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    italy AgustaWestland Italy

    2000 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    1002 NH90 TTH 2004     CSX81517: 1002/GITA01; Esercito E.I.200, at AgustaWestland
    Italian Army  Aviation MM81517:

    3 Reggimento di Aviazione

    International HEMS Congress
    1192 NH90 TTH     CSX81547: 23aug14 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at the Jesolo International +
    Italian Army  Aviation MM81547: GITA31 Esercito E.I.230

    25 Gruppo Squadroni “CIGNO” - Italian Army Aviation+
    1004 NH90 NFH 2005     CSX81577: 440004/HITN01; AgustaWestland 2006; 2011 still
    01 CSX81577 CSX81577 3-01 CSX81577 01 CSX80577/01 CSX81577/01
    Italian Navy MM81577: Marina 3-01

    50th Base Anniversary

    02dic18 on board Caio Duilio at Leghorn harbour

    Night flight
    1024 NH90 NFH     CSX81579: 440024/HITN03; flight display at Le Bourget 2009
    Italian Navy MM81579: Marina 3-03, test serial CSX81579; 2010 SAR-Meet German+

    thirtieth anniversary of the constitution of the Stazio+
    NH90 NFH     CSX81607: test in Verona
    Italian Navy MM81607: Marina 3-32
    NH90 NFH     CSX81609: test trials
    Italian Navy MM81609: HITN33 Marina 3-34

    Marina 3-34 o/o

    At Leonardo Facility

    Onboard Flagship Nave Carabiniere

    still onboard Flagship Carabiniere
    NH90 NFH     CSX81611: Leonardo Italia
    Italian Navy MM81611: type SH-90A
    1088 NH90 NFH 20     CSX81697: at Frosinone with AgustaWestland for conversion from MOC (+
    CSX81697 CSX81697 / N-08 CSX81697/N-088 N 088
    Royal Netherlands Navy N-088: 1088/NNLN01. 440058. Agusta CSX81697. Dutch Navy 088

    handed over in ‘Meaningful Operational Capability (M+

    modified with anti-piracy kit by Eurocopter Deutschland+

    deployed aboard Zr.Ms De Ruyter from Den Helder on 20 J+

    Fist Dutch NH90 operational deployment during EU off So+

    Returned to MLD by 2018 as N-088

    Deployed aboard Zr.Ms Groningen during visit to Devonpo+
    1227 NH90 NFH 2010     CSX81730: AgustaWestland Italy, to N-227
    Royal Netherlands Navy N-227: 1227/NNLN07; Dec08 asg 860 Sqn stored; pre-delivery loa+

    NRN d/d at De Koy

    Feb/May 2013 860Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Hr.Ms.+

    pictured at Luchtmachtdagen airshow, Volkel

    2014 conv to LIRH by AgustaWestland; Oct17 asg 860 Sqn +

    Type reference "M.T. 81730" instead of "CSX 81730"
    PT1 1995     MMX612: 2009 pictured as NFH type on Paris Le Bourget Air Show, no t+
    Eurocopter France F-ZWTH: Eurocopter f/f 15dec95
    PT5 2001     MMX613: Fifth and last prototype of the NH-90, dedicated to the deve+