Del'd: 48 - 1963 to 1989

Agusta AB204B
italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

Italian Army Aviation

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1979/82Antares Viterbo
1963-    Altair Bolzano San Giacomo
55 GrSqd Padova Gino Allegri

List of Aircraft

C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
3027 MM80284 Esercito E.I.201. EM-1 type
3031 MM80285 Esercito E.I.202. EM-1 type
- : Restored at Bremgarten, Germany
- D-HSLD: Flugwerft Offenburg GmbH at Bremgarten airfield from
2010: operating in Sierra Leone
noted at Freetown, Sierra Leone
3036 MM80286 Esercito E.I.203. EM-1 type. preserved Museo dell Aviazione Cerbaiola
3038 w/o unknown MM80287 Esercito E.I.204. EM-1 type w/o unk
3045 MM80288 Esercito E.I.205. EM-1 type
3047 MM80300 Esercito E.I.206. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian with 2 Reggimento Bologna-B...
3050 MM80307 Esercito E.I.207. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian with 2 Reggimento Bologna-B...
3051 MM80308 Esercito E.I.208. EM-1 type
3052 MM80309 Esercito E.I.209. EM-1 type
3057 MM80310 Esercito E.I.210. EM-1 type
3059 MM80311 Esercito E.I.211. EM-1 type
3063 MM80312 Esercito E.I.212. EM-1 type. sold to civ
- 3D-HUK: Foreshaw Helicopters, South Africa
3065 MM80313 Esercito E.I.213. EM-1 type
3069 MM80314 Esercito E.I.214. EM-1 type but reported as AMI 15-14
3076 MM80315 Esercito E.I.215. EM-1 type. In 2009 overhaul at Bremgarten, Germany
3074 MM80316 Esercito E.I.216. EM-1 type
3079 MM80317 Esercito E.I.217. EM-1 type
3083 MM80318 Esercito E.I.218. EM-1 type
3084 1962 MM80319 Esercito E.I.219. EM-1 type
3086 MM80320 Esercito E.I.220. EM-1 type. preserved Viterbo. high viz white cammo
3087 1963 MM80321 Esercito E.I.221. EM-1 type.
Italian Air Force MM80321:

Gate guardian at Caserma “Magrone” – Maddaloni (...
3091 MM80322 E.I.222 Esercito E.I.222. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian Collezione Aviazione dell E...
3092 MM80323 Esercito E.I.223. EM-1 type. VIP
3095 MM80324 Esercito E.I.224. EM-1 type
3096 MM80379 Esercito E.I.225. EM-1 type
3099 MM80380 Esercito E.I.226. EM-1 type but reported as AMI 15-31
3100 MM80381 Esercito E.I.227. EM-1 type. preserved gate guardian Bologna Borgo
3104 MM80382 Esercito E.I.228. EM-1 type. preserved Parco Velivolo Storici San Possidonio
3105 MM80383 Esercito E.I.229. EM-1 type
3109 w/o 1972 MM80384 Esercito E.I.230. EM-1 type. w/o 13jan72 Ospitaletto Castegnato, Brescia
3110 MM80385 Esercito E.I.231. EM-1 type
United Nations UN-231: embarked on C130 to Beirut
United Nations ITALAIR first deployment
3114 MM80386 Esercito E.I.232. EM-1 type
3115 MM80387 Esercito E.I.233. EM-1 type. Centro Italaliano Ricerche Aerospaziale (CIRA)
3116 MM80388 Esercito E.I.234. EM-1 type.
3119 MM80389 Esercito E.I.235. EM-1 type
3120 MM80390 UN 236 Esercito E.I.236. EM-1 type. preserved Museo Storico della Motorizzazione Milita...
3121 MM80391 Esercito E.I.237. EM-1 type
United Nations UN-237: United Nations ITALAIR UNIFIL
03 apr81 w/o Al Hinniyah
3122 MM80392 Esercito E.I.238. EM-1 type
3124 MM80393 Esercito E.I.239. EM-1 type
3125 MM80394 Esercito E.I.240. EM-1 type. preserved Viterbo
3126 MM80395 UN 241 Esercito E.I.241. EM-1 type. preserved barracks Novi Ligure
3129 MM80396 Esercito E.I.242. EM-1 type. Facolta di Ingegneria Aerospaziale Forli
3130 MM80397 Esercito E.I.243. EM-1 type. Scuola Interforze Difesa NBC di Rieti
United Nations UN-243:

3152 MM80398 UN 244 Esercito E.I.244. EM-1 type. preserved Caserma Esercito Solbiate Olona
3153 MM80399 Esercito E.I.245. EM-1 type
3158 MM80400 Esercito E.I.246. EM-1 type
3159 MM80401 E.I.247 Esercito E.I.247. EM-1 type
United Nations UN-247: First Flght after Italian C130 transport from Italy
First Italian helicopter deployed
3164 MM80402 Esercito E.I.248. EM-1 type

    No longer with this org.

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