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    canada Eurocopter Canada

    1999 to 2013

    Here we list manufacturer test serials

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    Winnipeg Police Service New EC120, 12-Jun-10 : Manitoba’s Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) received first Eurocopter EC120B helicopter equipped with a gyro stabilized video camera with FLIR ULTRA 8500 thermal imaging system

    Edmonton Police Service Second EC120, 30-Jun-09 : Edmonton Police Service (EPS) in Alberta took delivery of their second Eurocopter EC120B patrol helicopter

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    1028 EC120B 1999     C-GEXM: Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jun 1999
    - C-GEXM: Heli/Express Inc at Ste-Foy, QC Jun99-Apr06

    - N128JW: J W General Contractors Co Inc at Hampton, NH May06-May+

    - N120RF: Hi-Ro Helicopters Inc at Vicksburg, MI May07-May17

    Drone-one Inc (not For Profit) at Pecatonica, IL from J+
    1035 EC120B 1999     C-GFIG: Eurocopter Canada Aug/Nov 1999
    - C-FNFU: 506795 Alberta Ltd at Fort Mcmurray, AB Dec99-Jul01

    Canadian Police C-FEPS: City Of Edmonton (EPS) from Jul01; /Air 1, pictured
    1050 EC120B 1999     C-GIJZ: Eurocopter Canada
    Phoenix Heli-Flight C-GIJZ: 506795 Alberta Ltd at Fort Mcmurray, AB Aug01-Jun02

    Phoenix Heli-Flight Aug01-Jan06

    Canadian Police C-FHWC: Calgary Police (CPS), Alberta from Jan06

    Calgary Police pictured at Calgary International airpo+
    1086 EC120B 2000     C-GGVW: Eurocopter Canada Jun00-Sep02
    Canadian Police C-GYRP: York Regional Police (YRP) /Air2 from Jan03

    Feb17 EuroTec installed HD Camera

    York Regional Police /Air2; 24jun17 pictured over Vaug+
    1091 EC120B 2000     C-GHBB: Eurocopter Canada Aug00-May01
    - C-GHBB: 602472 B.C. Ltd at Abbotsford, BC Jul01-Jun06

    0757156 B.C. Ltd at Pitt Meadows, BC Oct06-Dec13

    Kittyhawk A/C Services Inc. at Penticton, BC Dec13-Oct1+

    private at Langley, BC from Oct16
    1116 EC120B 2000     C-GOWC: Eurocopter Canada Aug05-Jan06
    - VH-VCC: Australia, to VH-VFN

    - VH-VFN: to C-GOWC

    - C-GOWC: 0740216 BC Ltd at North Vancouver, BC Feb/Dec 2006

    Seabreeze Jet Charters Ltd at Richmond, BC Dec06-Mar07

    Blackcomb Helicopters C-GDHD: Seabreeze Mar/Jul 2007

    Omega Air Corp at Richmond, BC Jul07-Apr09

    Blackcomb May09-Apr12

    Héliblue F-OPYB: Helibue from Jul12

    Sep15 in Dominica with the Airbus Helicopter Foundation+
    1136 EC120B 2000     C-GPFI: Eurocopter Canada Mar/Aug 2001
    - C-GPFI: Legault Et Compagnie Gestion Des Investissements Inc at+

    FormulAir at Montréal, QC May02-May04

    - N913LS: private Tucson, AZ 2004-Dec12

    Flying Titan Inc at Upland, CA Dec12-Aug16

    Bil Partners Llc at Wilmington, DE from Aug16
    1267 EC120B 2001     C-GJUH: Eurocopter Canada Jan02-Feb05
    - C-GJUH: Silverline Helicopters at Holland Landing, ON Feb05-Ap+

    - C-GIWD: private at Toronto, ON from May06; w/o impacted trees +
    1376 EC120B 2004     C-FAUI: Eurocopter Canada May/Jun 2004
    - N867CK: 2005, noted in Venezuela; to N175SC

    State of Florida N175SC: Seminole County Sheriffs Office (SCSO) Oct08-Dec13; pic+

    - : Jan14-Mar14 for sale Eurocopter EC120B 2004 - Manufactu+

    - N27GT: GFT Aviation at Jacksonville, FL from May14; Apr20 stil+
    1382 EC120B 2004     C-FDNR: Eurocopter Canada Ltd Jan/Feb 2005
    Government of Canada C-FDNR: Province Of Nova Scotia, Department Of Natural Resource+

