1996 to present

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US Navy Acquired Bell 407 for MQ-8C Program, 16-Mar-18 : US Navy acquired 3 Bell 407 airframes valued $10M to be delivered by 2020 for conversion into Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Able Expands Bell 206/407 MRO Services in Canada, 14-Nov-16 : Able Aerospace Services, part of Textron, will expand its Bell 206 and 407 MRO service availability in Canada

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    53697 2006     C-DEXW: BHTCL toward N407DG
State of Nevada N407DG: LVMPD from 2006 ex C-FEXW
    53604 2004     C-FBKC: Bell Canada, test serial C-FOEP
- N515MT: AVN Air Llc at Hunt Valley, MD

Med Trans Corp N515MT: Med Trans Corp; Jul10-Nov14 Colorado Springs, CO; 2014+

State of Colorado N515MT: Memorial Star Transport Colorado
    53617 2004     C-FCBU: Bell Canada Sep/Dec 2004
Pawan Hans VT-PHN: Pawan Hans from Dec04
    54508 407gxp 2015     C-FCVI: Bell Canada May/Sep 2014
Bell Helicopter N407CG: Bell Sep14-Mar15
    54521 407gx 2014     C-FEPU: Bell Canada Jul14-Jan16, test serial C-GADH; N518FR ntu
- B-70GG: China 2016
    54527 407gx 2014     C-FETF: Bell Canada Jul14
Bell Helicopter N519SP: Bell Helicopter Aug14

State of California N972PC: San Diego County Sheriff Dept (SDCO) at El Cajon, CA fr+
    53037 1996     C-FEXW: Bell Canada test serial, to N1098Y
Air Logistics N796RV: Air Logistics, Bell serial N1098Y

- RP-C2468: lsd from N796RV

- XA-TYR: Aeroanahuac-Alliance, rtn to N796RV

Venice Louisiana, on contract

Bristow US Llc N796RV: Bristow US from May05
    54165 2014     C-FEYN: Bell Canada Jul14, test serial C-GFNQ
    53851 2008     C-FFCH: Bell Canada Aug08-Jan09
Bell Helicopter N332PB: Bell Helicopter Jun/Aug 2008

Blackcomb Helicopters C-FFCH: Blackcomb from Jan09

04aug16 pictured at Vancouver International airport.
    54542 407gx 2014     C-FFUH: Bell Canada Sep/Oct 2014
Bell Helicopter N6812L: Bell Oct14-Feb15

State of California N408CC: Country of Contra Costa at Martinez, CA; Contra Costa C+
    53641 2005     C-FGYH: Bell Canada Mar/May 2005
Yellowhead Helicopters C-FGYH: Yellowhead Helicopters at Valemount, BC from Jun05

Eagle Copters C-FGYH: Jun16 conv to Eagle 407HP

Yellowhead Helicopters C-FGYH: Yellowhead Helicopters, 407HP type
    54556 407gx 2014     C-FHXS: Bell Canada Nov14-Mar16
Bell Helicopter N827BH: Bell Apr16, rtn to Canada

- G-HUMM: Century Aviation from Aug16

29oct17 pictured at Breighton
    53689 2006     C-FIAL: Bell Canada Mar/Jun 2006
Pawan Hans VT-PHQ: Pawan Hans from Jun06
    54566 407gx 2014     C-FIJU: Bell Canada Dec14-Jan01
Bell Helicopter N534LB: Bell Helicopter Jan/Apr 2015

Mexican Air Force 1300: FAM /00; 22apr15 on display at Aerospace Fair Feria Aer+
    53699 2006     C-FIPU: Bell Canada May/Jun 2006
- C-FCPH: Omega Air Corp Jun06-Mar09

Blackcomb Helicopters C-FCPH: Blackcomb from Mar09
    53707 2006     C-FIRN: Bell Canada Jun/Sep 2006
Yellowhead Helicopters C-GYHF: Yellowhead Helicopters Sep06-Nov15

Alpine Helicopters C-FNOB: Alpine Helicopters from Nov15; 13jul17 blade hit rock d+
    54618 407gxp 2015     C-FKVG: Bell Canada Jun15-Nov16
Simrik Air 9N-ALT: Simrik Air from Jan17
    53732     C-FLER: Bell Canada Nov06-Feb07
Eagle Copters C-FLER: Eagle Copters Maintenance Ltd Feb/May 2007

Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1854-P: Servicio Aereo de los Andes, ntu N3060C

