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Kumamoto Firefighters Orders AS365N3+, 22-Dec-16 : Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan orders an AS365N3+ to replace the current AS365N3 in service. Delivery is scheduled in spring 2018.

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6999 as365n3+ 2014     JA02KF: Kawasaki City Fire Air Corps from Jul15
Airbus Helicopters Japan JA02KF: Airbus Helicopters Japan Nov14, test serial F-WWOH
7001 as365n3+     JA08AR: Nagoya City Fire Air Corps from Mar15
7019 as365n3+ 2017     JA18AR: Fukuoka City Fire Department from based at Kobe
Airbus Helicopters Japan JA18AR: Airbus Japan Sep17-Jan18
3 C/N.