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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    1301 sa330g 1975     N300EV: Evergreen Feb/May 2009
    - N330RM: USA, to C-GUMP

    - C-GUMP: Canada, to N55929

    - N55929: USA, to C-GSLA

    Sealand Helicopters C-GSLA: Sealand Helicopters at St John's, NL 1980/82

    - PT-HPW: Cruzeiro Taxi Aereo SA Oct83, lsd from Sealand Helicopt+

    Heli-Union F-GBET: Heli-Union, lsd to PT-HSE, HC-BNQ, PT-HUC

    - PT-HSE: Brazil unk 1985-1990

    - HC-BNQ: Ecuador, rtn to F-GBET

    - PT-HUC: Brazil 1991?

    Eurocopter France F-WQEC: Eurocopter France ?, reser F-WQDZ, 330J

    Eurocopter Malaysia F-OICR: Subang, all white, Eurocopter Malaysia titles

    Eurocopter France F-WQEI: Eurocopter, to F-GPLH

    - F-GPLH: Cannes-Mandelieu, France, no titles


    GC Air Llc N300EV: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT May09-Aug13

    United States Naval Aviation N300EV: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc from Aug13; US Navy sealift contr+

    Erickson N300EV: Apr20 In Maintenance, FOR SALE with N405R
    1647 sa330j 1981     N330J: 1999 Ventures Acquisition Co, ex XA-SKT
    Mexico Government XC-GEF: Gobierno Mexico; to XA-SKT

    - XA-SKT: Mexico private; ex XC-GEF; to N330J

    United States Naval Aviation N330J: under contract with US Navy Military Sealift Command; +
    1514 sa330j 1978     N330JF: Evergreen May13-Mar14
    Bristow G-BFNF: Bristow Mar78-Mar80

    Bristow Malaysia 9M-SSD: Bristow Malaysia 1980-1999

    Geo-Seis Helicopters N330JF: Geo-Seis

    United States Naval Aviation N330JF: Ventures Acquisition Co at Mcminnville, OR from Dec05

    Military Sealift Command; 2003 pictured (pic1) with US+

    code 03 (on nose) visit Kadena

    Erickson N330JF: Erickson from Apr14

    at Medford, Oregon

    Apr20 hull only, FOR SALE with N405R
    1285 sa330g 1974     N339EV: Cysky 3 Llc at San Francisco, CA Jan12-Jan15, 330J type
    German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HAXD: BGS Feb75-Oct04; Bundespolizei Oct04-Sep06 conv to SA33+

    Helisureste EC-JYF: Helisureste / INAER from Sep06

    Local Government EC-JYF: Xunta de Galicia by 2011

    Erickson N339EV: SQN Helo 7 Llc at New York, NY from Jan15

    United States Naval Aviation N339EV: under contract by Military Sealift Command (MSC); pictu+
    1201 sa330f 1973     N366EV: Evergreen, noted 2012
    German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HAXA: BGS,conv to SA330J; BPol 2005-2008

    GC Air Llc N366EV: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Dec09-Aug13

    United States Naval Aviation N366EV: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc Aug13-Mar20

    US Navy under contract; pictured asg USNS Amelia Earha+

    Erickson N366EV: Erickson from Apr20: FOR SALE, in flyable storage with +
    1332 sa330g 1973     N367EV: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT from Sep13; Evergreen
    German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HAXG: BGS 1973-2005; Bpol 2005-2009; conv to SA330J

    GC Air Llc N367EV: Gc Air Llc at Danbury, CT Dec09-Sep13

    Erickson N367EV: Erickson Aircrane by 2016

    Apr20 in Flyable Storage, FOR SALE with N405R
    1475 sa330j 1977     N405R: Evergreen from May13; 20mar14 aboard USNS Richard E. Byrd (+
    Bristow G-BERH: Bristow Apr77-Feb82; pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen, Scot+

    Bristow May84-Aug85, back to Australia

    Bristow Australia VH-WOE: Bristow Australia Feb82-May84, rtn UK

    Bristow Australia 1985-2001, to N405R

    Geo-Seis Helicopters N405R: Geo-Seis 2002

    United States Naval Aviation N405R: 2005 Ventures Acquisition Co, ex VH-WOE, under contract+

    Erickson N405R: Erickson from Apr14; Mar20 still

    Apr/Nov 2020 for sale Puma SA 330J 1977 - 16593 flight +