- CC-AJH: Chile, to C-GXLY

Eagle Copters C-GXLY: Eagle Copters Ltd from Aug13
    53735 2006     C-FLPF: Bell Canada Nov06-Jan07
Provincial Governments LV-BHT: Gobierno de San Juan, Argentina from Mar07, reser LQ-BH+

Provincial Governments LQ-BHT: Provincia de San Juan; w/o 11oct13 hit power cables at +
    53742 2006     C-FLVG: Bell Canada Dec06-Mar07
Bell Helicopter N3050S: Bell Mar/Oct 2007

- N3050S: First Helicopters Ltd at Wilmington, DE Oct07-Jun13

Coolfore Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Jun13

Nov17-Feb18, sold Bell 407 2006; Ireland, Hours: 907 ,+
    53851 2008     C-FOEP: Bell Canada 2008
Bell Helicopter N332PB: Bell Helicopter Jun/Aug 2008

Blackcomb Helicopters C-FFCH: Blackcomb from Jan09

04aug16 pictured at Vancouver International airport.
    54511 407gx 2014     C-FOFH: Bell Canada
Bell Helicopter N722MT: Bell Helicopter from May14, N512KA ntu; US Navy Advance+

31oct14 pictured (pic1) at Naval Helicopter Associatio+

24-28oct16 pictured (pic2) in NHA s Fleet Fly-in demo f+
    53776 2007     C-FOFL: Bell Canada Jul/Aug 2007
State of Texas N30HF: HALO-Flight from Sep07
    52902     C-FORS: Bell Canada 2nd prototype
    53794 2007     C-FPUE: Bell Canada Sep/Dec 2007
Henley Air ZS-RRJ: Henley Air

- ZS-RRJ: w/o 25nov15 crash landing flying from Johannesburg (FAG+
    53795 2007     C-FPUU: BHTCL toward CC-CRA
INAER Chile CC-CRA: INAER; from jan08 ex C-FPUU

INAER CC-CRA: INAER; 9oct08 visit Antwerp, Belgium

Gobierno de Aragon, Departamento de Medio Ambiente; 24+
    53805 2007     C-FRGX: Bell Canada Nov/Dec 2007, test serial C-GBUH
Bell Helicopter N520MT: Bell Dec07-Feb08

Med Trans Corp N520MT: Cessna Finance Corp from Mar08; Med Trans Corp

State of Texas N520MT: NWTX Lifestar from 2008, op by Med Trans
    53806 2007     C-FROT: Bell Canada Nov07-Mar08
- G-CFDB: private Mar/Oct 2008

Patriot Aviation G-CFDB: Patriot Aviation Ltd Oct08-Jan09

- VT-SWA: Consolidated Aviation Manag Corp India from Feb09; Swaj+
    54701 407gxp 2016     C-FRWZ: Bell Canada May16-Aug17
Bell Helicopter N97SP: Bell Aug17-Apr18

State of Indiana N507SP: Indiana State Police from Apr18
    53814     C-FSUD: Bell Canada, test serial C-GAJH
Bell Helicopter N455FF: Bell, to N100WG

State of Virginia N100WG: Aircraft Associates Inc at Manassas, VA from Aug08
    53819 2008     C-FSXT: Bell Canada Jan/Mar 2008, test serial C-GFNQ
- N374AL: Zions Credit Corp at Salt Lake City, UT from May08

Air Life Denver 2011, op by Air Methods

Air Methods N374AL: Air Methods from Jun13
    53824 2008     C-FTIZ: Bell Canada Feb/Mar 2008
State of Georgia N617HC: Georgia Department of Public Safety GSP
    53825 2008     C-FTJD: Bell Canada Feb/Apr 2008, to N136AW
- N136AW: May08-Feb09

- D-HAWR: private, from Mar09

02jun13 noted at Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport
    53826 2008     C-FTLZ: Bell Canada Aug/Apr 2008, test serial C-GAJR
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIB: VIH Helicopters May08-Jan13

Heli-Inter C-GVIB: Heli-Inter Inc at St-Hubert, QC from Feb13

- C-GVIB: Apr/Nov16, sold Bell 407 2008; great component times
    53835 2008     C-FTYV: Bell Canada Apr/Jun 2008, test serial C-GBUQ
Bell Helicopter N336BM: Bell Helicopter Jul/Nov 2008

Sydney HeliTours VH-VPG: International Publishing Group Pty from Sep08; Sydney H+

