AgustaWestland AW109S Grand
italy INAER Italia

2009 to present

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22144 2010     I-CLOE: Leone 2
22007 2006     I-EITC: INAER Italia from 2009; Babcock MCS Italia from 2018
Elilario Italia I-EITC: Elilario Italia May06-2009; EMS Pescara

INAER Portugal I-EITC: Babcock MCS Portugal from May18

Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica (INEM) op by +
22164     I-KERA: INAER Italia Dec10-Mar17
22130     I-KORE: INAER Italia from May09, test serial I-RAIS; Sep10 Belluno H+
22005 2006     I-NAER: INAER Italy, noted 2012
AgustaWestland Italy I-RAIP: AgustaWestland, to EC-JPP

Helisureste EC-JPP: Helisureste 2006-2007; 16-20may06 Berlin air show

22069     I-NAES: INAER Italia from 2010; SUEM 118 Regione Veneto TREVISOEMERG+
Elilario Italia I-NAES: Elilario Italia 2000-2010

elidolomiti I-NAES: Elidolomiti EMS Treviso noted 2008
22138 2009     I-RAKE: Babcock MCS Italia; May16 asg 118 Padova Elisoccorso Regione+
22179 2011     I-RELO: Alba Leasing, op by INAER Italia
- I-RELO: Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia "Icaro 2" ope+
22024 2006     I-REMS: Inaer Italia from Jun09; w/o 22aug09 hit electrical wires at+
elidolomiti I-REMS: Elidolomiti from Dec06

Italian Mountain Rescue Service I-REMS: Soccorso Alpino, pictured (top) unk