    - C-FDNK: WMD Helico Inc at Trois-Rivières, QC Jan/May 2017

    9746773 Canada Inc at Montréal, QC from May17
    1419 EC120B 2005     C-FINZ: Eurocopter Canada Mar/Apr 2006
    Finnair Helicopters C-FINZ: Kokanee Helicopters Jun06-May07

    Finnair May07-Nov12

    - C-FINH: Global Héliservices Nov12-Jun13; 9193-3986 Québec Inc+

    - N9UU: Jet Aircraft Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Jul13-Feb17

    - OY-HIP: Reykjavik Helicopters at Iceland by
    1423 EC120B 2006     C-GEMN: Eurocopter Canada Mar/Apr 2006
    - C-GEMN: Gemini Helicopters at Grande Prairie, AB Apr06-Sep10

    Québec Hélicoptères Inc at Mascouche, QC Dec10-Aug12

    - N29FS: Ocana Investments at Hendersonville, TN from Oct12

    Jan/Nov 2014 for sale Eurocopter EC120B 2006, Recent 10+
    1426 EC120B     C-GEPR: Eurocopter Canada May/Jun 2006
    TransCanada Corporation C-GEPR: Enbridge Pipelines Inc at Calgary, AB from Aug06; Apr15+
    1437 EC120B 2006     C-GKWN: Eurocopter Canada Ltd Nov06-Mar07, test serial F-WQDB
    - C-GKWN: 0740216 BC Ltd at North Vancouver, BC from May07

    17aug16 pictured at Vancouver International airport, Va+
    1464 EC120B 2006     C-GLSK: Eurocopter Canada Dec06-Apr07
    Slave Lake Helicopters C-GLSK: Slave Lake Helicopters May07-May08

    - C-FMFH: Murray Family Holdings Ltd at Strathmore, AB from Jul08
    1468 EC120B 2006     C-FCPS: Eurocopter Canada Ltd Jan/Apr 2007
    Canadian Police C-FCPS: Calgary Police (CPS), Alberta from Jul07
    1473 EC120B 2007     C-FSII: Eurocopter Canada Mar/May 2007
    - C-FSII: Sloan Helicopters at Kinuso, AB May07-Aug17

    C. A. R. Leasing at Montreal, QC from Aug17; w/o 19nov+
    1494 EC120B 2007     C-GWTX: Eurocopter Canada Jun/Aug 2007
    - C-GWTX: GWT Helicopters Inc at Ancaster, ON Aug07-May10

    Héli-Boréal Inc at Sept-Iles, QC May10-May15

    - N771VL: Caladan Aviation at Southlake, TX from May15
    1517 EC120B 2007     C-GLWH: Eurocopter Canada Jan/Jun 2008
    - C-GLWH: Whitney Helicopters Ltd at Fort St John, bC Jun08-Apr11

    Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-GLWH: Aurora Helicopters from Apr11; Feb20 still
    1534 EC120B 2008     C-GRML: Eurocopter Canada Mar/May 2008
    L R Helicopters C-GRML: 856058 Alberta Ltd May/Sep 2008; Coyote Air Ltd at Red +

    L R Helicopters Jan09-Jun11

    Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-GRML: Aurora Helicopters from Jul11

    at Grande Prairie airport
    1577 EC120B 2008     C-GLSK: Eurocopter Canada Feb/Aug 2009
    Slave Lake Helicopters C-GLSK: Slave Lake Helicopter from Sep09
    1591 EC120B 2009     C-GEPD: Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jul 2009
    Canadian Police C-GEPD: City Of Edmonton (EPS) from Aug09; /Air 2
    1608 EC120B 2010     C-GAOL: Eurocopter Canada Aug/Dec 2010, test serial F-WJXI
    Canadian Police C-GAOL: Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) from Dec10
    1621 EC120B 2009     C-FSDO: Eurocopter Canada Jul/Aug 2010
    - C-GKUR: private Oct10-Apr16

    Zil Air S7-ISL: Seychelles from Mar16; to be confirmed
    1653 EC120B 2010     C-GNUX: Eurocopter Canada Dec11-Oct12
    Fuchs Helikopter HB-ZWB: Robert Fuchs Oct12-Jan19

    Helipool GmbH HB-ZWB: Helipool GmbH Jan/May 2019

    German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HSHK: Bundespolizei from May19

    25 C/N.