- VH-IPG: 17may13 pictured at Sydney International Airport

Mciver Aviation Pty from Jan14
    53843 2008     C-FUIH: Bell Canada May/Jun 2008, test serial C-GBUK
Bell Helicopter N332AB: Bell Jun/Dec 2008

- VT-JIB: India FlySafe Aviation Ltd at New Delhi from Dec08

Nov15-Jun16, sold Bell 407 2008; 1+6 seating capacity, +
    53864 2008     C-FVSJ: Bell Canada Aug/Nov 2008
Eagle Copters C-FVSJ: Eagle Copters Nov08-Jan09

INAER Chile CC-CIO: Inaer Chile

INAER EC-LBS: Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF), Chile, fire fig+
    53866 2008     C-FVWR: Bell Canada Aug08
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GJVI: VIH Helicopters Nov08-May12

Mustang Helicopters C-GJVI: Mustang Helicopters Jun12-Jan17

Eagle Copters C-GJVI: Eagle Copters Jan17, conv to 407HP

Helicopter Express Inc N41HX: Copter Lease at Albuquerque, NM from Jan17; Helicopter+
    53001 1995     C-FWQY: Bell Canada Oct95-Dec96
Bell Helicopter N407BT: Bell USA 1997-2002

- D-HMON: Rhein-Ruhr Helicopter, Hockenheimring, Germany Jun02

Euroheli Austria Dec02, lsd

Helicopterservice Porta Westfalica 2003

Blue Canarias Helicopters D-HMON: Blue Canarias Helicopters at El Berriel, Gran Canaria,+

State of Virginia N407BT: Summit Helicopter at Cloverdale, VA Aug/Dec 2007

Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-ILG: ASESA

VIH Aerospace C-GVIH: VIHA at North Saanich, BC from Jul14
    53889 2008     C-FXDK: Bell Canada Nov08-Mar09, test serial C-GAJR
Bell Helicopter N368CF: Bell Mar09-May10

- RA-01927: Basma; w/o 06nov17 near Innopolis, Verkhneuslon distri+
    53008 1996     C-FXGM: Bell Canada Apr96
Bell Helicopter N6282T: Bell Helicopter Apr/May 1996

- SE-JCL: Grönlandsfly A/S Sweden 1996, Greenland

Air Greenland OY-HGH: Air Greenland 1997-1999 Kangoq

- VT-TBC: Trans Bharat Aviation India from Nov99

Oct17-Jan18, sold Bell 407 1996; Total Hours: 5235. Loc+
    53900 2008     C-FXOD: Bell Canada Dec08-Feb09, test serial C-GAJN
US Department of Justice N754AW: US Dept of Justice at Fort Worth, TX Aug09-Mar11

State of California N754AW: Jacobs Aviation Service from 2011
    53913 2009     C-FXSI: Bell Canada, test serial C-GBUH
- N455FF: Bell, to N2432G

State of Virginia N2432G: Aircraft Associates Inc at Manassas, VA from Aug09
    53914 2008     C-FXUI: Bell Canada Dec08/Jan09, test serial C-GBUP
Rotorcraft Leasing Company N3914R: RLC from Feb09
    53939 2009     C-FZDE: Bell Canada Apr/Sep 2009, test serial C-GADP
- N10212: Wells Fargo Bank Jan10-May11

Indonesia Air Transport PK-WSC: IAT 2011

Whitesky Aviation PK-WSC: PT Whitesky Aviation 2012
    53945 2009     C-FZFN: Bell Canada May/Dec 2009, test serial C-GFNK; N387MZ ntu
Yellowhead Helicopters C-FYHY: Yellowhead Helicopters Feb10-Nov15

Alpine Helicopters C-GALR: Alpine Helicopters from Nov15
    53070 1996     C-FZKG: Bell Canada Oct96-Jan97
- N57416: Fifth Third Leasing Co at Cincinnati, OH Jan97-Sep01

Alpine Helicopters C-FNOB: Alpine Helicopters Sep01-Nov15

Alpine Helicopters C-FNQN: Alpine Aerotech from Nov15
    53075 1996     C-FZKJ: Bell Canada Nov96-Feb97
State of California N96335: LAPD 1998? to 2004

- N108SD: SHERIFF from 2004

State of California N108SD: Sonoma County Sheriff Office (SCSO), CA
    54007 2010     C-GADH: BHTCL toward N403UB
- N403UB: Titus Holdings Llc at Allen, KY from Dec10, test serial+

