private - composite construction of XT165 and XV324

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