2000 to present

Nakanihon Air Service ec135

Many operated on behalf Doctor-Heli

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    0698 ec135p2+     JA04HT: Nakanihon Air Service from Mar09
    0933 ec135p2+ 2010     JA05HD: Nakanihon Air Service from Oct10, test serial D-HECR
    0919 ec135p2+     JA08HD: Nakanihon Air Service from Aug10
    0137 EC135P1     JA112D: Nakanihon Air Service from Jun00
Doctor-Heli JA112D: Doctor Heli from Jun00, op by Nakanihon
    0136 EC135P1 1999     JA113D: Nakanihon Air Service from Oct01
Eurocopter Germany D-HECQ: Eurocopter, to N5235N

Metro Aviation N5235N: Metro Aviation 18oct01 for Japan

Doctor-Heli JA113D: Doctor Heli from Oct01, op by Nakanihon
    0236 EC135P2     JA114D: Nakanihon Air Service from Sep02
Doctor-Heli JA114D: Doctor Heli from Sep02, op by Nakanihon
    0248 EC135P2     JA115D: Nakanihon Air Service from Oct02
Doctor-Heli JA115D: Doctor Heli from Nov02, op by Nakanihon
    0410 EC135P2     JA116D: Nakanihon Air Service from Jan06
- N135EC: Wells Fargo Bank NA Sep/Oct 2005, test serial D-HECB

Doctor-Heli JA116D: Doctor Heli from Feb06, op by Nakanihon
    0665 ec135p2+     JA117D: Nakanihon Air Service from Apr08
Doctor-Heli JA117D: Doctor Heli from Apr08, op by Nakanihon
    0822 ec135p2+     JA118D: Nakanihon Air Service from Aug09
Doctor-Heli JA118D: Doctor Heli from Aug09, op by Nakanihon
    0838 ec135p2+     JA119D: Nakanihon Air Service from Sep09
Doctor-Heli JA119D: Doctor Heli from Sep09, op by Nakanihon
    0885 ec135p2+     JA120D: Nakanihon Air Service from Jul10
- N885JA: Wells Fargo Bank NA Apr/Jun 2010

Doctor-Heli JA120D: Doctor-Heli from Jul10, op by Nakanihon
    0998 ec135p2+ 2011     JA121D: Nakanihon Air Service (NAS)
Doctor-Heli JA121D: Doctor Heli from Nov11, op by NAS
    1021 ec135p2+ 2012     JA122D: Nakanihon Air Service (NAS)
Doctor-Heli JA122D: Doctor Heli from Jun12, op by NAS
    1071 ec135p2+ 2012     JA124D: Nakanihon Air Service (NAS)
Doctor-Heli JA124D: Doctor Heli from Nov12, op by NAS
    1130 ec135p2+ 2013     JA125D: Nakanihon Air Service (NAS), Doctor-Heli
Doctor-Heli JA125D: Dcotor Heli, NAS
    0226 EC135P2 2002     JA17TV: Nakanihon Air Service from Jun02
Eurocopter Germany D-HECW: Eurocopter; 11may02 pictured as /348 at ILA-Berlin-Scho+
    0153 EC135P1     JA81TT: Nakanihon Air Service from Aug00
Japanese Newspapers and News Media JA81TT: Tokai TV /Ruby, noted Sep09

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