- N428JW: Titus Holdings Llc at Allen, KY from Apr11

Apr/Jun 2015, sold Bell 407 2010 No Damage History. 1 U+

State of Utah N429JW: Bank of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Jun15-Mar16

- C-GVFQ: McAllister Aviation from Mar16
    53925 2009     C-GADP: Bell Canada 2009
- N196TA: Tuck Aerial Surveys at Big Stone Gap, VA from Apr09; 11+

Halo N426HA Llc at Richmond, VA from Feb14
    53812     C-GAEP: Bell Canada
State of Washington N407KS: King County Sheriffs Office (KCSO) from Sep08; /Guardia+

28dec12 /Guardian1 damaged on takeoff at Renton Munici+
    53943 2009     C-GBUP: Bell Canada
Bell Helicopter N370EB: Bell Helicopter May/Dec 2009

- G-IMBL: private Dec09-Oct10

Northern Flights Ltd from Oct10, based at Fairoaks; 03m+
    53986 2010     C-GDXV: Bell Canada Jan/Mar 2010, test serial C-GBUK
Bell Helicopter N3969T: Bell Mar/Nov 2010

- HL9191: Heli Korea, South Korea from Nov10

Jan/Sep 2016, sold Bell 407 2010 ; One Owner Since New,+
    53994 2010     C-GEKH: Bell Canada Feb/Oct 2010, test serial C-GLZH
Bell Helicopter N424JA: Bell USA, to N438PH

PHI Inc N438PH: PHi Feb11-Nov13; w/o ?
    53995 2010     C-GERO: Bell Canada Feb/Sep 2010, test serial C-FOFB
Bell Helicopter N424TB: Bell Sep/Dec 2010

Colombian National Police PNC-0925: PNC d/d 2010
    53998 2010     C-GERZ: Bell Canada Mar/May 2010, test serial C-GADL
Bell Helicopter N412UB: Bell Helicopter May/Nov 2010

- LV-CIB: Ecodyma Constructora SA at La Plata, noted 2013

Federal Government LV-CIB: Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable ( Minis+
    54304 407gx 2011     C-GFNQ: Bell Canada
- N449KB: Bell Oct11-Jan12

- HP-2330: Panama from Jan12

Jan/Jun 2015, sold Bell 407GX 2011 VIP Configuration w/+
    52901 1995     C-GFOS: Bell 407 first production helicopter
Bell Helicopter N41835: Bell May04-Jun06
    54013 2010     C-GFQF: Bell Canada May/Oct 2010, test serial C-GAJN
Bell Helicopter N428PX: Bell Nov010-Jul11

Air Methods N119AM: Air Methods Aug11-Feb12

State of Utah N410UH: Fifth Third Equipment Finance Co at Cincinnati, OH from+
    54024 2010     C-GHBP: Bell Canada Jul/Nov 2010, test serial C-GLZA
Bell Helicopter N105AM: Bell Dec10-Oct11

Air Methods N105AM: Air Methods from Oct11; PNC Bank NA Trustee at Pittsbur+

State of Alabama N105AM: LifeSaver, op by Omniflight Helicopters/Air Methods 3+
    54300 407gx 2010     C-GHNW: Bell Canada Nov10-Feb12
Bell Helicopter N407GX: Bell USA from Feb12

09jul12 pictured (top) at Farnborough airshow, UK

14may14 pictured (bot) at Forth Worth, TX
    53509 2001     C-GJRE: Bell Canada Nov01-Feb02
Bell Helicopter N2039Q: Bell Helicopter Dec01

State of Florida N947LH: City Of Tampa Police Dept (TPD), noted 2007

- N947LH: Executive Air Taxi Corp at Bismarck, ND from Jun08
    54053 2011     C-GKHB: Bell Canada 2011, test serial C-GFNM
Bell Helicopter N57EA: Bell Mar11

United Arab Emirates Air Force 2800: UAE
    54301 407gx 2011     C-GKKS: Bell Canada, N461YL ntu
Newfoundland Helicopters C-GXNH: Newfoundland Helicopters from Jun12
    54047     C-GLZA: Bell Canada
Bell Helicopter N404MZ: Bell Helicopter, Dec10

Air Methods N189AM: Air Methods from Jan12

State of  Wyoming N189AM: Wyoming LifeFlight, op by Air Methods
    54314 407gx 2011     C-GLZC: Bell Canada, to N445UB
Bell Helicopter N445UB: Bell Nov11, to PR-YEN

