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    italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

    Italian Army Aviation

    Del'd: 7 - 1956 to 1984

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    285     MM80042: EI-04 ex Bell 47D-1 c/n 627
    288     MM80043: EI-05 ex Bell 47D-1 c/n 626
    133     MM80090: d/d ALE as E.1-1 17may56 recoded E.1-21 208 Gruppo SE
    Italian Air Force MM80090: AMI
    134     MM80091: d/d ALE 28may56
    Italian Air Force MM80091: AMI
    164     MM80092: d/d ALE as E.1.3 10aug56 recoded E.1-23, E.1.3 oct76, last n+
    Italian Air Force MM80092: AMI
    167     MM80093: d/d ALE 04aug56, wfu; to I-LUGA 29jul98 G. Gazza at Parma
    Italian Air Force MM80093: AMI
    170     MM80094: E.1.25 d/d ALE 21sep56, scr Viterbo
    Italian Air Force MM80094: AMI
    171     MM80095: E.1.26 d/d ALE 21sep56
    Italian Air Force MM80095: AMI
    1619 1967     MM80431: Esercito E.I.60 d/d 04oct67 ; 05jun82 wfu, to VH-SHP
    - VH-SHP: Australia; Helicopter Exchange from 19nov92; Enviro Re+