Eurocopter EC135
spain INAER

2009 to present

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    0250 ec135t2 2002     EC-IKB: INAER from 2011; SACYL
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSF: Eurocopter Germany 2002, test serial D-HECK

CoyotAir EC-IKB: CoyotAir Jan03-2010; 2006 ambulance for SACYL (Salud de+
    0275 ec135t2 2003     EC-INY: INAER from 2011; SACYL
CoyotAir EC-INY: CoyotAir Sep03-2010, test serial D-HECV; ambulance for +
    0306 ec135t2 2003     EC-ITJ: INAER from Mar09; ambulance for Axencia Galega De Emerxencia+
Helicsa EC-ITJ: Helicsa Feb04-2008; Proteccion Civil
    0317 ec135t2 2003
    EC-IUN: INAER from Mar09
Helicsa EC-IUN: Helicsa Jun04-2008; Proteccion Civil
    0354 ec135t2 2004     EC-JDG: INAER from Mar09; ambulance for SACYL (Salud de la Junta de +
Helicsa EC-JDG: Helicsa Apr05-2008; Ambulance for Junta de Castilla y L+
    0396 ec135t2 2005     EC-JHT: INAER from Mar09; ambulance for Osakidetza Servicio Vasco de+
Helicsa EC-JHT: Helicsa Sep05-2006; ambulance for SACYL (Salud de la Ju+

- EC-JHT: Trabajos Aéreos Vascongados SA (TAVASA) 2007-2008
    0345 ec135t2 2004     EC-JUE: INAER from Mar09; SACYL
Helicsa EC-JUE: Helicsa Aug/Dec 2006

Helisureste EC-JUE: Helisureste 2007; ambulance for SACYL (Salud de la Junt+
    0579 ec135t2+ 2007     EC-KIJ: INAER from Mar09; ambulance for Junta de Castilla-La Mancha
Helisureste EC-KIJ: Helisureste Oct07-2008; ambulance for Junta de Castilla+
    0460 ec135p2 2006     EC-KKF: Inaer, ex G-214007
- G-214007: China, to EC-KKF

Intercopters EC-KKF: BESCAM (Brigadas Especiales de Seguridad de la Comunida+

- D-HHDL: DL Helicopter, to G-CGZD

Bond Aviation Group G-CGZD: Bond Air Services from 02Dec11, ex D-HHDL, for the East+

UK Air Ambulances G-CGZD: East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA); 12nov12 pictured (bo+
    0652 ec135t2+ 2008     EC-KQT: INAER from Mar09; Emergencias Sanitarias de Extremadura, HEM+
Helisureste EC-KQT: Helisureste Aug/Dec 2008
    0082 ec135t1 1999     EC-KUD: INAER from 2009
Elilario Italia I-HMED: Elilario Italia 2003~2008, ntu D-HBYI

Local Government EC-KUD: Policia Conselleria Governació ( Generalitat Valencian+

Spanish Local Polices EC-KUD: Valencia police, op by INAER

Wucher Helicopter OE-XHZ: Wucher Helicopter by Apr11

Austrian air rescue OE-XHZ: pictured as OAMTC Gallus 1, op by Wucher
    0705 ec135t2+ 2008     EC-KUQ: INAER from Mar09; ambulance
Helisureste EC-KUQ: Helisureste Nov/Dec 2008
    0743 ec135p2+     EC-LAX: INAER from Aug09; ambulance for SACYL (Salud de la Junta de +

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