- PR-YEN: reg Nov12; 05feb13 pictured at Aeroporto Internacional +
    53368 1999     C-GLZY: Bell Canada 1999
- N6055Z: canc Sep02, N407RC ntu

- TG-EMR: Guatemala 2002, to TI-AZP unk

- TI-AZP: Costa Rica, noted 2004

- -: May14-Apr15, sold Bell 407 1999 - No Damage History, Fr+
    53654 2005     C-GLZY: Bell Canada
State of Virginia N407TP: Aircraft Associates Inc at Manassas, VA from Apr06
    54083 2011     C-GMHO: Bell Canada 01/30Sep11, test serial C-GAHJ
Northrop Grumman N454LS: Northrop Grumman Systems Corp from Nov11
    54322 407gx 2012     C-GOFT: Bell Canada 407GX 05/27 Jan 2012, to USA as N4615B
Bell Helicopter N4615B: Bell Jan12, reser N407GT

Bell Helicopter N407GT: Bell from 30Jan12, conv to 407GT type

Jun13 at Paris LeBourget air show

07nov13 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

19Nov13 at Dubai air show

27mar14 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Santiago during FIDAE+

May/Jun 2014 demo flights in Jordan and Saudi Arabia

29-31oct14 on display at Expodefensa 2014 in Bogota, Co+

- N407GT: Battle Born Munitions Inc at Reno, NV from Apr15

14sep16 pictured (pic3) on display at AAD 2016, Waterkl+

27apr18 at Orlando International Airport, FL
    54092 2012     C-GOLQ: Bell Canada Feb12, test serial C-GFNL
Bell Helicopter N462SB: Bell from Mar12, N482AE ntu

Med Trans Corp N462SB: Air Reach, McLeod Health op by Med-Trans; McLeod Region+

State of South Carolina N407AR: Textron Aviation Finance at Wichita, KS from Dec12; Air+
    54339 407gx 2012     C-GPOU: Bell Canada Apr/Jul 2012
Bell Helicopter N467QB: Bell Helicopters, canc Sep12 ntu

- ZS-RLM: Kirkinis d/d Jul12; repl prev ZS-RLM

04jan14 Flying out of OR Tambo Johannesburgh

22apr16 flying over Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa

06may16 at Evander, Mpumalanga
    54102 2012     C-GPQI: Bell Canada Apr/May 2012, test serial C-FOFB
Northrop Grumman N4702B: Northrop Grumman Systems Corp from Jul12
    54508 407gxp 2015     C-GPWY: Bell Canada from Apr15
Bell Helicopter N407CG: Bell Sep14-Mar15
    54105 2012     C-GRAU: Bell Canada May/Jun 2012, test serial C-FOEP
Northrop Grumman N4700B: Northrop Grumman Systems Corp from Jul12
    54354 407gx 2012     C-GSPZ: Bell Canada 2012, test serial C-GFNM
Bell Helicopter N470KT: Bell Helicopter, to N425FB

Bell Helicopter N425FR: Bell Helicopter from Apr14; 23jun14 pictured (top) at t+

29jul14 pictured (bot) at Oshkosh 2014
    54120 2011     C-GUUK: 407gx Bell Helicopter, USA serial N475XB; conv to 407GX type; canc+
Shanghai Zenisun Investment Group B-7471: Kingwing Aviation, 407GX type; 14apr13 pictured shortly+
    54121 2011     C-GUUM: Bell Helicopters, USA test serial N4757B
- B-7476: 2013
    54388 407gx 2013     C-GUUO: Bell Canada Jan/Feb 2013
Bell Helicopter N486UM: Bell Helicopter

- N115SF: Flipper Aviation at Alameda, CA from Jun13

San Francisco Helicopters; 21jan14 pictured at Phoenix +

- N1155F: Jul14 I rode this one at Commodore Center Airport, Saus+
    54393 407gx 2013     C-GUXS: Bell Canada 2013, test serial C-GADL
Bell Helicopter N798BH: Bell Aug/Oct 2013

CareFlite N416CF: Careflite from Nov13

18sep16 pictured on display in Fort Worth, Texas for th+
    54394 407gx 2013     C-GVBJ: Bell Canada Feb/May 2013, test serial C-GFNQ
Bell Helicopter N711BE: Bell May/Sep 2013

- N711BE: Guaranty Development Cot at Livingston, MT Oct13-Jun14

Flying Joseph Ranch Llc at May, ID Jul/Aug 2014

- N58436: Montana Aerospace Inc at Missoula, MT from Sep14

Mar/Oct16, sold Bell 407GX 2013
    54415 407gx 2013     C-GVUQ: Bell Canada May/Dec 2013
Span Air Pvt Ltd ?: Span Air from Jan14, to be confirmed

- ?: 31oct14 operating at Ranchi, India.
    54138 2013     C-GWPF: Bell Canada Jun/Aug 2013, test serial C-GFNL
Northrop Grumman N494ZB: Northrop Grumman Systems Corp from Oct13
    54136 2013     C-GWQI: Bell Canada Jun/Jul 2013, tet serial C-FEXW
Bell Helicopter N496EB: Bell Jul/Dec 2013

Colombian National Police PNC-0926: PNC d/d Dec13
    54430 407gx 2013     C-GWUS: Bell Canada Jul/Aug 2013
Bell Helicopter N496VB: Bell Bell Aug/Nov 2013

HELIDOSA HI948: Helidosa from Nov13
    54139 2013     C-GWUU: Bell Canada Jul/Aug 2013, test serial C-GLZO
Northrop Grumman N494YR: Northrop Grumman Systems Corp from Oct13
    54433 407gx 2013     C-GWUX: Bell Canada Jul/Aug 2013, test serial C-FOFE
Bell Helicopter N394AM: Bell Aug/Oct 2013

Air Methods N408LN: Air Methods from Nov13

LifeNet Inc N408LN: LifeNet, Inc, op by Air Methods
    54432 2013     C-GWVM: Bell Canada Jul13, test serial C-GLZM
Bell Helicopter N4951J: Bell Helicopter Aug13

CareFlite N419CF: Careflite from Dec13; 11dec14 pictured departing Harris+
    54143 2013     C-GXOI: Bell Canada Sep 2013, test serial C-GAHJ
Bell Helicopter N149PD: Bell Sep13-Aug14

State of Puerto Rico N149PD: Administracion de Servicios Generales at San Juan, PR f+
    54449 407gx 2013     C-GXPI: Bell Canada Sep/Oct 2013, test serial C-GFNQ
Bell Helicopter N837BH: Bell Helicopter Nov13

State of Pennsylvania N875ST: Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) from Aug14
    54451 407gx 2013     C-GXSI: Bell Canada Sep/Nov 2013
Bell Helicopter N603BH: Bell Helicopter from Dec13

State of Pennsylvania N871ST: Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) /1 d/d 22jul14

20may16 flying over Ridley Creek State Park, PA
    54450 407gx 2013     C-GXSK: Bell Canada Oct13, test serial C-GLZM
Bell Helicopter N739JQ: Bell Helicopter Nov13

State of Pennsylvania N876ST: Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) from Aug14
    54146 2013     C-GXVD: Bell Canada Oct13 , test serial C-GADL
Bell Helicopter N499NS: Bell Nov13-Aug14

Colombian National Police PNC-0928: PNC d/d 2014 ( or PNC-0929, to be confirmed )
    54147 2013     C-GXYJ: Bell Canada Oct/Nov 2013, test serial C-GFNO
Bell Helicopter N30BH: Bell Nov13-Aug14

Colombian National Police PNC-0929: PNC d/d 2014 ( or PNC-0928, to be confirmed )
    54461 407gx 2013     C-GYFI: Bell Canada Nov13, test serial C-GFNQ
Bell Helicopter N500UR: Bell Nov13-Apr14

- 9M-IMW: Malaysia from 2014; For sale at Helicopter Marketing As+

Apr/Nov 2016, sold Bell 407GX 2013; 2 Year Warranty Re+
    53537 2002     C-GZKG: Bell Canada Oct02
- N407HP: Helicopter Leasing at New Iberia, LA from Oct02; conv t+
    53584 2003     C-GZLR: Bell Canada Dec03
Bell Helicopter N407GB: Bell Helicopters 2004

GM Leasing N377RS: GM Leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Aug09

Westwind Helicopters N377RS: Westwind Helicopters
    54492 407gx 2014     C-GZMF: Bell Canada Mar14
Bell Helicopter N398AM: Bell Mar/Jun 2014

Air Methods N398AM: Air Methods from Jul14

Nov16 pictured as AirLife 7, Florida

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